Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia

Urahara. Is. A bastard, Ichigo thought grumpily, checking over his nakama with a quick glance as they all scrambled up onto one of the sturdier Rukongai roofs. In Karakura, height could be life. He wasn’t going to bet on that not holding true here. Even if shinigami could walk on air.

Maybe even especially if. They know they control the sky. Intruders wouldn’t dare be there.

Loki was up and crouched behind the shadow of the ridgeline, hair neat and elegant as ever despite their mad dash, Yoruichi perched in furry smugness on his shoulder. Ishida was back a bit farther, cross dropped to swing free of his sleeve, ready to summon his bow. Chad and Orihime were helping each other up; he’d lifted their flutterby sorceress, and now her fairies wrapped a gold glow of strength around her, letting her serve as an immovable anchor as Chad pulled himself up as well.

We made it, Ichigo thought in relief. We’re here. And thank the gods he and his brother between them had teased, argued, and flustered Ishida into finally dumping the Quincy cape a year ago. If he wanted to slap shinigami sensibilities in the face with white and blue Quincy crosses, sure, knock yourself out. But no cape.

We made it, Ichigo thought again, surprised how much it hurt. But not all of us are here.

Rukia. Damn closet-stealing midget….

:She must be terrified,: Zangetsu murmured.

I know. For days, Ichigo hadn’t been able to think about much else. Besides getting pounded into the ground by Loki, Urahara, Yoruichi, or all of them at once. We’re going to fix that.

“Ichigo.” Loki’s raised brow held a hint of brotherly warning.

Right. He senses power better than anyone. And there was really only one spell Ichigo could pull off just by thinking hard enough. “They’re going to execute her,” Ichigo bit out; half an argument, half a plea. “They’ve got her locked up somewhere without her sword, they’ll cut her off from her own zanpakutou, it’s got to be like having a hole in your heart, and they’ve got her waiting to die. And she thinks nobody’s going to be coming for her.”


16 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia

  1. All in favor of kicking yama’s butt say aye! In the warring states era of Japan, People suicided for losing their honor. Soul Society seems based on that era. Bets they hoped/expected Rukia to save them the cost of an execution?

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      1. He’s right to be. Despair kills.

        Through she might also get more worried if Rukia has learned that what she did and their bond means they’d like to kill Ichigo too.

        Through part of me hopes that the Powers That Be don’t know nearly as much about the situation as they think they do . . . ‘Cause I think as soon as Rukia realized just how bad the situation was, she probably tried to cover Ichigo and his friends as much as she could. She wouldn’t want them to die for something she probably considers her fault . . .

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      2. *G* They don’t know quite as much as they think. In part because, as Urahara said, a lot of people don’t know what she did is possible, and they likely don’t know as many of the consequences as they think.

        And no, she wouldn’t. But as Ichigo said in canon, Rukia doesn’t get to argue about being rescued… 😉

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    1. Well, Yama-jii and possibly Byakuya might have been. But Aizen wanted her executed, because that was his way of obtaining the Hougyoku – and at that point, what Aizen wanted, Aizen got.


  2. It has been my observation (and I think Unohana, Ukitake, and Kyoraku would agree with me) that Yamamoto is one of those people for whom change only happens after everything turns into a complete diaster. The type to say “It’s always been this way” no matter how many times they are told “it’s not working anymore” until the reality finally gets fed up with being ignored and slaps them right across the face. Several times for the particularly stubborn (or delusional).

    It’s not good for things to be static. Things will stagnant, people will get complance . . . and some people see everything not getting done or only done for “certain” people will get angry . . . As Vimes put, “Nothing. The Watch did nothing and that’s what hurt them” . . . I wonder how many people after Aizen puts his rebellion in the open might think he had at least some of the right idea or at least a step in the right direction by killing the Central 46 . . .

    Of course, what people forget about a revolution is that a revolution is a 360 degree circle.

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      1. They don’t have to know much about the inner workings of the Seireitai to notice things like that higher-number districts are going from bad to worse and in some spots are only not a hell in name and even the lower-number districts aren’t exactly good. Or that Hollow incursions are higher. And do Shinigami from the Rukongai cut off all ties with their nakama and found families there when they become Shinigami? (They probably encouraged to do so but that’s not a guarantee that all of them will). Because I think some of their policies probably aren’t just affecting their ability to get Captain-class Shinigami – won’t be surprised if their numbers overall are lower than capacity. Which probably ups the number of Hollows forming since there simply isn’t enough Shinigami to keep that under reasonable control.

        And amongst at least some of the lower ranked, Rukongai-raised Shinigami, there is probably a lot of anger toward the snotiter members of the Gotei 13 and non-Shinigami Nobles for always looking down their nose at them because they are “nothing but Rukongai brats” . . . Such people might assume that at least some of those Noble-born people get promotions not based on merit but because they are Clan So-and-So. It might not be true but something doesn’t have to be true for someone to believe it to be so.


      2. >They don’t have to know much about the inner workings of the Seireitai to notice things like that higher-number districts are going from bad to worse and in some spots are only not a hell in name and even the lower-number districts aren’t exactly good. >
        Why should they care? It’s just the peasants/slums/Rukongai after all. Not like it’s going to affect them.

        The populace literaly doesn’t have the power to oppose them so why worry about unrest.

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  3. When a Soul is turned into a Hollow does the power of the Soul- it’s Reiastu (??)- effect the strength of the Hollow. If so then the Soul that are being born in the higher-number districts or human world that have the potential to become captain level are becoming really strong Hollows and coming back – in the anime the Hollows come back to the families some times.

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  4. ” Urahara. Is. A bastard, Ichigo thought grumpily,” yes, Ichigo. The sky is also blue, water is wet, fire burns, Unohana is scary, Yoruichi plays with her prey, and Urahaha is a bastard.

    ” But no cape.” *insert gif from the Incredibles here.*

    Also, I almost feek sorry for Soul Society, but they totally asked for it. Hope they’re stocked up on building supplies.


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