Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki 3

You would manifest me.” Lips red as blood on snow curled in distaste. “You. An infant of a mortal. An accidental shinigami, who has not even achieved shikai!”

“Unless there’s some other mortal who’s got you tied to his soul, yeah,” Ichigo griped back. “Look. You’re mad at me. Fine. Take it out on me all you want. Later.” He kept his hand out, open.  “Rukia needs you.”

Something softened in ageless eyes. “You will likely fail.”

Ichigo didn’t look away. “Won’t know ‘til we try.”

Delicate as falling snow, pale fingers settled in his.

Okay. Focus. You need to hold onto her, and go up and out-

Snow flew, thickening until the wind wailed and frosted windows shuddered against steel. He was pulling, Sode no Shirayuki wanted to be free….

Glass shattered.

The trees. It was a chilled, slow thought, as the blizzard howled and tore at their interlaced fingers. The trees are moving!

Branches writhed, punching out window after window as limbs thickened. Skyscrapers groaned in the wind, swaying; Ichigo felt the roots crawling through foundations as if they burrowed under his own skin. Skin that was turning a familiar shade of pale, as cold shifted from biting to familiar….

Youkai forest. Youkai power. Fenris!

This was the heart of his soul. The heart of his power. If he shifted to Fenris here-

Loki! Help me!

No answer. Only the howling storm, raging through the city of his soul.

It’ll tear everything apart. Everything that’s me. I won’t be a shinigami anymore. Not even a human. Just a youkai, who won’t even care about family unless he can change them….

Not gonna happen!

His soul. His power. Ichigo gritted his teeth and ignored the blizzard’s siren call. The skyscrapers would stand. They had to stand. They were him, part of being human, and he was not going to give that up-

A warm hand gripped his shoulder. “Let him go, snow-lady! I have him. Go, and be free!”

Wind screamed; the yuki-onna laughed-

Silence. Ichigo’s ears rang with it.

Groaning, trees retreated. Shards of glass glittered in mangled frames, but steel still soared in its odd, sideways towers. A few last flakes danced on the wind, slowly fading into the distance.

Someone warm was standing behind him.

“Don’t turn around.” That same dark, grimly amused voice. “Our footing needs time to grow steady again.”


19 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki 3

  1. Ichigo as Fenris (Fenrir ? Is there a difference between the two?). I can actually see that. In a “if Ichigo went too far and destroyed the world” way. And of course, Fenris is crazy. And if Fenris is here… where’s the rest of his (saner) siblings? (although with Marvel!Loki being here… they’re probably not related via him). Talk about a powered keg.

    And yey! Zangetsu to the rescue!

    Wonder what Sode no Shirayuki is going to be telling Rukia about all this…

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    1. Heh. In this case, the Fenris is not the one from Norse myth. Though that’s probably where Ichigo got the convenient Name from.


  2. Nice save, Zangetsu!
    Also, is the forest because of the power that Zangetsu borrowed from Loki when he visited his mindscape way back when? Because if so, I’d say that… Snowballed.

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    1. I’m thinking not. Rain has always been a Zangetsu thing, but it’s now snowing. So I’m thinking that’s Loki’s doing. The forest is a youkai forest and Fenris (whoever that is) is said to be a youkai. So I’m thinking that’s his and that it wasn’t there when Loki first came by Ichigo’s head.

      Something (a big something) has happened to Ichigo and Co. between Loki and Rukia showing up. It probably has something to do with the Momiji mentioned earlier, whoever that is.

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      1. Whenever the name Momiji comes up it makes me think this is going to be a Touhou crossover. After all, Momiji Inubashiri is a Wolf Tengu in the Touhou setting… This might not be a(nother) crossover, but I’d be willing to bet we have another canine spirit of some sort in play.


  3. Zangetsu proves that he is just as apt as his partner in Big Damn Heroes moments.

    And why I do have the feeling that our little yuki-onna was fully expecting tall, dark, snarky to step in and help at some point? (Because if it was her Shinigami . . . .)

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  4. Thought the second: Sode no Shirayuki, I think it could be argued that while taking Rukia’s power was accidental, Ichigo cannot really be described an ‘accidental’ Shinigami. Unless you mean by accident of birth. Which apply to a lot more Shinigami than Ichigo.

    Thought the Third: I wonder if, in any of his annoyed moments, Ichigo wondered how much older would he have to be for them to consider him old enough to do X or be X. Considering he ought to know or (will have) figured out really quick that both Isshin and Loki have a rather different aging scale than many people in Karakura.

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