Whispers of Fire Ch3 bit -Freeloader

Long, long day, Alibaba thought much later, heading through the village to Jahan’s family house. At least he knew this time the odd looks he was getting had nothing to do with any trace of a cool breeze. No one was getting close enough to feel it.

Good. Because this is kind of ridiculous. “Madam Sindukht,” Alibaba called out at the doorway, definitely not venturing inside toward that swarm of awed young eyes. “Do you have a small fish you wouldn’t mind getting rid of?”

“Alibaba, what on earth-?” The lady of the house stepped out of the doorway, youngster in arm, and stared.

Alibaba reddened, knowing what he looked like. Ends of his hair crisped. One edge of his rolled-up cloak dark with heat. Bits of sand and dried sea-salt clinging where he hadn’t been able to brush it all away. And most daunting of all, a six-foot salamander krait coiled smugly over his shoulders, tongue occasionally flicking near his earrings.

Gently, not shifting his arm more than he had to, Alibaba pointed a thumb at lazy scales. “I’m hoping I can bribe her off with a fish.”

From the stifled noise behind her hand, Sindukht wasn’t sure whether to shriek or break down laughing.

“Oh, wow!” Dina stared up at him. “Grandpa is going to yell at you so hard.”

“I bet he will,” Alibaba agreed ruefully. “I just leaned against a rock, honest.”

Dina waved a scolding finger, just like her mother. “He’s going to yell at you so much.”

“Dina, go get one of the crab baitfish.” From the giggly tremors in her voice as Dina ran off, the lady really was trying not to laugh. “You leaned on a rock? The older females usually don’t leave the water unless they’re going straight to a flame vent.”

“The rock might have been on fire,” Alibaba admitted.


12 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch3 bit -Freeloader

  1. Is it wrong that part of me is hoping this will become a running gag? Possibly ending with Morgianna snuggled up on top of Alibaba while he silently panics?


  2. From the stifled noise behind her hand, Sindukht wasn’t sure whether to shriek or break down laughing.

    A typical reaction to a king and their perchance for trouble and getting into the craziest situations, often entirely by accident.

    “The rock might have been on fire,” Alibaba admitted.

    And there is that deadpan ‘yes, this is crazy and it happens to me all the time’ we all know and love.

    Now it doesn’t embarrass him but between various antics and the leaf incidents of Sinbad combined with Alibaba’s various mishaps (plus Hakuryuu and Kouha have their moments), I’m starting to think dignity is not something that regularly happens to the h’reg. Yes, Alibaba is the front-runner in the dignity is something that happens to other people category but I don’t think the other h’reg are immune to it either.

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    1. Alibaba probably thought he was going to have a semi-normal life after he left Balbadd. Then a magi turned up in his caravan eating someone else’s watermelon. As Sinbad himself can attest, it’s all downhill from there….

      I think that Dignity is something people with Djinn need to consider as optional. Like clothes. After all, technically, in Full Equip, you’re wearing a layer of your Djinn. Which is… a little creepy.


    2. And sometimes what the Djinn considers an appropriate outfit can be rather different that what their King expects.

      See Exhibit A: Kougyoku’s appearance when she equips Vinea.


      1. See Exhibit A: Kougyoku’s appearance when she equips Vinea.

        I bet she just about keeled over from the shock.

        And then the inability to explain why the outfit was inappropriate to Vinea in way that the Djinn understood it.

        Something I’m sure all Metal Vessel Users have experienced. Because that might just be one of those areas where the Djinn just does not get why the humanoids are making such a fuss.

        Side note: Now my bunnies have made a note to muse about what exactly are the cultural mores about nudity are in the Magi world. Because Kougyoku’s normal dress is pretty covering but then we get outfits like those on Instructor Myers . . . yes, I know fan service is the reason for several woman barely having (if that) their naughty bits covered. But there should be a in-universe logic to it.


      2. I, er, expect Myers is just Myers. Inspiring nosebleeds in her students is just part of the torture!

        Though yes, I imagine the Djinn do wonder what all the fuss is about. This was excellent clothing back on Alma Torran!

        Cultural mores on nudity… huh. Well, we know Morgiana wasn’t expecting what she got, poor girl. And poor Alibaba….


      3. Yep, same number and shape of limbs and fairly straight-forward powers. Only real differences would be the trinocular vision (third eye) and Amon insisting on turning his vessel into that massive black Zweihänder wannabe.

        I mean Alibaba was trained with daggers/short sword. What does he know about using this thing properly?

        Sure the weapon is probably less of an issue when in Full-Equip but I suspect that when Alibaba first pulled off Weapon Equip (which created said giant black sword) his thoughts were along the line of: “This is nice and all, but I’d really like a smaller, more agile weapon please.”


      4. Yes, I’m sure that because boobs *smirk* was Myer’s logic and she is a law unto herself . . . and Aladdin is probably far from the first magician pervert she has encountered.

        But that doesn’t explain characters like Serendine and her battle tankini . . .

        Or Yamraiha’s sea-shell bra (by the way, the bunnies think that Yam’s ancestry contains a heavy dose of mer and/or other sea or water based critter).

        Yes, that could be temperament of each but still . . .


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