Bridge Ficbit – Rescue Rukia 11

Ichigo, scratching the back of his head in a sheepish gesture that made her shiver all over again. “Um. Could you forget you saw that?”

Forget you’re a youkai?” Rukia sputtered. “What did- how did- I could have sworn you were human! Unless that was some trick; what are you doing to the Kurosaki family, you-”

“I’m not a youkai!” Half stubborn; half pleading. “Look. It’s a long story, okay? I am a human.” Ichigo paused, obviously reluctant to speak farther. “Most of the time.”

Rukia’s eyebrows felt like they were trying to climb off her forehead. “Most of the time? That doesn’t even make sense!”

“It’s a spell, okay?”

About to protest further, Rukia closed her mouth, suddenly thoughtful. She’d graduated top of her class in kido for good reasons. One of them being that she found the topic fascinating, and dug as many dusty tomes out of the Academy library as she could.

According to what she’d found in those volumes, transformation spells were possible. Frowned on, most definitely; reshaping a soul was what Hollows did, and his own alterations were one of the reasons Captain Kurotsuchi was regarded as not quite sane. But it was possible.

“Short version.” Ichigo looked aside, as if he were reading about someone else’s car wreck. “A couple years back, the local daiyoukai and his court got some burr up their butts about hunting Hollows. Only Hollows hunt back.” He shrugged. “End of story. Only not, because a little kitsune got away. And she knew Karakura was going to be screwed. Either the daiyoukai around here would fight over the place, and all the little youkai would get stomped… or they wouldn’t. And Karakura youkai would have nobody looking out for them.”

Rukia winced, all too easily able to picture the result. The gangs in Inuzuri were cruel, yes. You avoided them if you could. But an area where a gang had been wiped out? That was no man’s land. Anybody could do anything to anyone. There was no one to appeal to for protection. “So she found you? But you say you’re human.”

“Ishida and I almost weren’t.” Ichigo shuddered. “Humans turned youkai are some of the strongest monsters. She almost got us.” He blew out a breath. “But we got lucky, and got out of the Otherworld. And Loki kind of taught ‘Miji a little about asking first.” He shrugged. “So… we kind of do what a daiyoukai would do. Me, Ishida, the girls, Tatsuki, Orihime, Chad – Loki if it gets bad – we poke around and fix things for the little youkai. And they help us with things that keep ghosts from passing on. No cranky ghosts, no Hollows. We can’t help ‘em all. But we try.” A shadow of a grin. “And when youkai need to see a youkai – well. Then I’m Fenris. It works.”


20 thoughts on “Bridge Ficbit – Rescue Rukia 11

  1. Huh. I feel like there are a lot of important details missing from the short version. So does Rukia, no doubt…
    Also, poor Ishida. I’m willing to bet that Ichigo got targeted for his power level, and Ishida got snatched because he had a nearly terminal case of ‘wrong place, wrong time’ (which I am sure he complained about. Loudly, and repeatedly)

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    1. Well, Ishida’s no slouch power-wise either. But yes. There was definitely complaining. Poor guy.

      …Though Ishida might never admit it, he’s still glad he took the hit rather than Karin and Yuzu. Because little kids who make sure he doesn’t eat alone all the time didn’t deserve that mess. 🙂

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      1. *Eyes last paragraph*


        Y’know, Ichigo loves and is crazy protective over his little sisters in a way that’s basically implicit because he’s him and they’re his little sisters. But in a setting where Karin and Yuzu got their claws in Uryuu relatively early and they actively have mystical affinities of ‘secrets’ and ‘hearth-keeping’… One is something that Uryuu desperately needs, and the other is something that Uryuu hides behind all the time and reflexively.

        Those two can basically play him like an instrument – or at least with as much ease as Ichi-nii-san – can’t they? And Yuzu may not even notice how easy it is (Karin totally does though, she’s the type to gloat to Uryuu’s face about it while it’s happening).

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      2. I keep thinking on this. And I have to wonder if – when Loki and Yuzu are nabbed – everyone is so distracted by Ichigo’s big shiny to-hell-with-everyone freakout that no one notices Uryuu’s own much quieter meltdown going on lockstep beside Ichigo’s.

