Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki 13

A shower of arrows, missing him by a finger’s width. “Hey!”

“Turn on your comm,” Uryuu’s voice rang out. “Idiot.”

Oh. Oops. “Um. I left it with Kon?”

Uryuu managed to roll his eyes and blast three nasties in the same breath. “Why am I not surprised?”

-And then there weren’t any more, as Rukia cut through the main Hollow in one ice-edged blow. All that was left were the night sounds of the city, and the widest violet eyes he’d ever seen.

Ears suddenly warm, Ichigo sheathed his sword and dropped to the ground. “Hey.”


He couldn’t blow Dad’s cover. So – most of the truth. “Not sure,” Ichigo said sheepishly. “After we got your sword back… I just kept hearing a voice.”

“A voice.” Barely a whisper. “Have you heard a name?”

Half a shrug. “We’re both trying. But… not yet.”

Okay, had he suddenly grown another head or something? Because he didn’t know what to make of that suspicious look-

Kick to the shins. Yeah, he should have seen that coming.

“I took my powers back so you could have a normal life, you fool!”

Now it was his turn to give her a Look. Would have been more impressive if he wasn’t trying to shake some feeling back into his foot. “Ghosts follow me. There’s a Quincy in my classroom. And a sorceress. And a guy who pulls off a pretty good oni imitation even when he’s not shapeshifting.”

Brushing off his hands, Chad smiled.

“My brother’s a sorcerer, my best friends all turn into youkai, the candy shop owner lets us try to kill each other in his basement, and every little bakemono in Karakura knows I’m the guy to hide behind,” Ichigo finished. “Exactly what part of my life is supposed to be normal?”


26 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki 13

  1. “No, Loki-nii-san hasn’t been much of an influence. Why do you ask?”

    When Rukia gets some time to think about that story – and unfortunately per canon, she’s going to get that downtime (of sorts) to think about things a lot, through how much of it will be bear fruit considering she was in full on guilt mode in canon and something tells me she won’t be much better here, remains to be seen . . . It’s going to sound fishy.

    And even if she decides he was telling the truth, he made that leap awfully darn quick even considering all of the weirdness in his life.

    And if she doesn’t think that there is something more to Ichigo than meets the eye, besides what was being obvious, I can think of a few people who will . . . especially the ones who notice that Ichigo looks a lot like Shiba Kaien . . .

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  2. >Ghosts follow me. >
    Earth-bound spirits like to bitch about their horrible lives to people etc. Your reactions show that you can hear them so of course they follow you.
    >There’s a Quincy in my classroom.>
    Who constantly denies that he’s friends with Ichigo. Despite hanging out at lunchtime, accepting sweets from Yuzu, helping Ichigo with causing intense psychological damage to morons, helping with Hollow hunts etc etc. Tatsuki is learning English simply to be able to make the “De-nile” jokes.
    >And a sorceress.>
    Here’s hoping her magic doesn’t inadvertently make her concoctions any more exotic. Nobody likes the Mushroom Samba.
    >And a guy who pulls off a pretty good oni imitation even when he’s not shapeshifting.>
    Chad needs a Kanabō. It must be done.
    >My brother’s a sorcerer,>
    More like your brother is The Sorcerer. This is MCU Loki we’re talking about.
    >my best friends all turn into youkai>
    And probably don’t mind that much.
    >the candy shop owner lets us try to kill each other in his basement>
    Of course he does. The readings he gets are more than worth the property damage. All that Science.
    >every little bakemono in Karakura knows I’m the guy to hide behind>
    Because when the priest chasing them, sees you they think you’re a Dai-Youkai or something and focus on the larger threat.

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  3. Hmmm, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the BS excuse that Aizen/The Central 46 used to capture, imprison and execute Rukia that she gave her powers to a human?

    Here he’s going to need something different. So what can she be hauled in for now?

    The only stuff I can think that could be applied to her now are not reporting in at the scheduled time and working with mortals/youkai.


    1. I guess one would have to figure out what the laws of Soul Society are and which Aizen can pin Rukia with to create a meeting with the flaming Turkey.

      Maybe aiding and abiting the enemy IE Loki during the Asgard rescue? The impression I got is that Asgard and Soul Society don’t tend to get along.


    2. Something to do with her interactions with Loki as he is considered of Asgard or Ishida considering that he is a Quincy. Or both.

