Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia 3

Hold down the fort while we’re gone, Tatsuki. I know you can do it.

…And that was the last he’d better think about Karakura for a while. They’d put themselves right into the heart of enemy territory. He had to focus on here, and he had to focus on now.


The world flowed like water, scents and sounds flaring into awareness. He felt the wind catch snow-pale hair, the sun warming white skin, the icy blade over his shoulder Zangetsu had vanished into without a murmur of protest-

Drew in a breath, and howled.

Renji bolted upright from his perch on Sixth Division’s roof, almost toppling over the side. That was- that couldn’t be-


A hungry Rukongai brat knew the sound. Packs didn’t come too far into the edges of the worst districts. Usually. But sometimes, if it was winter, and so cold even the deer came sneaking close to human souls’ hovels for warmth and stolen greens….

Wolf. But it’s not winter!

And there was something different about this howl. Not the wailing, hungry noise a smart street rat feared almost as much as a Hollow’s roar. This one sang, well and whole and fiercely joyous-

Sang. And echoed.

:Something’s coming.:

Renji started again, seeing the baboon-snake of his sword-spirit appear, misty and incomplete. Zabimaru? You hear that?

:Something’s coming.: Slit and dark eyes met his. :And we don’t know what it is.:


24 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia 3

  1. Oooh! Perfect choice for a reaction to that! Renji’s gut reaction to a very serious threat from his childhood, you can feel his instant wariness, and his confusion as he realizes that it’s not the right season for that… Poor guy!


  2. >Hold down the fort while we’re gone, Tatsuki. I know you can do it. >
    Well that explains why Tatsuki seemed to have vanished. Though I suppose it makes sense. Who better to guard what’s precious to you than a dragon?


    1. >At least it’s better than the canon sweeping her off into helpless bystander, I hope!>
      Though it prevents the obvious joke/cliche from being done.

      Rukia is the princess(noble) locked up in the tower(prison) and people are trying to rescue her. There is always supposed to be a dragon involved in this sort of setup. 😀


    1. Not just him. Remember Uryū (tweak the Shinigami’s noses for the honor of the Quincy) Ishida is here as well. Combined with the fact that he’s much more skilled with magic, also been taught/trained by Loki and knows plenty of distractions will help Ichigo get Rukia out, I suspect Soul Society won’t know what hit it.

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  3. And so the invasion begins . . . *grins*

    Start the psychological warfare early – well, Rukia needs the reassurance that she’s not alone. And people like Renji will know what a wolf sounds like and why that’s dangerous, methinks that most of the nobles will have only heard wolves if they became Shinigami and got stuck in the worse districts during certain times of year or the human world . . .

    I have the feeling that most of the Eleventh, just from that howl, will know something is up. Most of them seem to be Rukongai brats and several are from the worst districts . . . Might be amusing that if part of the reason that Ichigo and company run into people like Ikaku and Yumichika first is simply because the 11th was ready to go at the second sign of trouble while the too many of the other divisions and its members either missed the first (the howl) or didn’t say anything about assuming they won’t be believed about it (like I doubt Renji will tell Byakuya what he thinks about that howl).

    Do wonder what Komamura is going to think? He’s obliviously some kind of youkai. He also obviously tamer than most but still . . .

    Wonder what Kuujaku and Ganju are going to think about their cousin?

    From the sound of earlier, if I’m remembering correctly, while he knows he was struck off the Clan rolls, I don’t think Isshin knows that his entire clan has been declared persona non grata in the Seireitai. Also that his clans seems to have been reduced down to Kuujaku and Ganju plus his children (if you want to be technical) – and I got the impression they were more numerous when Isshin was there . . . (and if they were a big enough clan, that’d be another reason for Rukia not recognize Isshin in the “I have a cousin who is a Captain.” “You have at least one relative involved in everything.”)

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    1. I can see Zaraki and the others going, “oo, playtime!” And why should they tell the rest of the spoilsports about it, they don’t enjoy a good fight anyway….

      Komamura definitely knows something’s up! (I have his bit ready for tomorrow.)

      Kuukaku and Ganju are probably going to be “oo, pup has teeth!” and “..Wha?” respectively.

      Heh! The Shibas previously having been everywhere would explain a lot, at that.

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      1. Heh! The Shibas previously having been everywhere would explain a lot, at that.

        It would indeed. And raises all sorts of interesting possibilities – like did Aizen kill them all or did some of them pull an Isshin and disappeared?

