Count Taka update – Available soon!

I have officially jumped through all the hoops!

According to CreateSpace, the schedule on which Count Taka and the Vampire Brides will be available is:

•CreateSpace eStore: Immediately.
• 3-5 Business Days (by my count, June 25-28).
•Amazon Europe: 3-5 Business Days (by my count, June 25-28).
•Expanded Distribution channels: 6-8 Weeks. (Meaning early to mid-August for you guys. Bummer.)

According to Kindle, the e-version should be available in 12 hours. As in, just a little after midnight Central Daylight Savings Time. Sorry about that, took time to proof everything and then they got crabby about the cover loaded from CreateSpace, I had to reload the cover image I had.

…I think I’m going to fall over now. And let the bunnies snore so they can get to work on what idea I’ll rough out next….

Edit: Thanks to everyone who left a comment on where you could and couldn’t find Count Taka on Amazon. I really appreciate the many eyeballs finding things I might have missed! And I’ve now manually gone in and added Count Taka to my Author Page on Amazon.

…And I just checked, and it’s up on the Author page, under paperback and Kindle!

As to why A Net of Dawn and Bones is under C. Chancy, while Count Taka and the Vampire Brides is under C. R. Chancy  (or C R Chancy on Kindle – why, people, just why….) – okay, here we come to a CreateSpace quirk. When I published A Net of Dawn and Bones, CreateSpace wasn’t using middle initials.

…No, seriously. They weren’t.

Amazon, however, did. So that’s how my Author Page is set up – under C.R. Chancy. Augh.

Thanks, and happy reading! 🙂


60 thoughts on “Count Taka update – Available soon!

  1. Happy dance!

    And hey, the Passive Voice blog commenters all agree that you start making the bigger money when you have more than one novel out. Mostly because people have a tendency to eat books like chips, as long as the prices are reasonable… and then they tell their friends. So there’s that.


  2. Yay! Can’t wait for the Kindle version! (Estimates of going live on Kindle often are Scotty-ized, though, so folks should check back a little sooner.)

    Also, now that you have more than one book — where is your author page on Amazon? Make sure you put one up. (And link to whatever you think needs linking.) Amazon author pages are really really helpful, and they let your new fans know about stuff like “I’m alive” and “More books are coming out.” It also assures people that you really exist.


    1. Um… and why is Count Taka under C.R. Chancy, and Net of Dawn and Bones’ main copy under C. Chancy? You need to make sure you’ve got your author names set up, so that people can find you. (See “You need to make an Amazon author page.”)


      1. I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s okay to _have_ multiple pseudonyms or versions of author names, and include them all on your author page. You just have to make sure they are all linked together, from the standpoint of someone searching for works by you.


      1. Yay! Author page! I’ll bookmark it so I won’t lose it. (Sorry, I’m hyper today. And oh so Helpful! Please feel free to delete any excessive posting by me.)

        Also, the Apple ebook settlement credits are coming out today… so I guess I’ll be buying Count Taka on Apple’s dime. Heh heh.


  3. Oh, and once you have the Count Taka Amazon info in all formats, send it to Free Range Oyster over at Sarah Hoyt’s blog, and to Sarah Hoyt’s Pajamas Media book blog thing. If you read Ace of Spades, you probably know they have a book blog thing too.

    I feel like people are in the mood for some fun fantasy, so you might get some good exposure that leads to sales from those kinds of things. (Of course, you probably know all sorts of book blogs and review sites, but those are ones I know about.)


    1. I’ve looked at both According to Hoyt and Instapundit a lot of times; I can’t find any info on how to contact Free Range Oyster, and Instapundit’s FAQs say he’s not taking requests to check books anymore. Help?

      Didn’t know Ace of Spades had a book blog. Will have to check out!


  4. Aaargh, Count Taka still isn’t showing up as a paperback on Amazon. But! I will persevere. Congrats on your second original publication! Still looking forward to it, as all my previous verbal flailing has indicated.


      1. Yay! I was stumped on exactly how to pull off that final bit for a long time; it wasn’t until I’d gotten through my first round of edits that I finally managed to grind my way through those few scenes. I’m glad it came out well. 🙂


    1. Yeah, this is probably why it didn’t immediately show up in my search. I went by author name. Got till the paperback page only when I searched by book name.


      1. It might’ve come up later. I don’t remember doing things differently during the second set of searches than I did during the first.


      1. Just finished, loved it! Some bits made me giggle loud enough to get odd looks from my wife… so, mission accomplished!


  5. Hahahaha! Kindle Taka for meee. Time to stay up way too late reading. I am thoroughly hooked, and absolutely loving it so far.


  6. Purchased both a paper copy and a kindle copy (gotta support my faves, also: convenience). Plough end through it nonstop, having to take breaks to giggle and squee and roll back and forth like a loon because everything was amazing. Shall reread tomorrow.


