Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia 14

“As you may have deduced, my shinigami is not dead. Though it was a near thing. Ichigo was charging Abarai when Loki managed to teleport us aside, and leave an image in our place. Barely in time; even with the flash steps Yoruichi has taught us these past years, I do not wish to know if we could have dodged Byakuya’s strike.

“We will be able to dodge it now.

“We are here, snow-white lady. We will find you both, and free you both.


Crackling power dissolved, filling her hands with darkness.

“Now that we’ve sufficiently terrified everyone within a fifty-mile radius,” Loki observed dryly, “what is our next plan?”

Fading back to black, Zangetsu’s new-old weight on his shoulder, Ichigo looked around at his friends. Who were looking back. Intently. Ack. “Um… why is everybody looking at me?”

Yoruichi hopped off Loki’s shoulder, turning a gimlet gold glare on the shinigami substitute. “I’m told,” her voice could have sandpapered steel, “you may have an innate knack for rescue missions.”


10 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Rescue Rukia 14

  1. The sudden realization that everyone expects you to have a plan and to know what you are doing when you are pretty sure you have entirely been making this up as you go and it’s different when it’s not just your neck on the line if your plan goes dramatically awry . . .


    Alan / Alibaba: I feel for you man.

    Yoruichi probably still thought that howl was unnecessary and that they were exaggerating Rukia’s emotional state. Yes, Rukongai-raised souls are tough, especially from the lower districts because they have to be survive, but everyone has limits. And not just physical limits. You can only take so many emotional beatings before you break just as badly as you would from physical beatings.

    And besides Kaien, Rukia largely her best friend because he stopped treating her like a friend after she was adopted. And that was after they had been placed on two separate tracks at the Academy so she wasn’t getting to see him very often. She is adopted into one of the noble houses, does her best to conform to requirements but her new brother barely has anything to do with her and I’m betting several people in the Kuchiki Clan and other noble families made it very clear to Rukia she was not one of them. She was a Rukongai brat and would always be a Rukongai brat. Being adopted didn’t change that. Especially since it was probably just some weird eccentricity of Byakuya-sama because she looked like his dead wife. Then no matter how hard she works, how hard she trains, how much her skills improve, she is constantly passed over for promotion. People have probably given her trouble for the that she is still an unseated member of the 13th Division. She might even think her Captain is punishing her for Kaien’s death and she doesn’t protest because she thinks she deserves it. That it was her fault or should have been her that died. They needed him more than her.

    Rukia is fragile. She needs someone to be in her corner, backing her against all comers. Telling her you aren’t worthless. You deserve to be saved. To be protected.

    Good thing she met Ichigo isn’t it?

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      1. Does Ichigo know that?
        (I know of so many people who would take that as an expectation for a perfect plan to be ready…)

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    1. …Wait.

      I knew Rukia was passed over for promotion multiple times, but I was pretty sure she was seated. As a matter of fact I thought that the big reveal where we find out she’ds been passed over multiple times was also where they revealed she was her division’s 4th seat? Since the co-third seats are constantly vying for their captain’s attention, and Ukitake hasn’t promoted either one to vice-captain because he actually wants Rukia as Vice-captain. But Byakuya keeps blocking that promotion to keep her safe from high-lethality missions?

      Or am I remembering fanfic instead of canon?


      1. Fan fic.

        In canon, Byakuya keep her off the promotions list for ANY seated officer position because they do more dangerous missions because since such promotions are supposed to be merit based, they have the skills and power to survive said missions.

        She is an unseated member. Ordinary patrol in Karakura Town isn’t considered to be too dangerous so unseated members are assigned there to give them more experience.

        Through I suspect Ukitake might have just been trying to give her some time away from the Soul Society, a break and since Karakura usually doesn’t see much traffic, a bit of a vacation. He didn’t agree with Byakuya’s actions through he did sympathize with his reasons.

        But Rukia didn’t know any of that. To her, it just seemed like she was always passed over for no discernible reason.

        Through in canon, after the time skip, she is wearing a Vice-Captain’s badge. I guess after all that mess with Ichigo and such, Byakuya realized that Rukia could take care of herself.

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