Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia 2

“It’s cruel,” Loki said soberly. “But we are trying to evade the entire Gotei Thirteen, brother. We need the element of surprise.”

Ichigo clenched white-knuckled fists. “It won’t do any good if she’s already dead!”

“Pfft. Don’t be melodramatic,” Yoruichi chided, leaping off Loki’s shoulder to the tiles. “She raised herself in Rukongai. It’ll take more than a little prison to kill her.”

“You weren’t there.” Ichigo glared at the not-a-cat, tempted to shift to Fenris then and there just to bite her. “When she made sure that Hollow grabbed her instead of me – you weren’t there, Yoruichi. You didn’t see her face.” He swallowed, heartsick. “Part of her wants to die.”

“Rukongai brats don’t suicide. The streets are just waiting for a chance to kill you. She’s one of those who made it out.” But the cat sounded less certain. “Captain Unohana’s very good at checking recruits for their health. No one leaves the Academy wanting to die.”

“And how long has it been since she left the Academy?” Loki asked, almost pleasantly. “I assure you, ninja-lady, the most surprising things can mend your love of life in an instant. Or break it.”

“She’s sad,” Orihime offered, fairies retreating to her hair. “She doesn’t act like it, but… she’s kind of like you, Ichigo. You scowl, and she’s always playing along with people, but.. it’s the same.”

Chad nodded once. “Rukia can be reckless.”

“She stayed in Karakura after committing a capital crime, without even trying to hide her trail,” Ishida commented. “Logically, the two of you are right. We should keep the element of surprise.” He nudged up his glasses. “But as much as I hate to say it, we can’t allow logic to get in the way of our ultimate goal. Rukia Kuchiki. Free, and alive.” He glanced at Ichigo. “Still. We have no way to get a message to her.”

“Yes, we do.” Ichigo hadn’t practiced this as much as he would have liked. Not in shinigami form. Fenris was flesh and bone, not just magic, and shifting this way as a spirit always felt weird.

:It is odd,: Zangetsu agreed. :But it is yours.: A quiet, grim laugh. :And I believe I may find it to my advantage.:

…Yeah. He could feel what Zangetsu had in mind. That should work out just right.

Shinigami are the most powerful guys in Soul Society. They know stealth, sure – the Kido Corps does all that. But they’re not used to sneaky. They don’t have to be.

And they definitely weren’t used to the kind of mind-games Hollows and youkai played on ordinary people. Or sometimes, people they thought were ordinary. Until it was too late.


22 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia 2

  1. Thank you for feeding my daily addiction!! 😍 😉

    I’m looking forward to Taka. I am also so hoping this turns into a full blown fic. Either way, after a crazy day of phone calls, showings and just life, these little bits are delightful! Thanks!


  2. Sounds like Yoruichi is either in the dark or ignorant about Shiba Kaien’s death, his relationship to Rukia, and her role in his death. Okay that last one probably wasn’t widely known but that rest of it wasn’t.

    Starting to wonder if Aizen has some kind of beef with Ukitake . . . maybe he knows that while he’s not being obvious about his suspicions, Ukitake has them. Also, health concerns or not, he is one of the oldest and most experienced of the Captains. Hostile takeover plans will have to take him into account.

    Especially if Aizen is aware that Ukitake isn’t completely (or all) buying what he is selling and yet has avoided getting tangled in almost any of Aizen’s attempts to take out Captains and people suspicious of him. Through the thing with Kaien did come the closest . . .

    Methinks that while most Captains and Shinigami can’t do sneaky, Ukitake can. Kyouraku obstructing stupidity has it’s elements of sneaky. Good thing that when you get down to it, those two are more on Ichigo’s side than they are anyone else in this mess.

    I have the headcannon that Yama-ji has been losing a lot of those two (Ukitake and Kyouraku)’s respect over the past several centuries, another thing he seems to be either entirely unaware or he simply takes having their respect as a given considering his reaction to their destroying the flaming chicken. Possibly Unohana as well but it’s hard to tell. She’s got a very good poker face.

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      1. To anyone interested in Ukitake’s connection to the Soul King, details are up on his character page on TV Tropes. Its… ah… not as awesome as it first sounds…


      2. To anyone interested in Ukitake’s connection to the Soul King, details are up on his character page on TV Tropes. Its… ah… not as awesome as it first sounds…

        *reads . . . winces* Yeah. Nowhere near as awesome.

        Also I think I remembered reading something about it before. And it immediately went on my “Rejected Canon” list. I hate it when they kill off characters especially when the heroic sacrifice winds up being pointless. Meaning the character died for nothing. Especially when it is one of the few decent characters in the show and the completely amoral jerks continue to get off scot-free.

        Writers, stop killing only the decent people in the show. And stop turning the big goods into big bads – if the villains are allowed big bads than the heroes are allowed to have big goods! Villains are supposed to have more of the cards, not the entire darned deck. If you let your good guys keep some of the cards, then you don’t have to resort to the laziest sorts of deus ex machina to keep the bad guys from winning. (Can you tell this really annoys me?)


    1. Well, thing was, I’m pretty sure that Yoruichi didn’t go back to Soul Society very much after the exile. So it’s quite possible she doesn’t know about how involved Rukia was in Kaien’s death.


  3. While this plan looks good, I see some razor sharp cherry blossom petals in Ichigo’s future, complete with spluttering, flustered Byakuya raring to get himself a wolf skin rug. He may or may not be dyed pink from head to toe at the time.
    (And not just pink but PINK, that neon acid shade of pink that is probably distilled from unicorn tears and ground up Disney film and the hopes and dreams of little girls. You all know the color.)

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