        Because Ichigo is loud and impossible to miss. And that’s his family you’re talking about. But for Uryuu that’s the mentor who stepped in to continue teaching him after his grandfather’s death when Uryuu’s own father refused – a mentor who did not try to take said grandfather’s place – and the little girl who took one look at him and asked nothing of him or from him but to sit by their fire and break bread as part of her home when his was at its emptiest.

        Given Loki is party mentor and frequently tactician and he’s the one who’s been taken; and Ichigo is party leader and clearly losing his mind from worry…

        Uryuu’s an archer. And in his first appearance very much a sniper. His entire fighting style is based around finding a safe vantage point, and lining up his attack for one-shot-one-kill before the enemy even knows you’re there. Everything else is just shortening the time that takes and how good or safe a vantage point he needs. And that’s generally a very patient mindset that’s all about weighing options and waiting for opportune moments. And Uryuu’s not only the quiet type, but in canon the type to deny he’s feeling something even when it’s right in his face and messing him up.

        In short, squad 2nd in command/tactics (Loki) is gone, squad leader/pointman (Ichigo) has completely lost his perspective, and for everyone they trained alongside Uryuu is probably the next in the – very informal – chain of command and not only has he also lost perspective, he’s the type to reflexively hide it and be in total denial over it.

        I really hope Karin isn’t too badly freaking out too, because if she’s able to focus on something other than kidnapped family and take a look at Uryuu with her familiarity and affinity she could probably see what’s wrong with him in a heartbeat. But if she doesn’t/can’t is anyone else even likely to notice he’s almost as messed up by this as Ichigo?

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  2. In your own words: “Short, to the point, not a lie.”

    But still leaving a lot unsaid.

    If Ichigo ever has to make reports, he is probably going to his superiors fits. Some of them anyway – can’t help but think some of the Captains would find that reporting style amusing.

    And why do I think Steve Rogers has employed that kind of reporting? (If not, will see the advantages of it immediately ’cause Steve isn’t stupid).

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    1. Oh, I’m sure Steve has used that report style himself. *G* After all, this is the guy who was stuck performing, tried to tell his superiors there was a problem, got told “isn’t there someplace you need to be?” Answered yes, and promptly went to go bust up a lot of Nazis….

      And Shunsui would laugh at the reports, and try to get Ichigo drunk to elaborate. (Try. Ichigo has probably seen the guy drink by then, and decided he’d better stick to water in self-defense. And has developed elaborate strategies to empty out his cup without getting spotted.)

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      1. ….thank you. I now have the mental image of a drunk Ichigo. Kenpachi’s happy. The rest of my headspace, not so much.

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      2. Especially since he saw that poisonous look Nanao gave Shunsui when she found him drunk. When he was supposed to be doing their division’s paperwork. Again. The paperwork that was very late. Again.

        Her subsequent revenge during his hangover the next morning was such a thing of beauty that Loki took notes.

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  3. To continue this in this comment section because the older comment section keeps sinking into the abyss of the archive faster than I can post my responses.

    Starting a story with Rukia giving her power to a member of the Kurosaki family, does give you options to change the story from the start. beyond Isshin messing with Rukia’s expectations.

    Starting with Karin allows you to focus on background characters that usually don’t get much screen time in canon.

    Starting with Yuzu would basically turn Bleach into a magical girl show…

    Starting with Masaki will give you a lighthearted fix-fic. – Rukia giving her power to Masaki could also have saved her from Yhwach’s power drain.

    when Rukia takes her to Urahara’s shop to get some soul-candy for Masaki, Masaki would already know Urahara. It would only take one time with Kon in Masaki’s body for them to realize that was a bad idea. So after stuffing Kon in a plush body and throwing it to her children who descend on Kon like a pack of starving wolfs.

    They go back to Urahara with Kon’s screams of horror and betrayal at their back all the way to the shop. And they just ask Urahara how he manifested his Zanpakutō while inside a body.

    And everyone went home having learned a valuable lesson; don’t mess with Masaki
    you know how the Bleach cast has tragic backstories with mentor figures who die because there was no one there to save them? now you have Masaki the Quincy/Shinigami around saving people.

    Like when Mayuri bribed the Shinigami assigned to protect the Quincy, so he could kidnap Quincy souls to experiment on. – seriously, please kill that guy, just let him live long enough to see his hopes and dreams burn in front of him.

