Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia 13

Her physical form locked in the Chamber of 46, Sode no Shirayuki stalked a mindscape of snow and frozen rivers. If only she’d been stronger. If only her shinigami had had the heart to draw her, to fight, instead of retreating from the red-headed idiot who had been her best friend-

I’m alive….

A wolf’s howl, echoing from forests of glass and steel that still haunted her, weeks after Loki and Ichigo had returned her to her proper soul. The sword-spirit tensed, almost willing to feel Kurosaki’s soul close about her once more, if it would give her any chance to save her wielder-

A hell butterfly?

No; not quite. What fluttered toward her looked like a hell butterfly, black and fragile-winged. But the crackle of red-black power about it….


Daring, she held out a pale hand. The butterfly touched down, feet static-prickling her skin.

“Greetings, my lady.”

The voice was his, fierce and steady as storm wind.

“Benihime swears this will work. If not, the two of us will have a shopkeeper to mangle.”


23 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia 13

  1. Talking about why you shouldn’t give orders that you know will not be followed and how Yamamoto’s terrible diplomatic skills really hasn’t won him many friends of late.

    the people around him would summarize said diplomatic technique as: “I don’t care, this is not up for discussion, so do as I say, or be destroyed you insignificant infant”

    He didn’t get the fan-name old man genocide for nothing.

    Like you said in your last Magi fic. the Empire thought they wouldn’t need allies to rule the world if they had enough power. but they were wrong.

    Aizen coming out as a traitor, could not have happened at a better time for Yamamoto.

    By the time Aizen revealed himself around half his captains were fed-up enough to openly mutiny and the rest was fighting each other.

    And then Aizen shows up, hitting everyone in their pride by telling them that he has manipulated them all. and off handedly shows all the captains that he is too powerful for anyone of them to defeat alone.

    Before informing them that he will return soon-ish to destroy soul society, with this all powerful artifact and his army of hollows, quite literally the only faction you can fight a total war against and no one would have a problem with it… – in short the perfect enemy to rally the Gotei 13 against to make them forget about their grievances long enough for Yamamoto to re-earn their loyalty.

    When Yamamoto gets the time to cool his temper and think about what happened, he is going to realize just how lucky he was with Aizen’s timing.

    If Aizen had come out later, Yamamoto would be down several captains.

    If Aizen had come out earlier, Yamamoto would not have known about the thin ice his captains’ loyalty has gotten on the past years. The next time something like the Quincies or the Visoreds happened, he would have had a surprise revolt on his hands without a common enemy to rally the Gotei 13 against.

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      1. … He learned it from watching Odin?

        (Seriously, that’s a very Odin sounding train of thought)


      2. Someone paranoid probably will bring that up. Likely not to Yamamoto’s face (after all, if it is true you don’t want to tip him off) but to someone.

        And in the wake of Aizen, less paranoid souls will be checking that possibility thoroughly with a fine toothed comb. One made out of razor wire.

        And you know, I don’t think loyalty and respect is the only thing Yamamoto has lost from several of his Captains over the centuries. I think some of them (like Ukitake and Kyouraku for example) don’t trust him. Especially not to listen to them and treat their concerns seriously.

        I’m not sure if he will realize that getting more Captains and just more active Shinigami will not be the only re-building work he needs to do.

        Because yes, nothing can unite like a common enemy but after said enemy is gone, the old problems will still be there and go right back to dividing them.

        Loki will probably make Odin comparisons. Like “I thought I had seen the last of that kind of man since I no longer live in Asgard. Silly me.”

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      3. Sad thing is that Ukitake and Kyouraku do feel for the old guy – he trained them! But there’s a mess, and it needs fixing.

        And yes. I think Soi Fon would be an excellent person to use said razor comb. Especially if someone whispers how this might be a threat to Yoruichi.

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      4. There was a fic I read an age ago. It wasn’t the greatest of fics; I also can’t seem to find it again. It had one specific scene that stuck with me, though: Someone (don’t quite remember who, but it was a captain) was calling Yamotto out and demanding to know how the soutaichou could back the corrupt laws in Soul Society. What struck me was Yamotto’s answer:

        “If I do not obey the laws, no one will.”

        Yamotto is the strongest soul in Soul Society (excluding the King Guard). If he doesn’t obey the laws, then really, what’s going to keep other people from breaking them? He doesn’t like them, but he’s terrified if he goes against them, Soul Society as a whole will backslide into the level of lawlessness currently seen in areas where Ruiki grew up.

        You kinda gotta feel for the guy: Doomed if he does take any actions (hello civil war at best), doomed if he doesn’t (hello, Aizen).

        And Yamotto feels he CANNOT become directly involved in creating laws, because he did that before. Way, way before. You may be familiar with the results. They’re in the canon history books under the header First Quincy War. A mistake that big is one he cannot afford to make again.

        So instead he makes a different mistake just as big.

        Doomed if he does, doomed if he doesn’t…

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      5. A Protector’s Pride by NeoRyu777 or Hogyoku ex Machina by Mac Ceallach? I have seen the idea too. I don’t really where but I think those two also has it


      6. I think I made a similar point some comment threads back.

        Ladies and Gentlemen, I would once more direct your attention to George Washington.

