Bridge ficbit – Orihime 7

And you don’t plan to talk about that, either, Loki judged, weighing Urahara’s silence. “When will you tell her?”

“What?” Urahara’s eyes widened in mock surprise. “Tell a good, law-abiding member of the Kuchiki clan that she’s tied her soul to a human being? When the Chamber of 46 decreed centuries ago that Soul Society isn’t supposed to interfere with the human world?”

“Meaning?” Loki said darkly. Yes, he understood some subjects were best approached obliquely. But this was his brother.

Benihime tapped the floor, the light rap somehow shivering flesh and bone. “Meaning they kill her, Loki-san. They kill her, and they kill him, and if they really want to be sure? They haul the pair of them up to Execution Hill, and they obliterate two souls side by side.”

Loki swallowed, mouth suddenly dry. “Isshin. The girls.”

“Illegal. Every one of them.” For once, Urahara’s gaze held honest worry. “It wasn’t always this way. I’ve checked some of the secret histories. Even two centuries ago it wasn’t this way.”

When the Quincys were wiped out, Loki realized. A coincidence?

“Love is part of our souls, Loki-san. Death was never meant to stop it. Only to make it more precious when we find it.”

And when Urahara waxed that profound…. Loki’s eyes narrowed. “You believe you know why that decree was issued.”

The shopkeeper’s lips twitched. “Why is any stupid rule ever made? And enforced with death, and worse than death?”

Easy enough. “Power,” Loki stated.

Urahara inclined his head.

“Explain,” Loki requested. Politely. Almost.

Urahara shrugged, cloak brushing against his jacket. “Over the past century or so, the number of captain-level shinigami has plummeted. Bluntly? It’s dropped like a rock.”

I should have expected that. An explanation that didn’t explain, not really. Not unless you could find enough context to see the cliff before Urahara tossed you over it-

Wait. Captain-level, he’d said. Not captain. “And what separates a captain from other shinigami?” Loki wondered.

“Three things.” Urahara held up a finger at a time. “A white haori. A hell of a lot of paperwork. And the ability to achieve bankai.”


15 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Orihime 7

  1. So anything with a potential for power is being offed. Quincy were slaughtered. Shinigami with any potential got thrown in over their heads. And children of Shinigami and humans are killed off.

    Two souls need a lot of power to have a kid, and it’s rare. One powerful soul and a human, though? Evidently, they face no such issue. The kids grow into their power, and considering Ichigo, they can grow fast in the right circumstances. They die, become shinigami. Powerful ones.

    Competition Aizen doesn’t want.

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  2. I personally vote for both the Central 46 and Aizen being involved in that mess – maybe some of noble clans members.

    The Central 46 and the Nobles because all of those powerful people, especially since a lot of them could be born OUTSIDE of the traditional spheres of power in the Soul Society and thus probably see little reason to respect those spheres (compounded by the fact nor do the spheres act particularly respectable either), are a potential threat to their existing power. And historically, powerful people don’t like to give up their power.

    Aizen, well, it makes his goals infinity easier if the Gotei 13 and the Soul Society are weak. Can you imagine that he’d have a easy time of it if they were regularly (for the Soul Society) getting in people like Ichigo?

    And then what few they can squirrel up in those restrictions keep getting killed. Or exiled. Or probably were pushed way too hard from a young age because Captain-class shinigami are just too rare these days to not push one to achieve their bankai as fast as possible (Hello Byakuya and Toushirou). And you might have noticed in canon, after the defection of Aizen and his cohort that outside of filler those Captain posts stayed empty. Probably because they had almost no one to fill them. (Or no one with the right temper – the last those divisions need is a Captain who doesn’t want to be a Captain at all and especially not their Captain.)

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  3. this is interesting, in canon bankai seamed like a technique that shouldn’t be as rare as it is.

    btw. loved the description of the specialness of captain.


  4. Also sorta headman on for me based on above theory, interaction with the living (because illegalizing relationships and children is really just a step in segregration) (by half human/shinigami or by fully dead) induces more of a passionate, imaginative and let’s do this now attitude because of the comparative lifespans. I mean how many full shinigami suddenly started getting better after exposure to Ichigo and his achievements. Partly it was because they just switched from a mostly peacetime setting (there’s always hollows so real experience is always available) to a wartime footing but I think a lot of it is that improvement spreads and is infectious.
    This laziness and lack of confidence in what could be achieved would totally benefit Aizen and possidly the government.

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  5. See this is what i have been waiting for. The emphasis of elements that illuminate and make this your own(darn it Illuminate needs to start with an E). Like the hotwater bending or the why steel works on fairy and demon. Your literary devil is in the details you pick at and scream “they literally bonded their souls together”.
    So I am very excites for this story. I like it more than River. I think it is because there is more forward momentum and less sit around and feel in the beginning. I am also very excited for the faceoff between Aizen and Loki. Master plotter versus God of Trickery, smooth talking, tricks, and the con. Please have Loki sic Asgard on Hueco Mundo. And maybe have Zaraki and his division meet and make friends (read chaos and war) with Thor and Warriors Three.
    As for actual pertaining to above plot, ya’ll took about everything i could think of above so no need to rehash.


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