Whispers of Fire ficbit – Soul of Steel

It wasn’t anything so clear in intent as an incantation. Just a rough brush of a waking mind over rusty self-discipline, fumbling to attune itself to the soul of steel.


Amon rested within his new Vessel, reluctantly satisfied with the magoi he’d gained this day. His King might not have nearly the innate power he would have preferred, but the blazing desert heat made up for it. A little.

Magi, why did you choose this brat?

Though at least the youngster was trying to bring his knife into the flow of his energies. It was a start.

Hmph. Just trying won’t keep him alive against the Abnormalities of the world.

Still. He was young. As Aladdin was young, in body if not in soul. Perhaps the magi had wanted not a King in the full flush of his power, but a boy who could grow with him?

It… could be an advantage, if used properly, Amon thought grudgingly. Aladdin has a magi’s power, but not Solomon’s wisdom to use it. Yet. And Alibaba was wary enough to survive my dungeon. Aladdin could use that caution.

He still would have preferred a proper King. But whoever had closed the Road between the worlds had cast young Aladdin into who knew what danger. And if what Amon read of Alibaba Saluja’s dreams and rukh were accurate, while the soul who now held his contract might be weak in magoi, he cared about Aladdin as fiercely as any mortal friend could.

It will be difficult, reaching through his dreams enough to prod him into searching for our young magi. Amon sighed. And it will take time.

Well. Even the longest journey had to start with the first step. It was time to begin instructing his King.

“Sacred servant of austerity and decorum….”

Alibaba blinked his eyes open, and clamped his lips shut, eyeing the knife he’d raised in one last salute to the foe. The back of his neck was prickling, the night seemed eerily quiet, and for a moment steel hadn’t looked right at all. What the heck was that?

6 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire ficbit – Soul of Steel

  1. Why I have the feeling this will not be the last “What in the world?” moment for Alibaba?

    You know I wonder if Sinbad was really that more powerful when he first started conquering dungeons? Do we know how much personal magoi he had at the beginning? He was, after all, only fourteen and his ability to read the flow of the ruhk probably makes a straight comparison to Alibaba difficult at best.

    Maybe I’m misreading things but part of me doubts that reading the flow or not, Sinbad was a King in the fullness of his power at fourteen.

    And like I said in my brainstorming notes, if Magi and Magicians can increase their amount of personal magoi through exercise, then why can’t everyone else who uses magoi?

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    1. *G* Chapter 2 has some monsters lifted from the original Sinbad stories. Chapter 3 will have ones from Marco Polo….

      And no. No it won’t. Because darn it, canon never showed Alibaba’s reaction to “There’s a Djinn living in my knife”, and given Alibaba that had to be awkward and with no dignity whatsoever.

      And so far as I know, we have no idea how much magoi Sinbad had starting out – Yunan was right there to help Baal manifest the first time, so that’s no help!

      Hmm. IIRC, what Myers said was that it’s not so much that they increase their amount of magoi, as they increase the amount they can access at any one time without their body automatically cutting off the flow in self-preservation.

      That said, given Aladdin’s canon reaction to getting his rukh access back after he’d been only depending on his own magoi for months, it does look like he increased his own magoi capacity. And most Metal Vessel Users tend to stay in very good shape….

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      1. Knowing poor Alibaba, that moment of discovery will cause any of the people around him who didn’t already think he was very weird or kinda of crazy to change their minds. Cue face-palm.

        That said, given Aladdin’s canon reaction to getting his rukh access back after he’d been only depending on his own magoi for months, it does look like he increased his own magoi capacity. And most Metal Vessel Users tend to stay in very good shape….

        And headcannons have been built on far less solid grounds than that. 😉

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  2. I’m so ridiculously excited for this fic, when you post it! The logistics behind actually using a metal vessel, ahoy!

    I could essentially write an essay here, especially since my brain is full of Capella’s Promise and the way Manarel and alchemy would fit into that worlds lore (basically I’m seeing science where there is none, in literally everything. Fanfic writer, thy name is *overthinking*) but I only have a few minutes. DX

    So, instead, I’m just going to give you some premature kudos, and save the meatiness for comments on the actual fic, when you post it n.n

    On that topic – two questions. 1) Predicted post date? 2) Predicted length? (feel free to ignore both of these)

    Good work!


    1. No idea on post date or length; so far I’ve just started chapter 3, and I’d like to have a lot more written before I post a whole chapter. Still haven’t figured out what the bunnies want for a good endpoint – though at least they seem to want to AU things all the way up through everyone meeting up again in Balbadd.

      I want to get in 3 main things: first, a bit more of Alibaba trying to figure out how the darn Metal Vessel works. Given we know that Djinn can draw off related magoi, and what fuels Amon is Heat Magic, I figure he should be able to sip a bit off a hot environment. Alibaba is going to figure out a few ways to use that….

      Second, trying to actually use what Alibaba knows about economics and trade to fight the mess in Balbadd on ground where he might have a chance.

      Third – I loved the desert hyacinth in the first ep, and I was disappointed when more things like that weren’t turning up all the time in Magi. So… there will be a few more monsters that have absolutely nothing to do with Al-Thamen!


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