What Comes Around – ch 22 up on AO3

Last chapter of What Comes Around is up on Archive Of Our Own!


I have ideas for more in this AU, but I need a bit of a breather first. Meaning I’m going to be poking River again soon. Hee.

(That’s something I’ve noticed when I’m close to the end of a work – the bunnies become more distractible, so I tend to have to focus on whatever I’m getting close to the end of so they don’t spaz out into never finishing!)


14 thoughts on “What Comes Around – ch 22 up on AO3

  1. For some reason, I can’t leave a comment Archive.

    So I will leave it here. Wonderful story, great ending, thank you very much! And hearing that it may be continued AND that you are going back to River is just more wonderfulness.

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  2. This is not the end of this story. Merely the end of the beginning.

    I eagerly await the next installment of this story and/or any others that you have brewing.

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  3. AO3 is misbehaving “page loads too slowly” says the error, but I can download the update to Calibre and read it there. The story was great fun and I’m sorry to see it end. I look forward to any sequels your bunnies may come up with. Liked the way you handled Sr. Thomasina. I think I know where such people are coming from, but yes, there are ISSUES.

    Oh, BTW, way back when I sent you a notes about the e-book of NET of DAWN having format problems on my recent issue paperwhite. I recently re-downloaded it, doing it as a sideload to my older PW and the formatting worked fine on the newer one, too. FWIW, since you’re doing more books to sell, thought you’d like to know.

    I’m quite enjoying the snippets of Bridge.


    1. Thank you! I did take note of the problem you mentioned, went in and re-uploaded a fixed file for “A Net of Dawn and Bones”. It’s good to know that fix worked. 🙂

      I’m hoping that when I do the formatting for Count Taka, I will catch problems like that before they ever get to the page. 😉


  4. If you like I’ll be happy to download trial files and report on how they behave on the family collection of Kindles. And still buy the book. 🙂 We don’ t have the latest & greatest Kindles, though, they’re now down a revision or two.


  5. Love this fic wholeheartedly. A couple of bits of inspiration from the new chapter:

    Someone, probably just one of the students, telling Jafar/Simon/Tiburon/Callimachus the following:

    If Magic is getting stronger, anything people can dream up might be possible soon. So…your assignment is to go browse the fantasy and scifi parts of Deviantart, pixiv and fanfiction.net. Consider those images and stories /potentially real/, then tell me what you think we need to be prepared for.’

    And also, offered without consideration of who’s talking (They won’t tell me I can only hear them), the following exchange:

    “We’ve already made the joke. Some people will take it seriously. Do you want to bet that a our hands with the Rukh cannot create a lightsabre? Jedi would be a danger, but there are people who idolize the Sith. Tell me how we will deal with that.”
    “The same way the movies do. If you transform yourself blindly, you bind yourself to that form – and it’s rules. Actually, now I’m not sure if that’s better or worse.”
    “Better. At least then they won’t have every possible power the Rukh could give potentially at their disposal.”


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