Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia 5

A wolf youkai, in Rukongai. Watching over his shinigami as the little captain slept, Hyourinmaru nudged the boy further asleep. And yet – not a wolf. I think.

Wolf or not, youkai or not, dragons were still kin to all that ranged the wild. The howl was clear.

I live. The pack lives. We come for you.

A pack-leader’s howl, to one separated from the pack. Which implied both the joy of a pack and the hate of something that had tried to sever it-

Hyourinmaru hissed, decided. Wolf youkai were many things, but they were never weak. Anything that could threaten a pack….

“Who are you?” he cast into the spirit-winds, soaring at the edge of Toushirou’s soul. “What danger do you bring to my shinigami?”

If this were a true youkai, he would hear no answer. If….

A booted foot crunched on snow.

Hyourinmaru hovered, curious. Black coat, long black hair; the most human zanpakutou spirit he’d seen in decades. Which was in itself both curious, and a warning; a zanpakutou’s form was a clue to its wielder’s soul, to the source of his power.

And this one is human.

Human in clothes, in scent, in feel; in every tiny twitch of movement so clear to dragon eyes. Human, despite the breath of storm, the ghost of a white wolf that clung to him like a second shadow. Blazingly human, the taste of his power raw as any newborn soul-

Icy wings missed a beat. Hyourinmaru coiled and settled to the snow, as if it’d been his idea to land all along.

Newborn. This spirit is… young.


20 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia 5

  1. Oooh . . . Hyourinmaru and Zangetsu meeting . . . this should be interesting.

    . . . I wonder if how young Zangetsu is will be obvious to all the zanpakuto or is Hyourinmaru, like his partner, is pretty observant?

    Through I do think it’s sweet that Hyourinmaru’s first reaction to the situation is protect Toushirou. Yes, that is what a zanpakuto does but still . . . He just has a very dragon vibe of “This one is mine. Threaten him at your peril.”

    Because sword spirit or not, a dragon is a dragon.

    After this meeting, I wonder what his advice will be to his partner as Hyourinmaru doesn’t seem like the type to keep things from his partner without a very good reason. Hmmmm . . . maybe he will simply encourage him to look more closely at things – that something isn’t right. I think Toushiro would at least listen to that advice as he seems to have a very good relationship with his zanpakuto . . .


    1. The ice dragon is pretty observant, and Zangetsu isn’t crossing paths with everyone. *G* Hyourinmaru asked politely. (For a dragon, at least.)

      The advice may be interesting, specifically because of what the bunnies decided on how youkai (some of whom were originally human) work in the same world with shinigami, ghosts, and Hollows. Simply put: Not every soul Hollows after death. Some take another route.


      1. Hyourinmaru asked politely. (For a dragon, at least.)

        He did, didn’t he?

        Probably also helped that if their positions had been reversed, Zangetsu probably would have done the exact same thing.

        And likely with the same level of politeness (since Zangetsu shares his partner’s preference for blunt and blunter).

        Some take another route.

        Ooh . . . interesting . . .


  2. Will Sesshomaru be making an appearance? I know that Zaraki mentioned him in your three-part Buffy x Bleach petals crossover.


  3. I don’t know why, but this is making me think of an online comic.

    *surrounded by demons on every side* * points to two guys* “We can trust them!” “How can you tell?” “There’s no deja vu feeling.” “So you know you can trust them, because you’ve never seen them before in your life.” “Yes!”

    To be fair, the original group was tracking the cat that held part of the guy’s soul, so there was a basis for the lack of Deja’s vu means trust.


  4. This shamelessly gave me the mental image of chibi!Zangetsu, pout and all.

    But these fic bits are so awesome. Plus can I say how much it drove me crazy that Komumura never got meaningfully explained as one of only 2 known youkai in soul society? I love how your world building will provide plausible explanations for youkai in SS.


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