    1. Yay! I was definitely hoping for giggles.

      FYI, two of my favorite movie comedies ever are “Captain Ron” and “Down Periscope”. I love plots where people are treating the situation perfectly seriously, it just happens to turn out to have ridiculous elements. For example, this exchange in Down Periscope:

      Lt.: “Oh gee, now I’ve done it – ruined my career!”
      Captain of the Orlando: “…Apparently not. This just came in from COMSUBLANT. You’re being promoted.”
      Lt: “That’s not funny!”
      Captain: “No, it’s not funny. That’s why they decoded it twice.


      1. You have certainly succeeded in causing giggles.

        Also cackling, because I’ve started rereading and, well. You are very good at dropping bits of foreshadowing that are easily missed the first time around, but are glaringly obvious Chekov’s Guns the second.


      2. *G* Yay! And this is one of the main things several rounds of edits are for, BTW. Making sure anything that shows up by the Final Fight Scene has been waved in front of the reader fair and square! 🙂

        …Because honestly, I love that when someone puts it in a book, and I get to go, “Aha! I saw that earlier! And it comes back like a boomerang, thwack!”


  7. Very much enjoying it. My Kindle copy (azw3 file) is all one file, no chapter breaks, which is making it a bit difficult to skip back to double check now and then. I’ve paused to edit the file and add chapter separations in Calibre.

    His family stinks. I like everyone in the Castle. It is such a fun read. My teen is buying the hard copy but trying to snitch the kindle to read when I put it down.


    1. Huh. The stuff I have on how to set things up for Kindle has instructions on how to set up page breaks at the end of each chapter, which I did. But submitting through CreateSpace, it is supposed to be all one file.

      …Darn it, I’m going to have to actually get a Kindle at some point. And I hate staring at electronic screens….

      And yes. The photojournalist’s family is worse than some vampires. This is not an accident….


  8. Working on second reading, so I can have actual thoughts on the story, rather than just *glee*.

    First, a formatting glitch (Kindle version, location 520) – near the end of Chapter 2, “enthu-siastic”. My bet is it’s from the print version, where it would be split across lines, but in the Kindle version, it isn’t.

    Next, when talking about how they stealthed the helicopter (Kindle edition location 5188), a nitpick: SR-71s were not stealthy, and didn’t have a “stealth skin”. It was a specially formulated skin that could withstand a lot of heat, and a lot of repeated thermal expansion and contraction. The Blackbird’s defenses were altitude and speed, not stealth. The rest of the explanation was great, though!

    I love how much you have Kae accomplish with just a couple simple tools. (“I see what’s there”, and *unlock*)

    And as has been said above, Kae’s family is horrible. My brain keeps starting a letter from Kae and Yuri to the Mishima clan elders regarding Miwa, which involves phrases such as “treating children as weapons” and “should never be put in power over anyone you don’t want destroyed.” And that high school definitely should be burned to the ground. With the teachers locked inside. (I have *opinions* about teachers and their duty to kids. I can go on for hours about Hogwarts, for example.)

    And now my brain is coming up with Horrible Ideas about either Simon&co or Myrrh dropping by Castle Raven for a visit. *grin*


    1. Thank you, fixed the hyphen and reuploaded. 🙂

      As for the SR-71… darn it, that’ll teach me to trust books written by the ex-CIA… (Although, given magic is in this ‘verse, it may well have a stealth skin too!)

      *G* I’m fond of keeping things simple. Why unleash a horrible dread curse (Mummy movie priests, I’m looking at you), when you can just shove someone off a building?

      And yes. Yes, Kae may not have much of a vindictive streak but he is considering plans…


  9. Finished. My first take was ‘discworld vibe’ and I stand by it. But it’s got your own spin.
    My teen and I were making Plans for both sides of Kae’s family, as well as that school. Delightful use of paperclips, and Cragtearers fate was planted but unexpected until it started happening. Awesome.

    A nitpick on wings – a couple times you have them ‘mantled’ in impossible ways. Mantling (strictly speaking) is leaning forward over prey essentially saying MINE. You can’t mantle and lean back. Teenager went into some detail about a second use where the joints wouldn’t let it happen, but you probably don’t want me to try to reconstruct it. Says you got it right in Embers when Asigatatsu mantled over the cone. Most times I’ve run across it over years of reading the writer probably isn’t using it right but doesn’t provide detail enough to poke at it. Unfortunately COUNT TAKA did. And you normally do get things right, so I’m passing the critique on.
    Teen also grumbles you swiped her idea about invisibility for her major potterverse x-over but was thrilled to see what you did with it.


    1. Shame on me, then. 🙂 I’ve read lots of books where “mantling” just referred to folding wings around shoulders. (Maybe too many Gargoyles fics. It might be possible.)

