Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki 7

“Don’t you worry about your brother.” Engetsu’s grin wasn’t quite Isshin’s; more serious, and yet more reckless. “His partner’s already yelling at him. Give him another day or two. They’ll work it out.” He slanted a look at the girls. “’Course, that means you’re going to have to share him. Shinigami protect. You think he’s bad looking after the youkai now….”

“We’ll have to sit on him so he gets some sleep,” Karin said dryly. Smiled, in one of the best Sibling Being Evil expressions Loki had seen outside of a mirror. “Or we could get Rukia to sit on him.”

“Karin!” Yuzu protested.

“That’s the spirit!” Isshin gave his dark-haired daughter two thumbs up, echoed by Engetsu’s raven-cackle. “Grandkids!”

“Isshin!” Loki sputtered, trading a long-suffering look with Yuzu. The man was shameless. “He’s barely sixteen.”

“You never know how much time you’ll have.” Old sorrow darkened Isshin’s eyes, before he shooed them all toward the door. “Ichigo’s going to need some quiet to figure it out. Who wants ice cream?”

“You, too?” Loki arched an eyebrow at the cheering tengu.

“It’s Karakura.” Engetsu chuckled. “You think anybody’s even going to notice?”

Okay. Enough of this.

Ichigo lay back on his bed, scowl firmly in place. Kon was out of sight under his desk, quiet except for the rustle of pages and a few salacious snickers. Loki was oddly absent; clinic or seminars, Ichigo wasn’t sure. The girls were downstairs putting together a project for class, with the odd groan drifting upstairs as Isshin helped.

The silence from his closet was deafening.

She’s out there. Hunting the Hollows, with Uryuu and everybody.

I should be out there.

:Come and find me.:

Ichigo slammed his head back into the pillow, wondering if there was a way to go deaf inside your own head. It’d started as a faint whisper, tickling his spine in the darkness of that awful night he’d given up Rukia’s powers. It’d escalated with every sight of the waxing moon, until now it drummed loud as his own heartbeat.

:Come and find me. Come and find me. Come and find me, Ichigo, I want to fight!:

“Makes two of us,” Ichigo growled under his breath. “You want a fight?”

Oh, this was a bad idea. Everything Loki had ever taught him said playing with magic when you were pissed was stupid

Rukia’s gone. Most of my power’s gone. Even shifting hurts. My friends, ‘Miji, all the Karakura youkai – they need me. And I’m not there.

You want a fight, old man? You’re going to get one.

A quick breath, and the world fell away.


10 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki 7

  1. And for sorcery, that is sound advice. But this isn’t sorcery. But sometimes when you are frustrated, you can’t see the obvious answer right under your nose.

    And you ain’t the only one frustrated here. Zangetsu has been waiting a very long time for this.

    And why I do think Engetsu’s predictation is along the lines of “famous last words” considering how many spiritual aware people there are in Karakura . . . and youkai . . . and other Shinigami considering the Rescue Rukia part has to get kick off sometime somehow . . . maybe not tonight but it only takes one report . . . of course, there are plenty of other things that could happen.

    Just saying, he’s tempting Murphy.

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  2. I love Loki’s line about sibling being evil smile. Ichigo mentions that shifting is difficult so does that mean he shapeshift like Yoruichi? It’s not that big of a surprise due to his big brother being Loki “I gave birth to Sleipnir” Odinson but I never would have thought Ichigo would have the control necessary transform.

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  3. I… I don’t know hoow I feel about this.

    It follows what’s been set up previously and is a very logical direction to take things, but for all it’s weirdness, Urahara’s unhelpful tight-lippedness about things, and its very cheesy melodrama I actually weirdly appreciated and enjoyed Ichigo being a Vizard and having an Inner Hollow (granted I did NOT enjoy it basically replacing Zangetsu and removing a characyer we hadn’t really gotten to know yet). You haven’t said he won’t become a Vizard in this, but if he successfully acheives Shikai the traditional way I don’t see how that could happen. I do admit much of my complaint is my personal affection for him being a Vizard.

    It was a very shonen power up for an already very powerful hero, but it came with the loss of control risks as a drawback, a nifty mask design, and the really cool monstrous transformations. And there’s something I really enjoy about hero’s who have to fight and wrestle with themselves to maintain control… and heroes who transform into monsters… and have that whole Neitzschian ‘he who fights monsters thing’… *coughs and looks away*. Slightly less personally, I liked the common ground it gave him with the Vizards. It gave this new group a better reason to actually open up and explain to him, and a good way to both further Ichigo’s character and what was happening to him alongside their introduction. Plus it further othered him from the existing power factions… which is also something I tend to enjoy in my heroes.

    Granted the Fenris and Yokai hints imply something similar might already be going on (and Rukia – or at lease Sode no Shirayuki – should really be wondering if that something else is contagious), but until it’s introduced/explicated I don’t know if I’ll like it as much as Ichigo’s Hollow-ness. (Certainly, I doubt whatever Yokai thing is going on gives him anywhere near as cool a mask.)


    1. Hmm. I have to admit the whole Vizard mess really did not thrill my bunnies. Especially our introduction to Shinji, “I’m going to mess with your mind because you’re becoming a monster” vibes.

      Also? One of the main thing I disliked about the whole Vizard thing was, where were their zanpakutou in all this mess? Where were their spirits? Their shikai? Their bankai? Outside of Shinji using his flip-around mess – which Aizen knew about, oy – all the power we came from the Vizards came from their masks. Which implies they gave up the key part of being a shinigami – their zanpakutou.

      Honestly, that made them feel more like monsters to me than characters. I… really didn’t like it.

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      1. You’re 100% right on Shinji’s introduction. As for where their Shikai and Bankai were, well I stopped reading Bleach shortly after the Vizard showed up to help in the fight over Karakura, but the impression I got from Ichigo continuing to leave Zangetsu in Shikai release at all times and also occasionally activating Bankai was that they still have and can use their Zanpakuto. I just assumed we weren’t seeing them because of dramatically appropriate reveal moments on the horizon/after I left. That and that maybe it’s more difficult?

        As I mentioned I did Not like Hollow Ichigo replacing Zangetsu in Ichigo’s Inner World. And during a confrontation during that arc Hollow Ichigo states that he and Zangetsu are the same being and because Ichigo’s new Hollow powers are… I forget, it was either greater than his Shinigami powers or because they weren’t under control now Hollow Ichigo was the dominant personality. If your sword-spirit goes from ally and friend to hungry id that wants to devour your mind I can see that making access to Shikai and Bankai tougher (though not impossible, as I mentioned, Ichigo still totally uses both states).

        As for their power making them monsters: that’s actually part of what I liked. I enjoy monstrous characters who you scratch the surface and they’re just people. Sure Bob’s soul may be constantly crying out to devour everyone around him, but the dude’s got it under control and he’s one of my best friends. The… I dunno, there’s at least two threads to the image I like. One is don’t assume, based on appearances (or powers in this case). The other is that anyone can be a good guy and there’s no such thing as an entire race, class, or type of being who are all inherently evil. It appeals to my idealistic side that ANYONE can be good/be saved/convinced of the error of their ways.


      2. *Rueful* My problem was, I didn’t get that there was anything to the Vizards but surface. It just… meh. Bunnies did not like. They would have been much happier if Ichigo argued them into being friends as a Shinigami, because that would show his skills at bridging the gaps between very different people by use of applied violence. 🙂

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      3. Fair enough. I certainly can’t argue that Bleach had a bad habit of introducing characters with the potential to be interesting and then just… not doing anything with them.


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