Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki 14

“For once, he’s got you on logic.” Riding a platform of reiatsu down to the ground, Ishida adjusted his glasses. “Orihime. Is everything all right over there?”

“Just finished!” Beaming, Orihime ran towards them. “They’re all fine, we got here fast enough- oh.”

“Hey.” Ichigo waved at her.

Weird. Why did Orihime look upset?

“We should tell Tatsuki that Fenris will be available again,” Ishida observed, heading toward Orihime and the gate. “That will simplify matters. We have enough problems with the Hollows. We don’t need another daiyoukai thinking Karakura’s free territory.”

Orihime jerked her gaze away from Rukia, back to Ichigo. “You couldn’t shift? I thought – your brother said your magic got strained, and we should just give you a little time to rest….”

“Really, really strained,” Ichigo admitted, scratching the back of his head. “We didn’t want to worry you guys. He didn’t – what I had to do, I don’t think you could have fixed. We had to get Rukia’s sword out of me. Putting things back the way they were would have just started the whole mess all over again.” He smiled a little. “Better now. Promise.” Though he hadn’t tried shifting to Fenris since he’d found the old man-

:You can,: his sword murmured. :I am the core of your power, and you have found me. You will not lose me again.:

“Good,” Ishida nodded. Offered Orihime his arm. “Shall we?”


“Two shinigami,” Chad rumbled, falling in beside her. “They should talk about patrols.” Looking over his shoulder as they walked a stunned sorceress out, Chad winked.

What was that about?

And then he didn’t have time to worry about it, because they were alone. Together. With Rukia looking at him, awed and angry and hopeful at once. What did I do?

:Survived,: the old man murmured. :Gently, Ichigo. She has lost more than you know.:


2 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki 14

  1. *wince* Yeah. And ticking another box for the seeming list of requirements for joining this ragtag bunch of misfits. I think Tatsuki is the only without a major tragedy in there somewhere – of course, that’s just off the top of my head so she might have one that I’m not remembering . . .

    It probably doesn’t help that Ichigo can’t help but remind Rukia of one of those tragedies. Might be some of her complex feelings about the whole thing “I couldn’t save Kaien but maybe I can save Ichigo.”

    Fortunately for her, Ichigo knows all about blaming yourself for the death of someone else. Yes, I know everyone talked sense into him from a young age about that but feelings aren’t logical.

    AND I think Ichigo’s crush on Rukia just might be obvious to everyone in the world. Well he is a teenager and almost none of them are as subtle as they think they are. Might have passed by Rukia in favor of other things she’s concentrating on . . . and Ichigo since sometimes teenagers are oblivious that way.

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