Whispers of Fire Ch2 ficbit – eye of fire

“Sacred spirit of austerity and decorum,” Alibaba breathed, “I command thee and thy brethren.”

Chadli was rousing now, moaning from the pain of a shredded arm. Then he caught sight of what was coming at them.

Alibaba ignored the screams, and let the strange words come. “Use my magoi to lend tremendous power to my will.” I have no idea what this is going to do, but we’re kind of out of options.

And now he had to kick, harder, as the whale sucked in and Chadli was trying to drown them both. But there was the eye, maybe ten yards away; and if he could reach that, somehow-

“Show yourself, Amon!”

Fire roared.

A torrent of fire lashed deep into monstrous flesh, lighting stony skin in blazing shades of lemon and scarlet. Jahan clung to the railing like a lifeline as the island whale bellowed, the whole sea convulsing with the wild thrash of fins.

“What in Solomon’s name is that?” Aden swore.

“What in Solomon’s name,” Jahan breathed, “indeed.”

A final bone-breaking twist, and the roar of flames died.

Jahan raised his head, as the waves finally started to slow. Blood, spreading slick as oil over the water. Rocky flesh laying limp, luring tentacles drifting in the water like dead worms. And an eerie quiet. “Captain. We need to go back.”

“Go back?” Aden snarled, still gripping the wheel. “If that thing’s not dead-”

“If it’s not, then this is our best chance to kill it,” Jahan cut him off. “But if it is… we may have living men in the water. Would you leave them to the sharks that monster will draw?”

The words Aden loosed should have blistered all the paint left on the Shadow. But he snapped orders to the crew, and spun the wheel.

Be alive, Alibaba, Jahan thought, searching bloody waves. I don’t want to have to answer to Harun’s ghost….


18 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch2 ficbit – eye of fire

  1. Someone knows! Heh, and you thought you were being so sneaky, Alibaba.

    And this goes well with what you said in Embers about Fire Nation Manners. Amon is the Djinn of Fire, and *Politeness* and Austerity. Politeness would mean he *slows down* his gut response in a social situation. As in, don’t start lighting up the landscape when the idiot in front of you can’t seem to understand the disconnect in being old enough to retire, but apparently not responsible enough to keep track of when their *life saving medication* needs a refill, and it is apparently your fault for not calling them about it. And then your manager gets on you for not solving the issue, and not having good customer service, when he’s the one who does the bloody calls.

    So how was your day? Alibaba’s was full, and it’s not even over yet.

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      1. As the D&D webcomic I’ve found recently says, the only unfair advantage is the one the GM is giving the opposing NPC.

        Ouch. Hope tomorrow goes better for you.

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  2. Sounds like someone who also had an encounter or three with someone claiming to be a simple merchant in Reim . . .

    Perhaps he witnessed Harun showing Sinbad and his crew his mad skills in trade.

    Through I’m thinking he had some closeness to Harun / Rashid if he is worried about having to answer to his ghost about failing to help Alibaba in a manner of life and death. Because he might have killed the sea monster with Amon’s help, I’m willing to bet the effort took a lot of him. Despite Amon’s drinking in every spare bit of fire magoi he could reach since leaving his Dungeon.

    And that he knows Alibaba’s name. Especially if Alibaba never gave it. Or gave a false one.

    Or he did give his actual name and Jahan has been harboring sneaky suspicions. After all, he doesn’t seem the type to chalk having a young man who looks to be the right age with the same name as an old friend to mere coincidence. Not going to leap to any conclusions but probably figured seeing the young man fight (which he wanted to do anyway in case of pirates) and/or getting that veil off (also possible during the spar) should confirm or deny that notion quickly.

    That Alibaba kept trying avoid him wasn’t helping quiet those likely suspicions.

    And as you said, he’s seen what a Metal Vessel User can do so he knows exactly what killed the sea monster.

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    1. “Because he might have killed the sea monster with Amon’s help, I’m willing to bet the effort took a lot of him.” Alibaba might just get out of having to give a quick explanation by passing out.

      In a world where last names aren’t a given unless you’re nobility, I doubt he even gave one. He probably thought his first name was safe enough. And, hey, at least it wasn’t what gave him away! It was just…practically all of his other features. …Welp.

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    2. *G* Oh yes. Jahan did meet that “simple merchant” in Reim. And several other times in Balbadd….

      Jahan didn’t leap to any conclusions, though. He took a tiny step, and there conclusions were. *Halo*

      ATM he’s probably going, “Harun, of all people, why me?”

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  3. Hah, interesting note – Jahan said/thought nothing about not wanting to answer to RASHID’s ghost – it’s HARUN’s ghost he’s worried about. Makes one curious how much Jahan knows about the ‘Merchant from Reim’.

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    1. Well, given that Jahan is Partevian, it’s not like Rashid was his king. Depending on how often he interacted with Rashid the king versus Harun the merchant, he may default to thinking of the man as Harun. I knew a guy who, to this day, I tend to think of him by his last name. And I dated him for awhile.

      Or like in Chronicles of Riddick. Who here, without googling it or looking it up, can remember Riddick’s full name? Besides me, because I can’t remember a real person’s name even after seeing them every month, but I can remember a character name.

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