Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia 7

Hyourinmaru sat back on snowy haunches, considering that smile. “Rukia Kuchiki is sentenced to execution. If any were to try to interfere, the Gotei Thirteen would be bound to stop them.”

“Then it is well we have no such plans,” Zangetsu said simply.

Hyourinmaru growled.

“Truth, winter dragon.” A grim, daring light in dark eyes. “We will not try to save her.”

We will save her.

Unsaid; Hyourinmaru could deny even to Ryuujin Jakka’s face that he had ever heard such words. But he knew.

Brave. So brave. And so likely to die.


“I am Hyourinmaru.” He had not decided. He would not decide; Toushirou was his master, he would not draw the young captain into treacherous waters against his will. “You had best not remain where you are long.”

“Kind of you,” Zangetsu murmured.

Hmph. Kind? He was a dragon; what did he know of kindness?

And yet-

I have to know.

Saijin Komamura might have been born youkai, but he was shinigami now; the captain and Tenken had only flickers of youki about them. Yet this young spirit had a wolf’s strength? “How is it that a shinigami can carry a youkai’s power?”

“Very carefully,” Zangetsu said dryly. “It has nearly been our destruction, more than once. But there are those we must protect.” He bowed, turning to go-

Stopped, just for a moment. “It becomes easier,” Zangetsu said carefully, “if the power has its own name.” A shift of black-clad shoulders. “My shinigami is also called Fenris.”

A gust of storm wind, and he was gone.


13 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia 7

  1. Maybe I’m seeing things but I think Hyourinmaru wasn’t asking that last question just for Komamura’s sake. Oh, he thought about him and if given a chance, he’ll past it along but maybe Komamura wasn’t the only person he thinks or knows need that information.

    And yes, Hyourinmaru, I suspect Toushirou will appreciate you not placing him and you both on a side without so much as discussing it with him first.

    But be careful if you two decide to look into this matter more closely. Very careful. Aizen has been getting away with Project Take Over The World for a very long time for a reason.

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    1. >And it has almost nothing to do with Komamura.>
      Something to do with Toushiro then? If it is, the dragon would have a personal stake in the subject.

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  2. Out of curiosity, is Fenris merely (merely?) a wolf spirit or it he *the* Fenris, eldest son of Loki and Angrboda, who will break his chains at Ragnarok and kill Odin? Because I’m not sure I’d want to be a dragon (or anybody) getting between Fenris and a pack member.

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    1. the best explanation I’ve ever heard of the thing with Slepnir in MCU fanfic is someone mentioning it to Thor… and he’s flabbergasted, because he started that rumor as part of a prank war with Loki back in the Dark Ages (who spread some equally embarrassing rumors about Thor, BTW, they just didn’t start the test of time) back when they still occasionally hung out on Midgard together. MCU Thor is equal parts ‘I can’t believe anyone bought that crap’ ‘this is hysterical’ and ‘damn, Loki might just have a right to shave my head for this one’. The scene itself is hilarious, just wish I could remember where I found it.

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