Plotbunny for adoption: Magi/Leverage

I recently ran across this Leverage vid.

Raise Your Glass

And of course, the bunnies went all toothy. “How would Cassim and Alibaba put together a Leverage crew?”

I have to admit, seeing the Eight Generals with Sinbad as a Leverage-type team just might work. And as for a smaller team…. Alibaba as mastermind, Cassim as the hitter, Morgiana as the thief, Aladdin as the hacker; Hakuryuu (possibly along with Judar) as the grifter?

Of course, there would have to be a reason Morgiana picked up the skills of a thief, given we don’t see her act that way in canon. Though, given the time with Alibaba is apparently the first time Jamil tries to make her kill someone, it seems possible he was using her for more than just infiltration and spying.

I’ve seen a few eps of Leverage, and read some fanfic, but not enough to do this idea justice. So, free to good home! 🙂



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