        Because my bunnies see the Shiba Clan as like cat fur. They get everywhere, into everything, and it is almost impossible to rid oneself entirely of them.


  4. I like it so far.
    I do have to ask you a question and throw you a bunny as well

    Is Ichigo a Visored in this AU, and is Rukia going to become one?

    The Last ficbit’s description of what Rukia is going through sounds a lot like a soul going through hollowfication.

    Rukia is blocked from her Shinigami powers and has a wish granting artifact in her soul that is known to have the power to give hollow powers to Shinigami.

    I do like it when the plot goes off the canon rails:

    I could see Rukia hollowfing when Gin is yanking her chain just before her execution.
    And Aizen’s plan goes up in flames, if hollow-Rukia is killed by a Shinigami the Hōgyoku might reincarnate with her. So he has to catch her without anyone noticing, and before a Shinigami kills hollow-Rukia.

    Also can you please, pretty please with sugar on top, kill off Mayuri?
    If you don’t want to have Ishida do it. then Aizen could do it.

    If there is one captain level Shinigami Aizen NEEDS to kill before he leaves it is Mayuri. (and as much of the 12th division as he can get while he is at it)

    Mayuri is a captain level Shinigami who is also a scientist that can just pull out Deus Ex Machina out of his ass all the time. If anyone can develop a counter to Aizen’s abilities it is Mayuri, because pure bullshit that’s why. (just see the Mayuri VS. Szayelaporro fight)

    Worse Mayuri’s Bankai is an area of effect biological weapon that doesn’t need to know where its target is to kill it. So that in of itself is a counter to Aizen’s abilities

    Soul Society need Mayuri and the 12th division to actually attack Aizen. Without them Soul Society is sitting ducks.

    Even worse Soul Society can’t easily replace Mayuri. a captain level Shinigami who is ALSO a skilled scientist? When they have trouble just finding captain level Shinigami in the first place? Guess they really shouldn’t have thrown the old one out
    So pretty please with sugar on top, kill off that Kama Houdini bastard.


    1. Ichigo is not a Vizard in this AU (darn multiple translations), and Rukia won’t be either. They have enough problems. Though yes, Gin might just get a very nasty surprise. *Halo*

      Still haven’t figured out what happens to Mayuri. (Because yes. He deserves stompage. So much.)

      Huh. Does make you wonder why Aizen didn’t kill Mayuri, when you put it that way!


      1. On the Mayuri front, lack of opportunity/he’s a bloody cockroach tends to cover it in my head. If you can’t get to your target outside of specific times and your busy doing stuff on the other side of the city. Or if your can’t guarantee the kill without the equivalent of a tacnuke or better and you can’t use that level of firepower without blowing your cover.


      2. Or he figured, potential for countering him and the MacGuffin aside, given Mayuri is only in things for science! and doesn’t possess even Urahara’s level of give-a-darn – then perhaps he has potential for other things. Like they don’t do this in canon but how did we know that Aizen escaped with all of his followers? Won’t it make more sense for him to keep people there to spy for him? Or is otherwise a mole?

        Or Mayuri isn’t currently on his side but Aizen knows that Mayuri is on the side of whoever lets him do his science! Right now that’s Yamamoto but he won’t care if it was Aizen as long as he got to continue his work.

        Or he figured between the crazy, lack of loyalty, and other charming personality traits, Mayuri is a much a threat to the Gotei 13 as he is to Aizen.

        Okay, maybe I’m just looking for reasonable justification (besides the obvious to us) for Mayuri to be torn into tiny pieces and then set on fire. In other words, justification that low on Captains or not, Yamamoto would be forced to accept.

        (Could it be reasonably pointed out that Mastermind or not, Aizen pulling off this long con doesn’t paint a good picture of Yamamoto’s leadership? Especially when the three senior most Captains and Aizen’s previous Captain, who was rather conveniently turned into something illegal and exiled, were suspicious of him . . )


      3. >…Meaning we need to get creative. Hmm.>
        Well you’ve mentioned that here the standard Quincy attack does destroy/damage a soul and that Loki and Uryū have been working to prevent that from occurring when hunting Hollows. And Shinigami/Zanpakutōs are spirits not that different from Hollows when you get down to it.

        So maybe thanks to the better understanding of his powers, Uryū ramps up the soul damaging effect when he plants an arrow in Mayuri (or his Bankai).

        Boom, Mayuri is out of the fight a lot like Isshin used to be. Sure his power might/will repair eventually but he can’t just inject BS serum #9 or replace a limb. This is his Soul that just took a critical hit.


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