Bridge ficbit – Orihime 1

“Come on, Orihime!” Finished tucking some of the less fragile mystical components into their places on Urahara’s stockroom shelves, Tatsuki took a step back. Looked over her work, and patted her classmate on the shoulder, face an interesting mix of worry and frustration. “What’s wrong? I thought you were glad to have Ichigo backing us up again. Sure, he attracts every creature in trouble from here to Hokkaido, but he’s good at hitting things-”

“It’s not fair!”

About to sneak discreetly out of hearing range, Loki paused, and remained hidden among the stockroom shelves. When a sorceress started flinging around fair in tones like that, the world was about to get hurt.

“W-we’ve always been there for him,” Orihime went on, one clear drop trickling down her cheek. “The monsters, a-and talking my brother into passing over, and everything. And then she shows up, and Kurosaki gets hurt, he almost gets killed, a-and – I like her, Tatsuki, I do! But she’s already dead, and it’s not fair….”

Ah. I should have seen this coming. In a sense, he had. He’d seen the looks Orihime had been casting at his younger brother the past two years. None of which Ichigo had returned, but then again, Ichigo was a teenage boy. There was always the chance a few more years might have changed things.

There was, then. Now? Sighing, Loki stepped out of hiding.

Even tear-streaked, Orihime was paying enough attention to start when Tatsuki saw him. She turned, eyes wide. “Sensei! I – I didn’t mean….”

“It’s all right,” Loki said gently. “Cry it all out.”

Her face seemed to crumple, hearing exactly what he’d said. Not, it will be all right. Not, you shouldn’t be jealous.

Good, for a sorceress. She’d taken her lessons to heart: see what is there, not what someone wants you to see.

But for the young girl who just happened to also be a sorceress….

Orihime cried on his shoulder, letting Tatsuki stroke her hair. Her tears burned.


10 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Orihime 1

  1. On one hand, ouch. On the other… things happen when people with power are upset, it seems. Better to find out now, rather than let it have time to fester. It doesn’t make it any easier for her now, though.

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  2. Ouch. But good job nipping it in the bud, because power wants to be used. And Orihime is implied to be a powerful budding sorceress this AU, so combine power-wanting-to-be-used with teenage-heartbreaking and I-hurt-make-it-STOP, that could get very, very ugly. And kudos (But not Kudos, stupid Magic Kaito gets in my brain and the darn KID hasn’t given it back yet.) to Orihime for knowing that this is ugly. This isn’t *fair.* But it is what it is. And that sucks.

    And Loki won’t let her dwell on it. He’s seen what happens, Amora is a powerful example of it.

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  3. No, it’s not fair. Life often isn’t fair. And that often sucks out loud.

    But feelings aren’t logical. Orihime feels how she feels. But by the same token, Ichigo feels how he feels. You can’t make someone fall in love with you. Or at least you shouldn’t. Orihime isn’t that kind of person but she’s very powerful and hurting, which is not a good combination.

    Ow . . . feel bad for her.

    Maybe another reason Orihime is twisted up is she doesn’t want to be that person. You know, the one who is spiteful and mean because something didn’t go their way and they want the other people involved however accidentally in that to feel as badly as she does.

    Again, ow . . .

    But at least people are talking about this instead of letting it fester. That would be bad even if Orihime wasn’t a sorceress.

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    1. *Nod* I still facepalm at the whole Orihime getting kidnapped arc. That just seems like a failure of imagination. Orihime can reject reality – why couldn’t she do something a little more effective against the Broody Bat?

      It doesn’t help that at the start of canon, Ichigo apparently had Orihime labeled in his head as “Tatsuki’s odd friend who keeps giving me weird looks” and never quite figured out why until much, much later.

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  4. Acknowledging feelings, emotional support, intelligent and realistic advice, in the Bleach ‘verse?
    Impossibru! 😀

    Seriously continue this. This sort of thing is a breath of fresh air in this genre. The only other fanfic that even comes close to these sorts of issues in Bleach that I’ve found is Psychopomp by EveryEye.

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    1. >Don’t worry, there will also be swordfights and explosions.😉>
      Swordfights are obvious as Rukia and Ichigo are heading off to Urahara to partake in gratuitous violence.

      As for explosions? Ichigo is learning magic, it’s more surprising that Karakura hasn’t needed to be rebuilt at least once over the years of his training.


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