River of Stars ch 10 bit – Ominous

A/N: Trying to get the bunnies back into the swing of this fic. They’re currently a bit on tenterhooks of “ack, when will we get LCCN for Taka, ack”, so writing is likely to be a little slow….

Jack flinched, glancing up from a three-quarters-written draft agreement at an unmistakable boom. “We’ve got trouble.” And I should have given Sha a radio, it’s not like the Goa’uld couldn’t take that tech apart from a half-dozen other places we’ve been

The report tablet buzzed. “Colonel.” Sanzo’s voice was clipped, and just a little breathless; Jack could hear the sounds of a bunch of people double-timing it, with at least one swearing mightily. “Something broke through the anti-teleport fields on the north side of the Heavenly Palace.”

A roar shook the room.

“Make that a lot of somethings,” Sanzo snarled. “We’re responding with the First Unit. Koushu’s made a move and I want to kill something.”

“Room for a few more?” Jack said lightly, glancing at the rest of his team. Who dropped the papers and grabbed their gear, even if Daniel was shaking his head ruefully. “I kind of want to see what Koushu gets up to when she brings out the big guns.”

“Just don’t shoot anyone in black.”

“Yeah, these guys are nice!” Goku chimed in, sounding a bit farther from whatever mike Sanzo was using. “They even gave Hakkai-”

“I’m certain we can discuss that later,” Hakkai cut him off mildly.

Gojyo groaned. “Just don’t miss.”

“Oh, that’s not ominous,” Daniel muttered as they geared up and prepared to follow the blinking light on the tablet map. “First Unit… She must have reformed it. Well, nine centuries, plenty of time to do that….”

The Ants of Heaven, Jack thought, as they headed out the door at a run. That unit had a sense of humor.

39 thoughts on “River of Stars ch 10 bit – Ominous

  1. So that’s why Hakkai wanted grenades.
    Don’y worry about slower updates, getting a book published is always a big deal and quite an accomplishment. Though I am very happy the bunnies went back to this.


    1. > So that’s why Hakkai wanted grenades. >
      You always should bring extra grenades as my XCOM:EW base defense mission showed. The number of great gaping holes I left in well, everything.

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      1. Unfortunately sometimes overwhelming brute force just isn’t the answer as one main character of RWBY found out to her detriment.

        Not saying anything more because I recall you mentioning you hadn’t seen the series yet and that is one event I am not going to spoil for anyone.

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      2. > I did manage to see the Food Fight before someone took it off YouTube. That was glorious. *G* >
        I do believe they have all three seasons up on the Rooster Teeth channel.

        And yes the food fight shows why it’s a bad idea to let trainee Huntsmen/Huntresses become bored. They find their own entertainment.

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      3. Trantos: Note that Vathara said “proper use”, not merely “sufficient use” or even “overwhelming use”. The character in question had the problem of aiming for “overwhelming” instead of “proper”.

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  2. We can wait for updates of any sort as long as it takes.

    Sanzo is /finally/ getting stress relief and SG1 gets to watch, the First Unit are giddy that the get to fight with their Field Marshall and General, and we get to see (hopefully) Jack blink as Kou is everything that Sanzo is not (kind, soft spoken, POLITE, virtuous) even though he’s on the other side. Everybody wins!

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      1. If the universe started to play fair, Jack would increasingly wind himself up preparing for the Absolutely Horrible Thing building up to bite him, the SGC, and Earth in the butt. Things have been going far too well lately with Kanon, the invasion might actually /ease/ him.

        Or “When everything is going your way- you’re in the wrong lane.”

        Still, Jack wouldn’t be Jack if he didn’t complain about getting the swearing murderous effective priest instead of the nice, considerate prince who fails to murder or steal from said priest fairly regularly.

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      2. And snicker at Sanzo’s tendency to keep treats in his robes for her. Who am I kidding, after the first meeting with Lirin people at the SGC start keeping candy/snacks on them just in case she shows up.

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  3. Well, we knew this was coming. Because things aren’t allowed to go too smoothly around our heroes. And they inevitably tempt Murphy when it tries to do . . . not that Murphy needs temptation around these guys. Fate enjoys giggling at them.

    I think you kinda of have to some kind of sense of humor if you going to be sending any length of time around Kanzeon.


    1. And this is why, whenever it gets quiet and peaceful, Sanzo and Jack both start stocking up on ammo!

      BTW, bunnies are grinning at the Convention Thoughts you left in AO3 comment. Mwah-hah-ha….

