Bridge ficbit – Hide and Seek

Ichigo let just the tiniest bit of magic leak. Just enough to show a little life, like a tasty, tasty mouse….

Over the crest of the roof, black ears sprang alert. Formerly boneless fur bunched, slowly, a muscle at a time readying itself for action.

Wait for it. Wait….

Holding his breath, Ichigo scratched one fingernail along the roof shingles.

A blur of midnight pounced on his hand, claws biting deep-

Ichigo pounced right back, the jacket he’d taken off swooping over black fur like a mini-net. Later he might sniffle about how much it hurt. For now- “Got you!”


“Oh, sure,” Ichigo sniffed, bundling the squirming jacket to his chest. “I know what I felt. This time I’ve got-”

Indignant gold eyes stared out of his jacket sleeve.

“…You’re not Loki.”


He hadn’t seen such an innocent cat-blink since the last time he’d stumbled in on Yuzu watching Sailor Moon. It put the hairs on his neck straight up.

This cat has magic. Shapeshifting magic. It’s not a cat.

And it wasn’t Loki. Which meant he might have grabbed more than he could handle.

But shapeshifting had rules. Grab something in a smaller form, it usually couldn’t shift to something bigger until you let go. Usually.

…And now he was remembering some of those stories Loki had dug up, about kitsune and tanuki and oni; oh man, what if he had grabbed an oni in disguise?

“Purrl?” Another gold blink.

“Oh, no,” Ichigo said firmly. “I’m not letting go ‘til I know what you are.” If it was a monster, and if it followed the rules of shapeshifting, that was the safest thing to do. If it didn’t – well. He was already toast.

Darn it. I’m going to have to call the game off. Ichigo took a deep breath. “Alley, alley-”

“No need for that.” Loki’s boots touched down on the roof; he looked distinctly amused. “He’d have to catch me first. That was what you said, was it not, Yoruichi-san?”

“You set me up!” the cat sputtered, struggling to yank its head out of Ichigo’s sleeve.

“His plan, his work, his luck.” Loki ticked them off, finger by finger. “You said he was a whiny kid who didn’t know enough to be taught, yes? So I taught him.” A wicked smile flickered on the sorcerer’s face. “It’s hardly my brother’s fault if I’ve taught him to catch shapeshifters, now is it?”


28 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Hide and Seek

  1. How do you like eating crow, Yoruichi-san? Cooked or raw, with or without salt?

    And why do I have the feeling that someone is going to consider this to be fluke, that he got lucky (which is only true to a degree)?

    And keep underestimating the kid until he demonstrates just how quickly he can learn something.

    I bet Ichigo is already tired of people seeing him and immediately labeling him as a useless idiot. Especially since they do it usually for something he can’t control. Like having normal orange hair. Or raised like a child instead of a tiny adult (which is how noble classes like her family generally raise their offspring).

    You can see where Ichigo will get or has already gotten his charming attitude toward authority.

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  2. I think it’s nice Loki is happy enough with the situation that he’ll actually call Ichigo his brother. Loki deserves some family non-brokenness.

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      1. . . . Does this mean that at some point Isshin is going to adopt Thor? Because I don’t know who’ll be more amused/confused by that: the extended Earth cast of Thor, The Warriors Three, or the Avengers.

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      2. Which tiny shinigami? Rukia or Hitsugaya for the ice powers, or Yachiru for being an utter menace? I mean, she may not have an ice attribute, but Yachiru’s obviously an evil little monster.

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  3. Ichigo Achievement Unlocked! Yoruichi Grabber (+ 10 dex)
    Loki: *laughing, well, not EVILLY, but “mwahahah, my plan is coming together to better protect my family.”* (aww, he’s healing.)

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  4. >>(When you think the tiny Shinigami is a jotunn and respond to the “threat”, you tend to tick Ichigo off….)>>

    *wince* Considering there are two options for that, attacking either or both of which would annoy the crap out of Ichigo . . . but Thor probably needs a good smack (or two or three or you get the idea) around the head for the clue to penetrate the hair. And possibly the frown of severe disapproval and disappointment from Steve.

    Now Steve, I can see our lunatics liking. And I can see Ichigo going “Darn it, so Snowflake types aren’t the only ones who are really, really bad at taking care of themselves.” because Steve tends disregard his own health and safety for others. He’s tough but he’s not invincible and Ichigo seems to have a talent for mother-henning tough people who don’t take care of themselves properly. Or he’ll just sick Yuzu on him . . .

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    1. I suspect that the reasons why Steve is so bad at taking care of himself are… less funny then most characters who suck at that:
      Steve used to be this super sickly guy in a time where medical technologies to support and sustain him (like inhalers) were not easily available, especially for a working class essentially orphan like himself. If such technologies even existed.

      Steve is exactly the type to not care and refuse to let this slow him down. It’s why he tried enlisting so many times, and why we see him get into that back alley brawl early on in the first film.

      The second reason – which probably just made any existing bad habits infinitely worse – is that he’s no longer sickly. Heck, while relatively low-power for Marvel Steve is a super human. So now when he gets in trouble his first thought is probably either ‘oh please, this is no where near as bad as I used to be’ or ‘whelp, that hurts. Formula should take care of that in a few minutes. Meanwhile, I’m busy.’

      These circumstances and attitudes are Not conducive to good self-care habits. Granted, he made it to the serum tests, so he obviously was – with Bucky’s help – good enough at taking care of himself when he really needed it to not die… but any such skills may have been undone by reasons mentioned above.

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