Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki 12

I’m not going to be alone. A rush of relief, followed swift by heavy sorrow. But Ichigo…. “The twins-”

“My daughters,” Isshin said frankly. “They’ll be shinigami after they die. Count on it.”

Oddly comforting. “Ichigo’s friends?”

“After all this time around the two of you? Same boat.” Isshin gave him a considering look. “Though with Orihime training up as a pretty good sorceress, I bet she’s not kicking off this world for a good long time.”

Likely. “But they’re going to lose people they love,” Loki said softly. “They all will.”

“That’s life.” Isshin looked into the distance. “I knew I’d only have a few decades with Masaki. I still loved her.” A deep sigh. “Life hurts, Loki. But it’s all we’ve got.” He glanced upward, where two precious girls were sleeping. “And sometimes? Life is damn good.”

“Yes.” Loki closed his eyes, feeling outward for the bonfire of Ichigo’s power. “Yes. It is.”

If you would protect all souls, Rukia’s voice echoed in his memory, strike the Hollows from behind!

The old man’s longsword didn’t have the reach he’d gotten used to with Rukia’s powers. On the other hand, it didn’t have the length to get tangled up in ceilings, either. Chasing half a pack of mini-Hollows through the high steel of a half-built office building, that last fact was kind of important.

She’s not trying to do this alone. Ichigo slashed through another cold-blooded mini-evil, far too much like Shrieker’s little friends for comfort. Good.

Chad was keeping the main Hollow busy, dodging gray tentacles to land a bone-rattling punch. Too bad this Hollow didn’t seem to have bones, bouncing away like a cheap rubber octopus. Orihime was a soft golden glow down by the construction site’s gate, healing hapless late-shift workers even as she held a Someone Else’s Problem around the skeletal building. Ishida had found a good perch on an exposed girder, green-blue arrows sizzling out to herd most of the mini-evils down and back toward Rukia-

God, she’s… wow.

He’d seen her dance barefoot with Saeki’s red-and-bone scythe, short white kimono flowing in freezing winds. This? This was better.

Like willows in the rain.

He’d hated the rain. For years. But Rukia was all supple shadows, blade dancing through mini-Hollows, steel silver as catkins in the city lights-


Gah, teeth!


23 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki 12

  1. Poor Ichigo… Maybe Rukia will let you watch her practice her katas later on, so you can drool – I mean “appreciate her skills” in peace. Because you totally don’t have a crush on her. Right. Uh-huh.
    (Yeah, and this is my believing face 😏)

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    1. >*G* She’ll probably have too much fun giving him a concussion with wooden swords, first.>
      Rukia managing to dent Ichigo’s skull?

      She’s going to need to go Shikai at the very least.

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    1. Okay, I did some research, because the answer to this is a little more complicated than it looks!

      Basically, CreateSpace, given they do Print on Demand, doesn’t really do pre-orders. It is apparently possible to set up pre-orders with Amazon Advantage if 1) you sign up for that as a separate account, and 2) you pull some various shenanigans with dates, ’cause AA and CreateSpace will not both sell the book at the same time.

      Also, you apparently need the final cover. Which… is what’s holding me up ATM. *Wry G*

      Once I get the cover straightened out, I’ll get that in and order the proof copy, and fiddle with getting the Kindle version nitpicks set while I’m checking that over.

      Bottom line: I’ll definitely look into the pre-order option for the next book, but it sounds like something I will need to put several weeks into figuring out. Taka could be done in just a couple weeks – once I get the title moved on the art!

      If you want more details, check this page.

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      1. I’ve seen some people report problems with Kindle pre-orders, of the ‘wrong file gets put up by Amazon’ sort. Most recently here:
        updated here:
        “What am I taking away from all this? Good question and one I’m still asking myself since this is still an on-going situation. I’ll try to sort it out here.

        For me:

        I have to be even more careful than ever before to make sure there is no issue with my work when I get ready to upload a file.
        I am going to think long and hard about doing pre-orders in the future. Not only because of the impact they have on publication day numbers (As Dorothy pointed out, pre-orders don’t count toward release date rankings but count on the day of the pre-order) but because of the length of time it has taken to deal with the current situation.”

        Passing this on hoping it is helpful. I’d rather get the proper ebook with no problem, without preordering than what that writer’s rabid readers apparently got.

        I don’t know if the people asking for pre-order ability want paper or ebook but I hope this is helpful. My daughter will probably order the paper, and I’ll get the e-edition, so either way, we’re covered.


