Whispers of Fire Ficbit – Magi AU

Ended up dealing with a bunch of RL stuff (roofers, oh boy), so ficbit tonight instead of essay bit. 🙂 This is a fic I’m trying to slowly sneak up on….

A/N: AU from canon – what if Alibaba missed meeting Cassim when he first hit Balbadd? There’s one other AU element, based on something we know is possible in canon; bunnies wanted to play with it…. Magi, not mine.

Noon hammered the moving caravan dry as old bones. Oh, they had plenty of water for camels and people, enough that a mouthful when anyone got parched was no big deal. The next oasis was less than a week away. Yet the sun seemed to pound any desire to talk out of the rest of Alibaba’s fellow travelers, making the toughest driver shade his face with a wrapped veil.

I don’t get it, Alibaba thought, helping one of the most cantankerous old ladies in the caravan up into a wagon’s shade whether she liked it or not. It’s not that hot.

Then again, he’d been up against fires hotter than even the desert sun. Maybe he’d feel hot again in a few days, as Amon receded into an awesome, terrifying memory.

Until then, he’d take advantage of it, and just keep walking.

“Maybe it’s a sign,” one of the drivers muttered.

His burlier partner clapped him on the back. “Oh, a sign, sure. A sign the dung you gathered for the fire wasn’t dry yet, that’s all.”

“How can it not be dry in this heat?”

Listening to the bickering, Alibaba edged a bit back from the night fire, and watched flickering flames crackle back to full strength.

Coincidence. A really weird coincidence, but – it just has to be.

All the same, he took his share of the thick stew and retreated from the main fire as fast as decently possible. Because while he might know the way fires and lamps had flickered near him the past three nights was a purely natural coincidence and nothing to do with bad luck, evil omens, or annoyed desert spirits, a lot of his fellow travelers didn’t have so much faith in the universe. He was already collecting odd looks for his lack of sunburn.

Which didn’t make any sense. Even if he hadn’t felt hot he’d still wrapped around a veil to keep out travel dust. Why should he have burned any more than the rest of them?

Darn blond hair. Are all people from Reim supposed to burn?


12 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ficbit – Magi AU

  1. Oh boy . . . well it makes sense for the person partnered with a fire djinn not get sunburned. Or find very hot days comfortable. Or start affecting the fires around them, especially in the early control days . . .

    Guess if we wanted to see Alibaba uncomfortable with the weather, dump him in Imachuakk . . . (“Cold!”) *tucks idea away from later.*

    Through I suspect that Sinbad still does stuff like that last one when he’s tired or stressed. And given the variety of djinn he has, he probably is hard to phase weather wise. Maybe that’s part of why being nude doesn’t seem to bother him very much.

    Speaking of Sinbad, the thought occurs that after capturing Ba’al’s dungeon, he was probably none too welcome in the Parvathian Empire – and after some more events, neither would Drakon and Ja’far – except as a corpse or tussed-up-soon-to-be-corpse . . . . which kind renders the three of them effectively stateless refuges. Now they do a lot of traveling but ideally you still need a home base of some kind and he hadn’t found the island(s) that become Sindria yet . . . maybe Balbadd?

    Okay, my bunnies are working out a solid relationship with Rashid. Because my bunnies refuse to believe he would leave the searching for the missing Anise and Alibaba to anyone he did not trust implicitly since they believe he knows exactly why Anise disappeared with their son. And trust like that takes time even when dealing with Kings . . .

    Cutting myself off . . . I need to put together a blog post about the bunnies Magi AU fic thoughts.


    1. Ooo, I will look forward to that blog post. 🙂

      And yes; part of what I wanted to poke in this story was, we know the Djinn can use magoi in the world around them. We also know keeping your Metal Vessel on your person helps it recharge. But why should your own magoi be the only source? It’d make sense if they could actively draw in power from elsewhere as well. And if you don’t even know you have a Djinn…. *G*

      As for being nude – given we see him that way with no Metal Vessels, I think that’s just Sinbad. 😉

      From what I’ve been able to read of canon Adventures of Sinbad, you’re quite right – Sinbad bolted out of Partevia with various assassins after him, and after he talked three of them into joining up with him (never let Kings talk, never….) he and Ja’far ended up in Imuchakk for a while, then tried their luck in Reim. Which is where they first met the “merchant Harun”.

      …The bunnies are quite amused that Rashid appears to have made a habit of ditching his guards when he sees something interesting. And Sinbad was interesting.

      The idea of Rashid getting Sinbad in on the search makes the bunnies grin. I’d love to read that AU!


      1. If Rashid had been younger, or the Dungeons had shown up a generation earlier, Rashid totally would have been the first one in and out. He was totally at least King Candidate material.


      2. *Rueful G* And yet apparently Scheherazade had been looking after Reim for 2 centuries, and we know her first King had a Vessel. So… did the Magi just stop raising dungeons in between that time and the present, or is canon messing with us?

        (And Rashid as a Metal Vessel User might have been interesting, indeed.)


    2. >Guess if we wanted to see Alibaba uncomfortable with the weather, dump him in Imachuakk . . . (“Cold!”) *tucks idea away from later.*>
      Morgiana wouldn’t mind. Gives her an excuse to cuddle with the living hot water bottle. 🙂

      And Amon? You need to have a chat with your King, soon. Or at least a quick cliff-note explanation of what he now is.
      Sure he’s not the type of King you expected serve but Aladdin knows what he’s doing…….most of the time.


    3. And now there is a Part Two – that’s one is more character oriented.

      Again, thoughts, concerns, and questions are welcome. Sometimes the bunnies tend to be told by someone who is not me that “That might not work” or “Hold it there hoss.”


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