Earring Tales: Tutti-Frutti Afire

Since I was testing out Fireline for bracelets, I decided to try out how it worked in an earring pair.


Verdict: Huh.

Bear in mind I was using the heavier 6-lb Fireline, since I’d originally gotten it for bracelets and figured stronger was better. And yes, for bracelets, stiffer does seem to have been better. For earrings – there are a couple places in this design where you need to make multiple thread passes through the same bead; five or more, in some cases. And that became… difficult.

Not impossible, mind. But I have a lot of practice getting thread where it doesn’t want to go.

What’s actually a bit more troublesome is that stiffness. See how the drops are in various odd curves? That’s not a photo artifact of laying the earrings down and trying to ham-handedly take pics. The Fireline is stiff enough that they hang that way even if I picked ’em up and dangled them. Which might be useful in certain earring designs, but isn’t the best for a nice smooth drape of sparklies.

I’m considering getting some 4-lb Fireline to try out for earrings, but it looks likeĀ 6-lb is definitely not what I’d prefer to use.

Anyone else have Fireline stories they want to pass on?


2 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Tutti-Frutti Afire

  1. Color wise that looks nifty but I think you’re right about those particular beads being a little too stiff for dangling earrings.

    Don’t have any Fireline stories – the only beading I’ve ever done was using good sized ones from a big box supermarket set to make necklaces for some presents.


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