Whispers of Fire Ch2 bit -Authority

Jahan stretched up on tiptoes a moment, peering at white-clad figures sauntering out of the dawn fog. “Ah. And now the captain will deal with the real port authorities.”

The real-? Alibaba peered through the mist, and froze. Thick locks of dark hair. Narrow yellow eyes, sly as a fox. Taller, older, but the same dangerous smirk, as he led no less than ten of his gang to the foot of the Shadow’s gangplank.


“Captain Aden.” Cassim’s tone gave the title a wry twist. “I was beginning to think you didn’t want to see us again.”

“Really.” Aden’s hand was on a harpoon. His wasn’t the only one. “Shove off, you thief. The dock-master’s already plucked us bare. We can’t afford your rates.”

They’re still talking. Alibaba hung back in the shadows. This isn’t a fight. Yet.

But it was going to be. He could see the crazy gleam in Cassim’s eyes. That was the hungry gleam, the one that said, my gang is starving, and you have what I want.

Three years, and he still remembered that look.

“Oh, I think you’ll find we’re cheap, at the price.” Cassim waved a lazy hand. “After all, you’ve still got something to trade. It’d be a shame if-”

Break his rhythm. Now! “Captain Aden!”

Behind him, Alibaba heard Jahan’s bitten-off curse.

No time to explain. “Captain.” Alibaba pulled back his hood, walking across the shifting deck to the rail by Aden’s side. “The organ meat from the island whale’s perishable, even with oil on it. The faster we get it to the market and sold, the more we all make.” One heartbeat, so the gang could focus on that prized word, meat. “I think you could use some extra hands taking it up to town. If they didn’t want to be paid in Fan, but maybe some of the casks that need to be cooked today, if they’re going to be any good.”

Eyes were staring at him. Not just Cassim. There was one-eyed Hassan, Zainab fingering a cigar tucked into her bosom, and at least three or four more he vaguely knew from his time on the streets.

But Cassim’s still the leader. Good.

“Alibaba.” Cassim was looking him up and down; in shock or calculation, Alibaba couldn’t tell. “It’s been a long time.”


12 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch2 bit -Authority

  1. description: “What if Alibaba missed meeting Cassim?” *Cassim shows up* me: *whistles like an overwrought but excited tea kettle*

    (Wow even more family has shown up to punch okay no)


  2. Well, this should be interesting.

    On one hand, no fight on the docks attracting all sorts of unwanted attention.

    On the other, Jahan was probably hoping to have Alibaba in the city with no one aware of who he is. Of course, that probably would have been tricky.

    Let’s hope that Alibaba can get Cassim’s head out of his behind faster than he did in canon. Because it would be nice if redemption did not equal death.

    Okay, maybe I would also like Alibaba to call Cassim out on his BS – both past and present. Because yes, he does have reason to dislike and distrust the nobles BUT he also lets said distrust blind him. In his own fashion, he is being just as prejuicided and small-minded as the people he hates.

    Also see what making a mess of things has done? Has it actually helped people like you? No. I bet things are actually worse than they were before.

    Imagine Rashid with several more years to train Alibaba and get him to come around to the idea of being King . . . Alibaba does care about the poor people as well as the rich people. It would have been excellent. Yes, he’d still have problems because you can’t solve complex problems easily and Al-Thamen would still be sniffing around causing no end of trouble. Trouble enough that someone might consider going to certain dangerous buildings . . . and against his better judgement leaving his half-brother as regent while he was gone . . .

    Of course, one can play “What If” forever.


      1. Cassim is going to be a bit blindsided.

        Ahh . . . I bet he makes the critical mistake. He lets Alibaba talk.

        Since nothing can blindside and derail someone else’s plan faster than letting a King talk.

        Through hearing this story will probably amuse Ja’far.

        Because it always amuses him to see someone else getting caught in the whirlwind that is a King with a Plan. And the expressions of “how the heck did this happen?’ on their faces are so funny.

        And it allows him to say to those people who ask ‘well, why didn’t you say no to Sinbad?’ and then get caught in the whirlwind – “Not so easy, is it?”


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