Whispers of Fire Ch3 bit – Contacts

Amon. Alibaba’s fingers drifted toward steel. If I stuck around in Balbadd – I know Cassim. He probably got two or three of the crew drunk and got the whole story.

At least as much as the Shadow’s crew knew: that he was carrying a Magic Tool that called fire, and that it was strong enough to put an island whale down, permanently.

But that was do or die. I don’t know how to handle this! I can’t practice in Balbadd – there’s too many things that could burn!

At least on the islands, he could always take a boat out into the sea to practice. Amon might not like it, Alibaba could feel a sort of annoyed hmph at the thought of all that water – but better safe than sorry.

And I’m still not hot. Alibaba drew in a muggy breath, feeling the sea air wrap around him like a silk blanket. Wish I knew how to control even that much. If people see me hugging fires in this weather- I don’t want them to think I’m….

He didn’t even know what they’d think.

Does it matter what they think? Pack weighing heavy on his shoulders, Alibaba made himself pick up one foot, then the other. A few more steps, and he’d be on Krait Island, home to Jahan’s daughter Sindukht, her husband Beniel, and what Jahan had gleefully described as a small barbarian horde of merchant offspring. I’m not staying. I’m just… going to figure something out to help fix Balbadd.

If it could be fixed. If Abhmad really had traded away the marine rights-

Then we take them back! He didn’t have that right; no king of Balbadd ever has the right to hurt her people. We’re kings to protect those rights, not sell them!

Not that he was a king. Ever. He just… had to do something.

“Don’t look so worried.” Jahan strode off onto the shore, pack on his own back holding samples of goods even as Aden’s men offloaded the rest of what he and Jahan intended to sell or disperse to other vessels here. “They’ll like you.”

“They’ll like the beads,” Alibaba muttered.

“Those, too.” Jahan smirked. “Watch your step. We don’t get that many salamander kraits this far from the flame vents, but once in a while they’ll come onshore looking for fish. They’d rather not bite you – but no one likes being stepped on.”


6 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch3 bit – Contacts

  1. Somehow I don’t think fire-using critters are going to be much of a threat to Alibaba.

    Sorry Alibaba but the major identify characteristic of proper Kings is that they don’t just let someone hurt their people. And when you keep saving people, some of them start following you around and many of them listen to you. And then the next thing you know you’re a leader. And you keep saving people and the group who listens / follows just keeps getting bigger and bigger until it gets tricky so say you aren’t some sort of king when you have a kingdom’s worth of people who consider you to be their king. Even if that isn’t your official title or role . . .

    Through I get the feeling people will be calling him Boss or something along those lines long before Alibaba accepts that what he is.


    1. A threat to his dignity, maybe? 🙂 Because Alibaba and dignity so rarely meet….

      And yes. Alibaba keeps turning around and wondering where did they all come from. At least, when he’s not just busy making sure everyone’s okay!


      1. Because Alibaba and dignity so rarely meet….

        There is that.

        And yes. Alibaba keeps turning around and wondering where did they all come from. At least, when he’s not just busy making sure everyone’s okay!

        Somehow I don’t think any of the Kings intentionally start collecting people. It just sort of happens.

        I think even Sinbad was a little surprised when one day he looked up and realized:

        Sinbad: “Wow there is a lot of people following me around now . . . and then there is all of these other people who listen to me and I have to take care of . . . where am I going put them all? Some of them have no where to go. Others technically have a place but it isn’t safe . . .”
        *thinks carefully*
        Ja’far: “Where are you going now?”
        Sinbad: “Looking for an island or some other stretch of space that no one wants. Or hasn’t found yet.”
        Ja’far: “Why?”
        Sinbad: “You’ll see.”
        Ja’far: “I already regret this.”
        *follows Sinbad onto boat.*

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