Bridge ficbit – Jibaku

A/N: I don’t have all the in-between bits written, so – there’s a bunch of stuff that happens between Ichigo at 10 and when he crashes into a Shinigami, it’s just not down on paper yet! So I’m posting some of the later bits.

The boy’s ghost faded into light, and a black swallowtail soared for the sky.

Still crouched on the playground with his sword reversed, Ichigo took a deep breath. Let it sigh out. He’s gone.

And was it regret or relief that choked his throat? He didn’t know where he’d sent the kid with this konsou. He didn’t know what might happen to him there.

But he didn’t get eaten by a Hollow. And he didn’t become a Hollow.

Maybe helping Rukia out with this shinigami stuff wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Though now he was missing more school. Damn it, this was going to be painful.

Loki’s right, Ichigo thought reluctantly. I should just switch to doing all my courses online. Bad enough Ishida and I end up missing days whenever Fenris and Vali get torn up by the latest youkai idiot. And the idiots always headed for them first. Which sometimes gave Chad, Orihime, and Tatsuki a perfect setup, but… well. Sometimes, he and Ishida ended up in serious pain.

But seriously, if he was going to get yanked out of his own body any time a ghost needed help? Yeah. In school was not the place to be. He had way too many idiots waiting to pound him.

Still. He didn’t want to switch to all-online unless he had to. Going to school made him feel normal. Like he had a life beyond ghosts and goblins and dodging a black cat with impossible speed and a wicked sense of humor. He went to homeroom, he bowed to the teachers, he avoided Coach’s latest ploy to get him on the kendo team. He hung out with friends like Keigo and Mizuiro, who’d never seen a ghost or a youkai and never really wanted to-

But he might have a chance here he couldn’t pass up. Darn it.

“So you’ve decided?”

Standing, Ichigo sheathed the soul-sword over his shoulder. Awkward, damn it. Rukia’s hadn’t been this big. Maybe she knew why his was so lousy? “Can a konsou send on any spirit?”

“Any soul except a Hollow, yes – yeep!”

Annoying shrimp over his shoulder, Ichigo took off at a dead run.


6 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Jibaku

  1. Methinks Ichigo is up to something with those last questions.

    Mmmm . . . wonder how Zangetsu is reacting to all of this? Probably on the one hand, good now maybe I can finally get my Shinigami to hear my voice . . . on the other, arghhh!

    Is Sobe no Shirayuki incapable of reaching Rukia right now? Probably. Otherwise she might have some very interesting information for her shinigami . . .

    I can understand his reasoning for wanting to physically attend high school. Can’t say that would have swayed me but then again, I would have leaped at the chance to attend high school online. Also I think being “normal” is vastly overrated.

    And Ichigo, sweet-heart, you haven’t been “normal” since the day you were conceived. Of course, while I’m sure he understand that there is something unusual about his family – and not just they adopted a Norse god – I guess he hasn’t been told what exactly his father is . . . through he’s probably going to figure out if Isshin and the other exiles (and Loki) dropped him enough breadcrumbs over the years that match up with what Rukia tells him about being a Shinigami.

    Curious about who Fenrir and Vali are . . .well, I know who Fenrir was in mythology . . . going to have wait and see who they are in story . . . but they sound like one of Ichigo’s hard luck cases (he’s as bad as Simon and Alan, we swear . . .)

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    1. Oh, he’s definitely up to something. *EG*

      Zangetsu’s reaction has shades of facepalm. Because… yeah. Ichigo hasn’t heard him yet, and Sode no Shirayuki isn’t the best houseguest!

      Normal is overrated… but sometimes it’s nice to not be noticed.

      *EG* Well, yes. Fenrir and Vali are another of Ichigo’s hard luck cases. In a way…. *Evil Laughter* Let’s just say, the fact that they exist gives a certain Dr. Strange a headache.

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    2. Actually, I think by now he knows that Isshin was a shinigami. (I think Isshin hints this to them fairly early on after Loki’s arrival. Prodded by Loki, who knows what can happen if that sort of info is hidden.)

      As for Fenris and Vali…. *snickers evilly* Like Vathara says, they give Dr. Strange a headache. And remember those comments about names?

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      1. Not to mention… read what Ichigo’s thinking around the mention of Fenris and Vali. That should give some clues. 😉

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