Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki 5

“He gave all his supper to Rukia,” Loki informed his foster father.

Poking through a patient’s medical records on the hunt for potential drug interactions, Isshin gave him a “Hmm.”

Restocking some of their smaller bandages – why did the tiny ones always vanish first? – Loki tried not to roll his eyes. “He barely ate breakfast.”


Loki had long ago come to the conclusion that goofy maniac or not, Isshin was a better father than half of Asgard. But sometimes even he needed the obvious pointed out to him. “Isshin. He almost yelled at Yuzu!”

That got a blink, then a slow, rueful grin. “You’re right. I ought to tell them. Karin! Yuzu!”

“Homework first!” Karin yelled back from upstairs. “Clinic duty later!”

“It’s about your delinquent brother!”

Silence. Then pattering feet.

“Ichigo has never been a delinquent,” Loki said firmly.

“Tell that to Karakura General,” Isshin quipped. “They’ve still got a ward with his name on it.”

Which wasn’t at all fair, Loki thought. Chad, Uryuu, and even Tatsuki had been responsible for almost as many battered gang members between them. And unofficially blaming Ichigo for every act of youkai malice in Karakura was worse than unfair.

Some things never change. In Asgard, you were the outsider. Here, Ichigo is the nail that sticks up.

And broke the hammers, often as not. Ichigo might never be a natural trickster, but he’d taken his lessons in pranking to heart. Anyone sneering at Yuzu because of her “barbarian hair” generally found their shirts an unholy mix of neon orange and chartreuse. Or homework impossibly redone in glitter ink, naughty Shakespearean insults interspersed with the equations. Or – one time still near and dear to Loki’s heart – the Man-Bat Kite Flagpole Incident.

I’ll have to see if that young idiot Ushio is out of therapy yet, Loki mused. He’s still Ichigo and Uryuu’s record.


19 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki 5

    1. Get Ichigo and Uryuu together early, with exposure to both Loki and Urahara? Not even necessarily training, just the attitude that some idiots deserve to have just barely nonlethal levels of embarrassment dealt out? I suspect Karakura would never know what hit it.

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      1. I can almost see Uryu participating in this prank, completely serious the entire time. Ichigo’s there tying the idiot up to fly, and there’s Uryu correcting his knots 😂

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  1. >Chad, Uryuu, and even Tatsuki had been responsible for almost as many battered gang members between them. >
    Chad putting punks in the hospital? Either they were breaking their fists trying to punch him or they really, REALLY crossed a line somewhere.

    Given that the guy tries to avoid hurting people in general (Hollows and similar opponents are exempt from this of course).

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    1. And to top it off, he performs first aid so there is no lasting damage and then personally takes them all to Karakura General for treatment.

      Uryuu: Just standing back instead of wading into the breawl, Arisawa?
      Tatsuki: No beating I could do would able to top this. The morons break their own hands trying to punch Chad who then bandages them up and takes them to K. General. Their reps are never going to recover from this.

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    1. >Considering that Chad can reasonably tank lamposts, walls and cars…>
      Real question is how well will he be able to throw down with Aesir? My guess is fairly well.

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  2. Loki: Something’s up with Ichigo.
    Isshin: Lalala
    Loki: Something. Is. Up. With. Ichi-go.
    Isshin: Lalala
    Isshin: *determined to miss the point even if it stabs him* oh yeah! -insert absurd scheme here-
    Loki: *facepalm* why do I even try.

    Pior Ichigo, the problem with being the lightning rod of weird is that people assume you ground EVERY lightning flash of weird. To be fair, what, 80% of Karakura’s weirdness can be traced back to Ichigo? More?

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