      2. Thank you for the information! 🙂

        I’d read some other cautionary tales like this, but it’s good to have direct confirmation. ATM I’m working on the eBook file version, which I plan to run by a couple people to be sure it works before I try to put it on Kindle. Going through CreateSpace, I still need the cover, though.


  2. ‘He’d seen her dance barefoot with Saeki’s red-and-bone scythe, short white kimono flowing in freezing winds.’

    Did you just reference the Bleach: Fade to Black movie?

    Also, Ichigo, sweetie, we know that love is blind, but spacing out to in the middle of battle probably isn’t the best way to redefine the phrase.

    On another note, I wonder how the Avengers and affiliated parties will react to Ichigo and Co. I can see Thor trying to adopt the younger Kurosaki’s just because Loki cares about them.

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    1. >I can see Thor trying to adopt the younger Kurosaki’s just because Loki cares about them.>
      I can’t be sure with that idea. This is after the first Thor movie so Loki will be something of a sore spot for him.

      And then there is the rest of Asgard wouldn’t like them for at least three reasons that I can think of.
      First they associate happily with Loki and anyone that considers the Liesmith a peer/someone to look up to well… not to trust them.

      Second, they’re human (at least for now). If memory serves Asgard generally doesn’t think much of ‘mortals’.

      Finally thanks to Loki’s teachings, all the Karakura Town crew are sorcerers to some degree or another. And in Asgard, sorcerers generally equal sneaky weakling that you can’t trust to be honest, honorable etc.

      I mean in the movie, Loki was legitimately King until Odin woke up (official line of succession with Thor banished by Odin). Don’t believe me? Search for: Thor (2011) “Loki Becomes King” Deleted, Cutted & Alternative Scenes

      He was the boss, his word was law and the Four went behind his back so fast they might have well said “We will only accept Thor as king, not you.” to his face.

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      1. The question is will said introduction/reunion be before, during or after your mentioned kidnapping of Loki+Yuzu by Asgard and said Nakama breaking down/blowing up the main gate.

        Thor would be conflicted. On one hand these people are assaulting Asgard. On the other, they have a pretty good reason to do so.

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      2. To be fair to Thor, the first time we see him interact with Loki post first Thor film is Avengers, where he spends most of those interactions going ‘Omg Loki wtf are YOU DOING?! Please stop and just come back to Asgard with me?’ So while Loki may be a sore spot and Asgard/Odin definitely won’t be on their best behavior when he’s brought up Thor is the type to be busy going ‘OMG LOKI, BRO! YOUR ALIVE/I MISSED YOU/WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL? LET’S ALL GO BACK TO ASGARD AND HAVE THINGS BE LIKE BEFORE.’ With a super excited puppy face.

        It’s actually, now that a think about it, probably alarmingly similar to Byakuya’s canon reaction to finding Rukia but with lots of open emotionallity. Especially if before Thor shows up Odin some how finds out about Loki and pulls his own ‘Loki did the thing that breaks this Asgardian law (that I totes didn’t just make up so I can use my authority as king to bring him back under my heel)’.


    1. I think the best phrasing I’ve ever seen of this comes from the fic “There may be some collateral damage,” a bloody hysterical HPxBleach crossover. “like so many other things about his life and afterlife, his love life kind of became a foregone conclusion once Rukia showed up. She’s waiting, he knows, until she can jump him without feeling like a pedophile. Problem is, with shinigami, that could mean anywhere from two to fifty years before he sees any action.”

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  3. Ah teenagers and priorities . . .

    I bet her reaction to seeing him as a Shinigami after she got her powers back was a bit of surprise. Through not as much if Shirayuki knew full well what tall, dark, and snarky was and decided to tell her partner . . . unless she decided it might be more fun as a surprise? Or she thought it’d take him a lot longer than this to get the boy’s attention. Considering she might not have any idea how long Zangetsu has been there.

    For added conflict and/or tension, maybe Byakuya notices that crush before Rukia does . . .

    Thoughts of the future, hmmm I wonder what the twins and the rests’ zanpakuto would be like – I know, long long time in the future for many of them but still . . .

    Why do I have the feeling with the eventual crossing over with the Avengers set, there is going to be a lot of moments somewhat similar to certain encounters between SG-1 and Hancock in that they consist of exchanges like this:
    “Why didn’t you tell me X?”
    “You didn’t ask.”
    And / Or
    “It was need to know. You didn’t need to know at that moment.”

    Side note, I think in both universes, certain people are going to hate getting that answer – the fact they do it regularly to other people is immaterial.

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