Economics is up on AO3

Economics is up on Archive of Our Own.


Note, it’s a one-shot. But it amused the bunnies. Hee.


8 thoughts on “Economics is up on AO3

    1. >I honestly wonder how long it takes Kouen and Koumei to figure out what Alibaba’s actually doing. Hee.>
      About the same time they try and conquer another small Kingdom near Kou and they discover that the logistics that have always functioned smoothly…….just……don’t any more.

      And the best part is that the Kou Empire can’t conquer new regions its going to flounder even harder. A big part of their income seemed to be centered around screwing over places like Balbadd.and draining them dry before moving in.

      Without the Fan, they don’t have that economic leverage anymore resulting in no ‘free’resource influxes. They have to pay for all of it and I bet that being equal or weaker on the economic front to other nations will cause even more issues.

      Amon is probably chortling constantly while the Kou Djinn are banging their heads on the walls of their respective dungeons.

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      1. All of the above, I imagine! I’m not sure I’ve got a good enough grasp on economics and the personalities at play in the Empire and the Alliance to spin this out farther, but man, it would be a kick to Al-Thamen but good. 🙂

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      2. The problem is that if the Empire goes insane, they might decide ‘close enough’ and kick off the various Black Rukh/Medium/Doomsday etc plans using the Kou Empire as fuel. Might be enough Black Rukh to pull it off.

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