Count Taka update – checking proof

Okay, I think I’ve hammered all the little typo daemons I can find. (Three spaces between one pair of words, how in the name of continuity did that get in there….)

Going to be giving the draft one more check-over this morning, then resubmitting the interior to CreateSpace. All goes well, they’ll need just a day or two to approve it – so the book should be out by the end of the week!



15 thoughts on “Count Taka update – checking proof

  1. All aboard the hype train! Super excited it’ll be out in time for me to grab it; I’m going away to Boy Scout camp for 6 weeks so being able to grab the book while still in civilization will be amazing.

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  2. Hurray! Again. πŸ˜€ I’m probably repeating myself, but! New book that’s likely to smash a few tropes is nearly published, and I’m terribly happy to be so close to being able to read it. (‘Bishie’ tentacle monster boyfriend. That’s not going to stop being funny any time soon. *snickers*)

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      1. Of course, one set of bad guys are Smug Assholes with Rational Justifications, most of whom (we can’t forget the Crow Feather) think they’re doing the Right Thing.

        And the other set are Troperrific by their very nature. πŸ™‚


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