      The bunnies like the idea of part of the reason more people than usual start questioning their decision is because the charge is minor.
      “They want to execute her for that? What’s next, forgetting to initial one section of your paperwork?”

      Might add some more to Byakuya’s internal turmoil. On one hand, he vowed never to disobey the rules again. On the other, this is his sister and he vowed to Hisana to take care of her. On yet another hand, that’s not the usual procedure for such a minor crime. Discipline for that should be being handled by Ukitake, not the Central 46*

      *Or they otherwise are violating the laws of the Soul Society in a seemingly minor but significant way. Because the rules either apply to everyone or they apply to no one.

      Because Aizen has his ducks pretty well lined up to leave the Soul Society with his co-conspirators and thus no longer cares about being subtle.

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      1. What about a related but more initially plausible idea: once she reports back and mentions (or worse, doesn’t mention) details about Ichigo and pals and one being a Quincy and the other an Asgardian sorcerer – Loki may be a Jotunn, but he was trained in magic on Asgard – she’s apprehended and brought in for ‘interview’ by the Central 46 on suspicion of consorting with Soul Society’s enemies. After that the 46 find her guilty of treason and sentence her to death for conspiring to destroy Soul Society/betraying it to their enemies.

        This would actually get better with time because the Rescue party would genuinely look like a group of invading enemy combatants (which – granted – they technically are/were even in canon), especially if someone spots Loki as part of the force and recognizes him as a Prince of Asgard. Plus with words like ‘treason’ and ‘conspiracy’ everyone is going to be extra paranoid and eyeing everyone else around them. Aizen then needs to do even less work when he fakes his own death because instead of: ‘why? how? was it the Ryoka? but they aren’t even this far in yet?’ you get: ‘oh shit, did the shapeshifter/trickster/illusionist sneak in and assassinate him? or was it one of the conspirators? quick, who was he last seen with?’ Anyone speaking up for Rukia or against what’s going on just draws suspicion on themselves and you have a perfect Spy/Witch Hunt scenario. In the midst of a chaotic guerrilla invasion.

        Aizen may have his ducks in a row and little reason left to care, but he’s supposed to be a clever strategist and that’s no reason to make things easy on his enemies, and one of the few things better than no intelligence is bad intelligence.

        Granted Aizen shows major ego problems in the manga, what with his preference for No Sell-ing attacks instead of properly blocking or dodging them, so he may just assume that nothing they can do will slow him down anyways and go with the easy route.

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      2. Part of my thought process going in was ‘Ichigo’s team is better trained, better armed, and better educated than in canon and that’s before including Loki. Why shouldn’t the bad guys get an extra advantage or two to keep the tension up?’

        That and I enjoy spooling implications. Horseshoe nails and all that.


    3. *waves hand* I would point out that the entire situation for Rukia’s arrest was an excuse, anyway – not to mention they didn’t give her the option to defend herself. And with the nakama hiding the way they are (because aside from Rukia, the only shinigami who know about them are the aforementioned Isshin, Urahara, and Yoruichi), Soul Society won’t know any different.

      Well, not until the Rescue hits them…. *evil grins*

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      1. >not to mention they didn’t give her the option to defend herself.>
        Been a Very long time since I read/watched the relevant sections of Bleach but did Rukia even have the right to defend herself even without Aizen’s BS?

        I mean it’s not like Soul Society runs on laws/rules similar to modern-day society.

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  4. Re: Rukia’s arrest and charges . . .

    I like sightlessradiation’s idea . . .

    Maybe Aizen doesn’t go easy with his clever plan but he isn’t as thorough covering his tracks, etc, as he usually does because he’s going to leave soon and thus only needs to delay anyone finding out the truth, not prevent it entirely.

    And he does want them to find out this time because he’s an egotist and needs to be able to “Haha! Look how clever I am!” to Yamamoto and co before he leaves. While it is somewhat satisfying to know that he tricked and tricked Yamamoto and the majority of the Soul Society, it would be even more satisfying if all those too-trusting fools knew it too.

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      1. Yep. And the bunnies like the idea of certain people making their “I told you so”s to Yamamoto very clear and unmistakable.

        Maybe they just like the idea of certain Captain working in spite of obstinate men rather than because of them.

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      2. *G* At least, with any luck, they can come up with a few extra people who have not seen Aizen’s shikai. Because one-on-one fights may be Very Dramatic, but when it comes to the survival of everything heroes hold dear, I prefer my odds a bit more… one-sided.

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