Count Taka progress update – wrestling with CreateSpace

Progress on Count Taka so far….

Well, the good news is that by dint of some wrestling with formatting, I’ve gotten the page count down by a significant fraction, meaning I will be able to set the book price at a decent $14.99. For a while there that was looking dicey.

The annoying news is that after several bouts of revision, they still weren’t happy with the cover. I thumped my head on the desk, said a few bad words, and sent them a hopefully polite email asking what was the problem, given the automated message was… not being clear.

Give the people working there credit. They actually responded on the same day, with an image of exactly where they say the problem is. To wit: title text not 0.5″ from the cover edge, as they measure it.

To which I can only say, argh.

So… I’ve forwarded the message, the pic, some cash, and my rueful remarks to the cover artist, asking for a revision to fix that. Hopefully now that we have a pic of where the problem is, this time will work.

I freely admit I have a headache.

So how ’bout a little music?


10 thoughts on “Count Taka progress update – wrestling with CreateSpace

  1. Ouch. Pedantic much? I loved that cover, hopefully there won’t be too much labor needed to fix the problem. Fingers crossed!


  2. Wooooow. Reminds me of the time I got marked down 25 points on a creative writing project for a children’s book because I had nine pages instead of ten, even though my pages were half again as big as everyone else’s (which is why there were only nine… I ran out of paper…) and fully illustrated, AND I had more actual text…. Grrrrrr….

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  3. Ooh. *twitches like a kid in a candy store* ~can’t wait to order a copy, can’t wait to order a copy.~

    Super glad to hear progress, sucks that things are being road block-y.


  4. Seeing your choice of video I really want to see you mess around with Devil May Cry. I just really like Dante’s character (which is why I despise Donte) with how he has so much fun messing around and how being stylish is 80% of the battle.


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