    In canon Uryū Ishida had to helplessly watch his grandpa die in front of him, which changed how he felt about a lot of things. But with Masaki there to save the day it is a different story, plus Masaki actually knows the Ishida family. If it was not for that case of ‘Black Hollow’ poisoning that nearly killed her, she would likely have been married to Uryū Ishida’s dad.

    So she would be like: “hay! Sōken Ishida are you okay? it’s been a while hasn’t it; the Shinigami seems to be missing so how about I take you to my place to stay a bit, I have a son about your grandson’s age so they can have a playdate while we figure out what happened?”

    “Hay Rukia you should send a message to your superiors informing them that the Shinigami assigned to protect the Quincy were missing during a hollow attack, they might have been killed.”

    And so she sends Uryū on a playdate with Ichigo, as she is blissfully unaware of the trouble she is sending Mayuri’s way, Mayuri could have restarted the Quincy-war with that stunt, just as Yhwach appears to be reviving on top of it all. There is no way the Gotei 13 wouldn’t want to look into an apparent attempt to restart the Quincy-war.

    Starting with Isshin gives you a fun curb stomping fest: Isshin was stronger than Ichigo, he was powerful enough to fight Aizen one on one using only his Shikai, Isshin was the one who taught Ichigo about the ‘become-one-with-your-power technique’ that Ichigo used to curb stomp Aizen, the same power up that makes bankai look like a child’s toy.

    Just after Aizen and his captains reveal they are traitors:

    Isshin: I can’t defeat Aizen and his captains on my own like this, I have to use my super bankai!
    Rukia *flatly*: what? (=_=)
    Rukia: that can’t possibly be a real thing?! (>_<)
    Aizen: your delusions are not going to save you.

    Isshin transforms, initiates the ultimate ass kicking rampage.

    Ichimaru: Shenanigans! I call Shenanigans!
    Tōsen: Oh god why! The pain, oh god! the pain!
    Aizen: retreat! retreat! retreat faster you fools! (O.O)

    The Gotei 13 collectively shit bricks realizing who they picked a fight with.

    Btw. Since Tōshirō Hitsugaya was Isshin’s 3rd Seat, Ichigo might actually recognize him on sight. How would Tōshirō react to Ichigo assuming he was still 3rd Seat?

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      1. Sadly, my Dyslexia and inexperience writing makes it unlikely I could write it myself.

        But one of the things I like about fanfiction is how it allows many different people to try their hand at other’s ideas, putting their own spins on them.

        Like the well-known Halloween challenge from the buffy fandom.

        That’s why whenever I come up with a fanfic idea everyone’s free to use it with my blessing. Just link it so I can read, Isshin fighting the Gotei 13 with all the dad humor.

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      2. I heard ‘Rukia saves Masaki’, and started working on ways to save Hisana and Kanae. I found one that matches amusingly with the current project in development. The project is poorly specified, and fits the pattern of the cruft riddled monstrosities I’ve always spun out on in the past. I’ve solved some villain problems, and I expect to learn more from trying.

        There are worse ways to attempt to recuperate from an upper respiratory infection.


    1. Isshin: “I know who you are. You were my Third Seat Hitsugaya. How is Third Seat these days?”
      Toushiro: “You can’t possibly be serious.”
      Isshin: “What do you mean?”
      Toushiro: “What is this?”
      *points to the white haori he’s wearing*
      Isshin: “A haori?”
      Toushiro: “Yes. Notice anything about it?”
      Isshin: “It’s very white.”
      Toushiro: “Anything else?”
      Isshin: “There is a number ten on the back. Nice twirl you did there.”
      Toushiro: “Anything else?”
      Isshin: “It looks good on you.”
      *Toshirou stares at his former Captain in disbelief.
      Toushiro: “This isn’t just any haori.”
      Isshin: “Okay . . .”
      Toushiro:”It’s only worn by certain people in the Gotei 13.”
      Isshin: “Oookay?”
      Toushiro: “I’m the Captain of the Tenth!”
      Isshin: “Oh yeah. I had forgotten. Congratulations! Wow, you and Byakuya-chan already Captains. They are just making them younger and younger these days. . . .”
      Toushiro: *growl*
      *Isshin is distracted* “Hey Rangiku! Long time no see!”

      My thought that is that Isshin in this scene was being deliberately obtusce to wind Toushirou up.

      I’m pretty sure it worked.

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