Personal Safety Issue – It’s hot down here

In case any of you are heading down to the Gulf Coast for the Fourth, or later in July for the Blue Angels show at Pensacola Beach, remember this: the inside of your car can reach lethal temps in minutes. No joke. We’ve had a few local cops do videos on how fast a car heats up, even with the windows partly rolled down. It does not take long at all to reach 150 F.

30 minutes in hot car

Now that you’ve eeped, also know this: Most states’ Good Samaritan laws will cover you if you see a kid in a locked hot car; in Florida and Tennessee, you’re also okay if it’s a pet in a serious trouble. Just call 911 first, let them know you’ve got an emergency, and what you’re going to do about it. They’ll probably ask you to see if you can get a door or trunk open first, but if not, they’ll give you advice on how to smash the window! And the cops will be on their way, so the owner has someone official to yell at.

Enjoy a safe – and hopefully just hot enough – Fourth of July! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Personal Safety Issue – It’s hot down here

  1. Also your seatbelt buckle can burn you if you’re not careful. It’s made of metal and sitting in the sun nearly everywhere you park. A good way to dodge that is to buckle it after you get out of the seat.

    Stay safe, everyone.

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  2. And drink plenty of water!

    You are going to be sweating and you need to replace those fluids.

    And remember if you decide to drink that alchohol is a diuretic (meaning it makes you pee a lot) so drink some water in-between your beers, if you going to be outside and sweating a lot.

    If you start to get overheated, get into shade or inside in the air conditioning and drink some water. Maybe eat something light and easy.

    And wear sunscreen.

    And finally, remember that summer is rainy season in this state. It frequently rains in the afternoon and this can be accompanied by lightning.

    Okay, I’ll stop mother-hening everyone know.


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