        The United States has qualities that are rarely found historically and prehistorically. The stability, safety, and rate of slaughter were not ordained by the stars, but instead were made to happen.

        Those who first set the nation’s course were very daring, and acted without fear of losing their retirement.

        The first presidency, under the articles of confederation, was deliberately weak. Too weak, as was decided after the subsequent conflict.

        George Washington, victor of that conflict, chief captain of the revolution, politically powerful, and a man of rare ability, could have made himself King. He instead served as the first president under the constitution. The constitution was written and ratified by other men. He served only eight years. While the presidency was more powerful, he strictly observed the limits, and maybe then some. The daring, powerful, able and ambitious men of his time did not dare go beyond what he did. (Except, IIRC, for Aaron Burr.)

        Whenever the Army has been reorganized, Washington has received a backdated promotion, so that he will retain his seniority. Even now, the daring men in the Army have not dared do what Washington did. (The Civil War was started on the civil side, and their ability was not sufficient to the task.)

        These days cautious men of ability put in a great deal of effort raising the risk that crossing the Rubicon would entail. If the risks are high enough, and the chance of success low enough, those with the ability to carry out a coup will not dare try.

        I now think that Bleach is the story of the instability of the Soul King’s regime. A man that promotes stability by living it has a place in such a story.


  2. Shop-Keeper Mangling.

    Oh he knows that. So it probably works. Unless he’s banking on you lot all dying. But that doesn’t really sound like Urahara. He has always seemed like the hands on sort when he wants to kill someone. Yes, if someone have enemies itching to axe said person themselves, he isn’t exactly going to stand in their way and might help if he wants them dead too but it’s still a pretty direct course of action.

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    1. The quote that comes to mind, granted about Virgil from Devil May Cry, is that when he stabs an ally in the back, he does it to their face. Well, Yoruichi wouldn’t let Urahara do that, but for all he’s a cagey fox, Urahara has a strange, forwardness? At least in the beginning. Now that’s a bunny, at one time Urahara was as blunt as Ichigo and Yoruichi spent her time trying to beat subtlety into his head. And then politics happened, he tangled with an Aizen plot, and got himself exiled. And he had to be very careful, because otherwise he’d get lynched for being a youkai, what with the lack of aging.

      (Can I pester someone into giving me a Blue Exorcist/Devil May Cry? Twin devil sons, one loud and awkward and *dorky as anything* but really sweet, the other needs to get shoved off a cliff until he pulls his head out of his fourth point of contact and would really rather leave that pesky human part of him behind. One uses a sword, one uses guns, one is totally a tactical genius but not that great with the books, one is total book smart and applies it to the field very well. There’s so much potential!)

      (Not directed at our lovely host here. Though Taka was amazing fun. Is there more happening in that verse?) (And can we assume you’re not doing a Riordon and having Net and Taka set in the same verse, all of them building to the point they’re going to end up in the same book/series?)

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      1. …I have an outline for SAO/BE, but not for anything DMC.

        I’m hoping for more in the Taka ‘verse, but it’s going to be hard to top that party. 😉

        And no. Net and Taka are definitely two different worlds. In Net ‘verse, vampires are demons. Full stop.

        So don’t worry about them all ending up in the same series. Never gonna happen! 🙂

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      2. I was… worried is the wrong word, but wondering about that too for Net and Taka. I remebered thinking right away it wasn’t possible, vampires were expressely stated to be suprah ebil in Net, and Taka… isn’t. But then my brain kept making noises about all the bits where it’s stated in Taka that bloodsuckers of Drakulya’s line are *different*. And the biggest ‘hoh yez, all Vamps is evil’ moment in Net involved how all Vampires were murderers and that this could be probably proven in a court of law. Murder is never a good, but Taka is very frank about occasionally needing to feed on humans and has very little in the way of objections to killing enemies when necessary/the best solution.


  3. a story about: Aizen, the greatest hero of the Gotei 13, sacrificing his honor, reputation and in the end his humanity, killing anyone that would hinder Soul Society in a time of war like the Central 46. All to make Soul Society strong and united for when Yhwach returns…

    It could be interesting, but I don’t actually think Yamamoto planned Aizen’s desertion, but after seeing the results?

    I think he has a list of especially disliked captains who could find a reason to go to Hell and rise an army of hell-beasts to destroy Soul Society…

    *Looks over at Mayuri* he totally could modify his body and sword until he was a credible threat to the Gotei 13. I think this the third or fifth reason I found for killing Mayuri…

    Yamamoto actually has a great excuse to change his tune. the Central 46 was revealed to have been compromised for an unknown period of time. So he has a lot of freedom after Aizen came out as a villain.

    Random captain: I thought being a Visored was banned on pain of death?

    Yamamoto: Aizen plot!

    Random captain: I thought power transference was illegal?

    Yamamoto: AIZEN PLOT!

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      1. Doesn’t have to be true for Yamamoto to use it as an excuse

        Random captain: I thought you said we couldn’t have pizza on the menu?

        Yamamoto: AIZEN PLOT!!! >.<

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