Earring Tales: A Knotty Necklace

Someone gave me a book with fast-stitch peyote designs. That’s dangerous, people.


The book design called for white background, green knot, and brown outlining beads. Meh, meh, I say. This is Celtic! It must be Green! (With Orange accents.)

Also, the book’s design had the fringe only 1 bead longer in each drop, which would have had the crystals banging into each other any time you moved. So I altered that.

BTW, the two “tubes” of beads on the right? Those are 12-row-wide peyote, and apparently when using Delica beads that just fits around a 2-mm diameter leather cord. If you stitch it onto the cord directly; it won’t work if you try to stitch the cylinder closed first, then push it over the cord later. Trust me on this one. I tried. Ended up having to redo a bunch of beading.

This was at least a week’s worth of beading, but the results were pretty!


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