      Also? Bunny crazy idea.

      At some time in the past, Simon’s done voice acting. And it should have been something he roped Ja’far and who knows who else into, and thanks to Cassie and Hammond’s granddaughters, SG-1 cannot see Cavins without picturing the cartoon character.

      ATM bunnies are leaning toward a D&D cartoon, and Simon played the snarky not-evil (not that he admits it) displacer beast….

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      1. I like it. *grins*

        And after they realize where they heard that voice from, they also know that they do not come back with autographs, Cassie and the Grand-Daughters will make them pay.

        Can’t help thinking that snarky not-evil displacer beast is prefect for Simon. 😉

        My bunnies also find the idea of either Cassie or one of the Granddaughters considering Ja’far’s character in that program to be their favorite. . .

        Ja’far is still adamant that he does not have fan girls.

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      2. My bunnies haven’t figured out who Ja’far portrayed yet, but they are firm that he was considered cute and cuddly. Maybe some kind of kitsune healer, or who knows what. Definitely fluffy, though.
        Not sure if Tiburon was also in on it, yet – though bunnies are amused by the idea that Tiburon and Yamraiha may have voice-acted in the same movie and never met….

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      3. And Cassie will be all excited because she finds out that Hancock campus (it’s evolved from just a high school by now) is doing a live-action rendition/continuation of her favorite cartoon. And due to shenanigans (Ja’far: The Rukh is giggling again. Tiburon: I’ll get the alibis, passports and high explosives prepped) Cassie’s class get to go down and watch the filming with SG1 in tow.

        Alan: What do you mean I’m playing the one of the main characters?!?
        Simon: Look, we needed somebody who can manipulate fire and lots of charisma. You’re a perfect fit.
        -Alan’s eyebrow rises-
        Simon: Hey I didn’t write this one, just a lucky coincidence. Besides I doubt you’re going to complain about the best friend/love interest.
        Alan: What love intreee-
        -Alan’s brain gridlocks as he spots Morgan arriving in fantasy-style armor with household vessel in plain view and weapons in hand. She sees Alan looking, poses and purrs-

        In the background Simon is chuckling about a plan coming together.

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      1. I do wonder if there were any pictures of the first unit in those reports. Because if Daniel catches a familiar face on the battlefield he last saw in those archives – where it was mentioned they died – he is Going to trip on his own feet.


  4. > Not to mention SG-1 will get to see what happens when Lirin’s in trouble.

    Why do I get this gleefully sinking feeling about the NID when you say that? *evil grin*

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  5. *laughs* Look at it this way, Sanzo. You’re not going into a fight with three idiots.

    You’re going into a fight with three idiots, Four SG-1 member, and half the Heavenly Army, all of whom need a good bit of stress relief right now.

    *grins* Glad you’re trying to get the muses back this way, but I can understand their reluctance due to upcoming Novel-itus.

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    1. The Ants of Heaven would note they’re not half the Heavenly Army; there’s only 14 of them!

      But yes, they’d say they were half the morale….

      Thanks! It’s compounded by Memorial Day weekend; I know I’m probably not going to be able to straighten some things out until a few days from now, which leads to a bit more argh. 🙂

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      1. *smirks* They’re the half with the skills to keep up with the reincarnated and *armed* Tenpou, Kenren, and Konzen plus a more experienced Goku. *laughs*

        I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! I’m enjoying it by being lazy.

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  6. Ants are probably a good name for sanzo’s people. Ants are pains in the mikta! Also a quote from animorphs:If ants had developed nukes,within a week the earth would have glowed brighter than a supernova!

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  7. Saiyuki AMVs

    Already Over: https:// youtu. be/w30p9ZdJLh0

    Toy Soldiers: https:// youtu. be/G8YmAJEQhCM

    Mr. Mom (not my normal genre, but I was laughing far too hard): https:// youtu. be/Lz4tEmHkG-Y

    Sanzo’s Lullaby (because Mordred’s Lullaby is one of my favorite songs): https:// youtu. be/5SJlpa_kOEk

    https:// youtu. be/iDkbq6k0wJU?list=RDPOyydNSaM24

    One Punch Man

    Murder Melody: https: //y outu.be/Sxwp-ZGAMhg

    (I watched/listened to AMV’s at work today, can you tell?)


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