A Win for Sanity

I’m not going to get into the insanity on the news today. Or the day before that, or the day before that. It’s been a bad, bloody summer and things show no signs of slowing down; check sites like According to Hoyt, Instapundit, and Ace of Spades HQ if you want commentary and details on how bad it might get.

Instead, I’m going to trumpet a win for sanity.

Last week, a usually quiet part of Alabama told the federal government to stuff it.

Some background.

Back near the beginning of June, Baldwin County, Alabama noticed some unusual activity on some local unused airfields. The current state of the world being what it is, local cops and officials decided to check it out. Lo and behold, what to their wondering eyes did appear but some inspectors from the federal government. Which our good local citizens found most curious, given these were disused Air Force airfields and nobody’d heard anything about moving anyone military around nearby.

Oh, we’re examining the location to house unaccompanied minors, said the feds.

To which, I imagine the most polite local response was, What.

Check a map of Alabama. Go ahead. Nowhere does it share a border with Mexico. Nope. Does not.

After picking their jaws off the floor, local officials started hammering the federal government for What The Bleep was going on. The feds were… shall we say, less than helpful. I’ll sum up a lot of back and forth.

Baldwin County officials and citizens: You’re moving who deliberately into our county?

Feds: Unaccompanied minors. (Whom they eventually admitted were illegal border-crossers, imagine that.)

Baldwin: There are no facilities there. No water, no housing, no electricity. It’s an empty airfield. It’s two empty airfields.

Feds: Don’t worry about it. Department of Defense funds will cover it.

Baldwin: Department of Defense? The people who are, you know, supposed to be defending the country – as in keeping noncitizens out unless they come in legally? WTH? We don’t have medical facilities to treat several thousand people. Who don’t speak English. We don’t have the money to feed them. We don’t have the money to guard them – they are, you know, criminals. And in case you missed it, this is a hurricane-prone area – remember Katrina? Yeah. You expect us to maintain evacuation plans for several thousand non-English-speaking people, whom you admit are being detained here, and whom we will be legally accountable for if they get away?

Feds: Don’t worry about it.

Baldwin: The hell we won’t.

They made noise. A lot of noise. They contacted their congress-critters. They held a town hall with the feds on the phone, with a lot of very concerned citizens hammering in over and over, We don’t want them here, this is not our problem, we cannot afford this. With no small doses of Who the hell do you think you are?

Last week, it was announced that the Baldwin County airfields are no longer being considered as relocation sites… for this year.

Odds are they’ll be back. This is, after all, a poor area of a poor state, and the federal government apparently thought no one would have the pull to complain and make it stick.

Baldwin County will be waiting.

For more details:

When the story broke locally.

Latest word, last week.


6 thoughts on “A Win for Sanity

  1. Given that it’s a relatively remote area, and not very wealthy, there’s a good chance it was for the “unaccompanied minors” who have gray hair but say they’re 16, with a nice fresh document to prove it.

    Or worse, the ones that say they’re from a specific region of Mexico, but don’t speak any of the languages from that area.

    The kids that are actually, obviously kids, and who don’t have red flags you can see from a mile away, are much safer to house in places they might run into the media.

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    1. Baldwin did eventually wangle out of the Feds that no, they didn’t know where these “minors” would actually originate from. Or how old they’d be. Or how many, say, cases of MDR TB they’d be carrying. (Six of those just turned up in Tennessee, lovely.) Undocumented, y’know. So yes. Yes indeed.

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  2. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, the Baldwin win is probably temporary. I swear the whole world seems to have gone insane. I don’t know whether it’s better to be an ostrich (my neighborhood is and has been very peaceful) or pay attention to the news and get horrified, angry, depressed and live in fear (like one of my best friends is doing, collecting guns and alarm systems and large dogs).


    1. A temporary win is still a win, for now.

      I tend to handle it by reading survival books (there’s some really cool ones on edible plants you can find in your backyard), trying to keep a wary eye on the news, and making sure I get a daily dose of music and good, hopeful stories. And writing them, with any luck. We need examples of “world can be better!” out there.


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