Whispers of Fire Ch2 ficbit – dive

Heart in his throat, Alibaba carefully took off his shoes and settled them on his cloak. He’d picked up a little ship-handling over the past week, but not enough to help. The best thing he could do was stay out of the way. And be ready to swim for it, when the whale finally caught them.

So much for coming into Balbadd rich. Oh well. Terrifyingly come, easy go?

And he knew he was trying to laugh to keep his brain from freezing in mortal terror. Even the biggest monsters in Amon’s dungeon hadn’t been that big.

I don’t want to die here!

And… that was an odd twitch in his mind. Like words, caught on the tip of his tongue.

‘Sacred servant of austerity and decorum, I command thee and thy brethren….’

No! Not now! Alibaba thought frantically, lips clamped closed. I can’t do anything weird now! Not while we’re all- oh hell!

The island had just crunched over what was left of the small boat, bits of wood flying from the waves. Part of what had seemed a beach lifted, water-washed boulders opening to reveal eyes the size of a man. The lure-tentacles writhed completely out of human form, snapping at the Shadow’s railings with razor tips.

One redheaded crewman was snagged by the arm, and dragged over with barely a shriek.


Alibaba cleared the railing, poised to hit the water… and realized yes, that was water coming up at him, and this was a terrible idea.

If I live, this is going to hurt.

He hit the waves, holding his breath as the water shocked skin and ears. Chadli, that was the crewman’s name; he’d traded part of a meal and a couple Balbadd jokes with the man, he wasn’t going to let something eat him without a fight-


Knife pulled, Alibaba swam for the struggling knot of man and tentacle. Blood and bubbles of air strewed the water; not much of either, but if he didn’t do something fast-

Steel slashed out, and the water was suddenly hot.


17 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch2 ficbit – dive

  1. >No! Not now! Alibaba thought frantically, lips clamped closed. I can’t do anything weird now! Not while we’re all- oh hell!>
    Amon would argue that the activation phrase is not weird or silly in any way. It is a carefully crafted speech that helps to show the might and glory of the Djinn and the King invoking him.

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    1. >Riiiight. Alibaba might actually agree with that – because it’s ridiculous.>
      Poor Amon, its going to get worse before it gets better for that Djinn.

      The corner of sulking in his dungeon (where he was when he thought Alibaba was going after another Djinn) is going to get lots of use.:-D

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  2. Well, if it makes people underestimate you? I mean, when people are so busy trying to figure out if they just actually heard/saw that they tend to be distracted from noticing other minor niggling details…

    Like the minions/allies taking the chance to surround you while you’re distracted.

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    1. >Like the minions/allies taking the chance to surround you while you’re distracted.>
      They can’t do that. After all Transformation Is a Free Action.*G*

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  3. The omnipresent M is trying to tell you something Alibaba. That you cannot avoid trouble.

    I can think of another reason why he tries to avoid trouble – besides not liking fighting and being convinced that he is worthless and is going to screw it all up – in the streets, it probably did not pay to be too curious about other people’s business. No matter how horrible they were being. Unless you like getting killed or threatened with death. Especially by people you know have done it.

    And why do I think Alibaba was more curious and poke his nose when he was younger and got that particular lesson of the streets the hard way?

    Add in crippling poor self-esteem and nowhere our hero see himself as barely capable of saving himself let alone anyone else. And that on a good day. On bad days, he probably doesn’t even give himself that much credit.

    And it takes more a few things going wrong for that kind of self-doubt to set in . . . especially that hard, to the point it is almost a bedrock conviction.

    Excuse me, I think there are several fictional people out there who need to be smacked.

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