A few stray ficbunnies – Magi and otherwise

It’s been A Heck of A Week. I’m currently trying to rev bunnies up to tackle River again; given it’s not a short fic, they need a lot of energy to get back in the groove. In the meantime, I had a few stray bunnies I thought people might be amused by.

Magi: Alibaba after leaving Qishan. Because at some point between leaving Morgiana to head toward Balbadd and actually getting there/running into Cassim/all that mess, he must have figured out his knife wasn’t just a knife anymore. Given what little we know from canon about figuring out what to do with your Djinn, my bunnies suspect it started with whispers….

Another Magi idea (working title, Economics): Manga canon, one of the things Alibaba did love about his education in Balbadd was the nitty-gritty of trade and being a merchant. Rashid, in Sinbad canon, was good enough to pass himself off as a successful traveling merchant in Reim instead of a king.

So… given exactly how the Kou Empire destabilized Balbadd, why doesn’t Alibaba use that knowledge? Forget trying to take the Kou Empire power vs. power; that’s a sucker’s bet. Why not face them where they don’t have an advantage?

This one actually seems to be getting somewhere, I just need to figure out how much of it I want to write.

Around AU: Now I know I need to do the convention story first. Because I had an image of how Hancock might (note, might, not set on this yet) come to the SGC’s attention, and it’s a doozy.

Basically – last ep of season 3 Stargate, first of season 4? We know, canon, that Thor’s ship the Biliskner crashed into the Pacific. And apparently (almost) nobody noticed. (Those poor Russian submariners….)

What if it didn’t? What if, say, it hit the Gulf of Mexico instead? Can we say tsunami?

Good thing they’ll have a Magi. And a Water Magician…..


26 thoughts on “A few stray ficbunnies – Magi and otherwise

  1. *snicker* at the last one. I have a mental image of Baal/Simon checking out the mass of electricity falling from the sky and thinking that Hancock really needs to start working on a sci-fi set of props. For some reason, I also have a mental image of Thor’s ship inside Baal’s tower and SGC trying to figure out exactly where the ship went given that their readings were going more haywire then usual at the time Thor’s ship crashed. And of course the high school run by a former actor has nothing to do with the latest alien invasion clean-up effort…

    I like the idea behind the Economics one. Kou wouldn’t know what hit it. Meanwhile, Amon realizes how his king actually does prefer the subtler route as opposed to the more violent one…

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      1. Out of order works. 🙂 They all sound really creative and fun to read. To me though, the I don’t know ho much cannon you used, but while the Magical High School is a trope, it a trope for a reason. It’s fun and cool to read or watch. I am looking forward to your next original work and I am so happy that you keep writing.

        The AU I think, could be easily changed into original work. (leagues better than 50 shades crap.(shudders at the awful writing and characters))

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      2. Out of order works are a headache, though, because you have to figure out the broad sketch of what happened in between, and then not contradict it when you go back to write that part. *Wry G*

        Fanfic is for relaxing. And a bit for exercise – it’s kind of like doing daily runs in prep for the Ultramarathon of an original work. BTW, that level of intense effort is one reason I highly recommend NaNoWriMo: at the end of 30 days, you have the bulk of the rough draft written, and you can then fall on your face for a while!

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    Well, isn’t one of things fan fiction is for is to cover those little moments that cannon either skips or glosses over. (Okay, so I want to see Alibaba freak out when he realizes the voice is coming from the danger . . .)

    You know, I don’t think the idea for this bit and the Economics AU are mutually exclusive . . . plus it’s be easier for Alibaba to work his economic magic if he got to before everything went completely into the toilet . . . do we know how long the gap was between Alibaba capturing Amon’s dungeon and the big confrontation / reunion in Balbadd?

    Sounds very interesting. And I’m all for giving the Kou Empire and Al-Thamen a most unexpected run for their money (literally). But it wouldn’t be Magi with some magical smack-downs but maybe in this set-up, Alibaba will get a chance to actually get a better hold on his magical abilities and working with Amon before being tossed into the deep end of the pool in that conflict.

    And hey, maybe in this kind of set-up, Sinbad won’t do some of his more shady decisions. Or something will happen that allows the good guys to pick up something is very wrong with the Sindria King and help him get rid of his unwelcome house guest (when did he get possessed by David?)

    Maybe not the whole ship but something that big doesn’t usually stay in one piece when it falls to planet out of control. And being curious about the what-in-the-heck caused that was, our heroes, expecting a large space rock or something along those lines (along with some worried magic speculation since one or two Magi depending on when this falls in the timeline are totally unaccounted for and there are water Djinn), are like “what the?” and snag one of the more manageable size pieces for at least a very thorough look through and study because this doesn’t look like a piece of the International Space Station and did almost drown our town in a wall of water and . . .