      Thank you! Will definitely note that for correct use in later works. (Please ignore the writer banging her head on the desk over here. There’s always something….)

      Oh, and tell Teen to feel free to swipe it back. Moebius strips are math, after all – everybody gets to steal math!


  10. I may have just marathoned your book in two hours. Was very fun 🙂 I was a little surprise that the relationship between the main characters seemed a bit more than a bromance (and if anything, my goggles are anti-romance), but that might be my only quibble.

    Very plausible sibling interactions.


    1. *G* Saw that and left a comment!

      “According to Hoyt” is actually one of the reasons I went indie. There’s a bunch of articles on there on what’s been going on with the publishing industry these past few decades, and none of it is good if you happen to have an outlook that doesn’t toe the typical NYC publishing house liberal line. Since I was writing A Net of Dawn and Bones – a story that proposed definite Good and Evil, religious types that sincerely believed and were not cynically manipulating other people, and vampires as Evil – I figured it’d probably be considered conservative by default.

      On a side note, does anyone know if Owl City’s “Wolf Bite” is available on a CD? Because that just seems to be great music for Intrepid….


  11. Just got my book in the mail! May end up reading it, can’t actually sleep. Of course, trying to do graduate work for the undergrad course I’m in for extra credit might be a good idea, instead.


  12. Late to the Party, but got it just before lunch today, and finished it by end of naptime. Will probably re-read it slower tomorrow to try and catch missed breadcrumb and spot tricky bits before the Epically Slow and in Depth reread that reading it to my Mom is gonna be (That, and on the spot translation practice). 6h and taking care of the nibling means i’m calm enough to review with more than keysmash, happy squirming, bunnyfeet or muffled pterodactyl screeching, but still wired enough to not panic about social interaction.
    So, trying to keep spoilers down still, and in no partcular order:
    Werewolf Cooties! Mobius invisbility! PAPERCLIPS!!!!!!
    I think the authors got a *thing* about fire mage protagonist
    Paperclips chain and bracelet… *embarrased blushing*
    Overprepared vest and multitool–>Sounds familiar *sass* Back-up multitool? Soooo many Dad feels…
    The Wild Hunt! The Hunters!
    Van Holsteins! –> Legit spent 5min laughing, and kept snickering every times they were named after.
    Cheese! Re: “Big Bad” takedown –> Called IT! Loudly enough to warrant interruption…
    Actual Bishie Tentacle monster!
    Criosol Knives speech.–> Spent ten minutes daydreaming about Kae as Fire Nation, Embers-style
    The author may have a *thing* about screwed up family dynamics srewing up people. Also, point.
    Flash!Flash!Flash! Flash Blindness!
    Actually adressing bullying damages, and logic, without excusing or lecturing.
    Narrative Force VS Faeries
    Genius skipping steps explaining!
    Actions Vs Intents
    Truthfull,doesn’t actually admit anything and overly suspicious= MAster would have liked you
    Living Building! Bonds and Binding and Going Around and Sideways.
    Authors got a *thing* for Others, and mixed heritage, and keeping a foot on each sides
    Also, Nature Vs Nurture, Instincts Vs Conscious and the Evil of extreme
    Tropes!!—> Quick check, and Sad Face because No Count Taka Yet
    Taka! The mysterious Lady! Count Herodes! The Lord of Raven Castle!
    Actually adressing the whole Civilians giving orders thing!
    Laws applying to everyone! Not so Good Neighbors! Artists and their Art(No touchy)!
    The technical aspect of photography (wich flew right over my head, but will make mom happy)
    Yuri! Just… Yuri! Also, Little sisters in general.
    Very Neat and vivid example of yoour word-painting talent.
    Only one stupid thing allowed, but what a lot of stupid it was!
    limitless *Meaning*! See, Lock, Unlock, Bloom…
    Light and Shadow. Everywhere.
    No one more blind than one who refuse to see… See also: Missing the forest for the tree.
    The Show must go On! And what a Show it Is! But how will they top it next year??? Because I kind of dread what could be better\worse than full out squirmish between Hunters, Sluagh and Ravens, with tourist in the cross-fire.
    Also, Bromance playing skip-rope with the line, and Brides that aren’t what you think… in either sense!

    Could keep going, but will probably end with a incoherent repeting mess of enthusiasm and glee…

    Suffice to say, another addictive awesome story by one of my favorite.*Slow Clap*


    1. Fire magic is classic in human myths! Plus, Fire Pretty. And who doesn’t like Stuff Blowing Up? 🙂

      The werewolf cooties are folklore canon. And you thought they were scary enough already….

      Bullying is bad enough IRL. Add in the common attitudes of supernaturals to Mundanes in fiction… yeah. Ow.

      I may have a thing for the Crazy Prepared. See Burt in the Tremors movies…. 😉

      Glad you liked! 🙂


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