    Might be interesting if their speculations are the same mix of wildly off the mark and eerily accurate as some of the speculation done by others about the messes our heroes have left in their wake.

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    1. *dagger, not danger

      (And Alibaba will need to learn to use his Djinn in Economics because I doubt Al-Thamen will take his putting a monkey wrench in their whole deal quietly . . .)


      1. Hmm. ATM the Economics bunny seems set in the big conference with Aladdin – Kouen will have a much worse time than canon. But yes. Al-Thamen would take this very seriously indeed!

        Because darn it, Rashid taught Sinbad to trade, Sinbad should have figured this out himself… and Alibaba’s given a Sadistic Choice, canon, and I hate that and want to fix!

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  3. >Magi: Alibaba after leaving Qishan. >
    Combined with Amon slowly warming up to his new King. As you had in Around, Amon’s initial opinion of Alibaba was not completely approving:
    ‘Not when Amon himself had been less than amused that the Lord of all Djinn had brought him a king candidate with low magoi, low self-esteem, and no sense of dignity whatsoever.’
    Presumably they managed to hash out something though.

    >Magi idea (working title, Economics):>
    Ah the Spice and Wolf/Log Horizon method for screwing over the bad guys. Problem is if Kou/Al-Thamen see that Alibaba is slowly gaining traction, they are going to shift methods and stop being subtle. At which point, things are going to get very ugly for Balbadd.

    >Good thing they’ll have a Magi. And a Water Magician…..>
    Baal’s energy manipulation abilities + Simon’s creativity = Poor, poor Replicators 🙂
    Now we just need some perfectly legal insanity that results in Hancock/Simon owning the Biliskner. Maritime salvage laws or something.
    Of course Simon being Simon/Hancock being Hancock they disguise the crashed alien ship as a new sci-fi set that they’re working on.
    Don’t ask how they managed to move the ship so close to shore unnoticed.

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    1. Spice and Wolf and LH are both awesome. Ditto Maoyu. And yes, Al-Thamen would stop being subtle. But honestly, that would be half the point. The Rens would have to figure out whose side they were really on….

      *Snrk* Baal, nothing. I refuse to believe that Replicators can’t be melted.

      Don’t think the Biliskner would come down in enough pieces for salvage. And everyone’s probably trying to cover stuff up as “unexpected meteorite impact!” Hee.

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      1. Still, it’d be really funny if the Hancock crew did manage to carry off some recognizable pieces, decide they make great props, and then, well…

        “Sir, we have a security breach of the Stargate project!”

        “Then why are you wasting time watching a cheesy amateur sci-fi film?!”

        “Well, sir, about that…”

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      2. >“Then why are you wasting time watching a cheesy amateur sci-fi film?!”

        “Well, sir, about that…”>
        Simon: Excuse me? Hancock High productions are neither cheesy nor amateur. Now Wormhole X-Treme! is a prime example of such failures.

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      3. >Oh, Simon would so zing them that way if he could. Unfortunately, X-Treme comes later in the Stargate timeline. Darn!>
        Government/SGC could try and get Simon to work with Martin on a new X-Treme show after the first crashes. You see the big guys like the idea of spoon feeding the American public the whole space aliens idea and thinks this is the perfect method with no security leaks.

        Martin’s script is probably going to end up incinerated. By Simon, Alan or one of the magicians I have no idea.


      4. Huh. So where in the SGC timeline does it take place?

        (And… just how messed up is SG-1 at that point? Given that from mid-season three on to the end of five, SG-1 is various levels of Screwed Up….)

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      5. Well, if I go with the Biliskner crash (and that would be so awesome), that’d be right at the end of season 3, start of season 4. So Shades of Grey has happened, and SG-1 is screwed up, but not quite as badly as they would be by Scorched Earth.


    2. >And yes, Al-Thamen would stop being subtle. But honestly, that would be half the point. The Rens would have to figure out whose side they were really on…. >
      From what I’ve seen a good chunk would stay the course. The means may be somewhat distasteful but it’s the end that is important etc etc.

      The second problem is keeping Balbadd intact. Al-Thamen+Kou Empire not being subtle means Djinn Equips, Black Djinns and other assorted monsters and gribbles. And if memory serves Alibaba at that point couldn’t pull off a Full Equip, so he’d better hope Aladdin and the Seven Seas Alliance can prevent Balbadd from being destroyed.


      1. > And if memory serves Alibaba at that point couldn’t pull off a Full Equip, >
        Though I admit I could have the timeline wrong.


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