Whispers of Fire Ch3 bit – Wonder

Amon sorted through misty images and the ever-changing map of the world, noting the concentration on flows of iron and steel, reshaping copper and precious metals, a glimmering fall of sharp-pointed nails. Strange; what could this mean-?


Amon raised intangible brows, listening. That wasn’t a conscious call….

I think… the dreams are a way you ask me things, right? his king’s rukh whispered. Not that you can answer back, unless I remember this in the morning…. I think I have a plan. Maybe. At least it’s a chance to fight. I wish I knew what you think.

Maybe it’ll work. Maybe I’m just dreaming. But… wanted you to know… today was amazing.

Amon scowled, poking those glimmering bits of soul. Surely, they hadn’t tapped more than a fraction of his true power-

A shimmer of flames, warm without burning. Startlement, shock – and then the rueful giggle, as his king realized he was being used as a nice, warm rock to bask on. A wistful image of what-might-be, the hope of Aladdin with them, reaching out to touch snakes no ordinary mortal would poke on a dare.

Amon held his presence there, blinking in amazement. Mortal kings sought Djinn because they needed power. That was how dungeons worked.

Only from the way hope and flames and the flow of coins and silk were all woven together, this king thought wonder was as important as power.

And it is, Amon thought, recalling a world ages lost. Lord Ugo and Aladdin – they gave us all the hope to keep going. To hold our sanctuaries firm, and save as many of our people as we could, until Lord Ugo could open the path to a living world.

This is Aladdin’s chosen king.


11 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch3 bit – Wonder

  1. Oh Solomon, no wonder Amon doesn’t want to share Alibaba. He wants to remember the *wonder.* Both the wonder Alibaba felt now, and the wonder from Alma Torren.


  2. Yes, Amon, Hope and wonder is just as important as power. It might be more so. Because you can have all the power in the world, if you can’t muster the strength to use it because you feel like no matter what you do, it is hopeless or that the world isn’t worth saving . . . .

    Especially important since most of the time Al-Thamen doesn’t physically fight you guys – probably often in the straight up fights, unless they massively outnumber or have had the time to make enough Dark Djinn to overwhelm a single Metal Vessel User, they get their behinds kicked – they destroy the hope, the will to fight, the sense that the world has wonders as well as dangers and that everything is worth saving, worth fighting for, worth dying for.


  3. Had a thought late last night and this reminded me – in addition to considering what the kings think about X, we need to get the Djinn’s opinion. Because they are people so they certainly have them. And has demonstrated when they wanted their kings to stop fighting each other and SAVE THE WORLD DARN IT!, they can do so quite effectively . . .

    So why are the Rens’ Djinn going along with this world domination plan? Loyalty to their chosen king cannot be the sole answer and one would think they would have to be blind to miss the signs of Al-Thamen all over Kou and how the corruption in the world’s rukh is spreading . . .

    Or are they really on board with it? Could they actually be against it and have been trying unsuccessfully to talk them out of it? Or do some of them have difficulty hearing their Djinn speak to them for one reason or another? The main reason they can still use their power is that they aren’t using all that much of it most of the time and they do care about their king remaining in one piece . . .


    1. Actually, the Djinn could only object to what their Kings were doing with Aladdin’s help. Usually they can’t manifest at all without a magi – and apparently they’re bound to lend their power to their chosen contractor, no matter what happens. Poor Belial!

      I’m playing a bit fast-and-loose with canon with Amon reading Alibaba’s dreams this way; but darn it, there has to be some way they communicate! The idea of people trying to work with that level of power by sheer trial and error… gah.


      1. *nods*

        Okay that makes sense . . . . if not especially hosed up and prone to abuse . . . which is probably why a Magi is supposed to carefully chose and guide King Candidates to them for testing rather than rolling the dice . . .

        Ugo, you are supposed to be one of the smartest people in the world and Solomon was no slouch – how did your plan get this messed up? I assume you had a plan.

        Through I should point out that contract situation is sounding less like a contract and more like slavery and having the heroes do that is squicky. Because people are not things.

        Oh canon, why do I always seem to run into something that makes me go “Nope! Do not want! I reject your reality and substitute my own!”

        (One of the reasons my Harry Potter fic notes include “house elves are based on brownies, which means fey which means exact words can be a thing and maybe there is a reason that people keep using both the words servant and slave for them – like maybe it depends on the agreement made between the elf or elf ancestor and the wizard or wizard ancestor in question . . . some pure bloods might wish they had remembered that lesser fey is still fey.”)

        Yes, communication is key . . . unless the author forget that the Djinn are supposed to be sentient beings not unthinking magical tools . . .


      2. Canon implies that Ugo only had about 5 years to come up with his plan before people moved from Alma Torran to the new world. I’d give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was so busy trying to make sure people would stay alive that he didn’t think through all of the possible consequences. Like, say, a Magi getting taken by Al-Thamen when he was too young to have learned things such as compassion and good sense!

        Although the bits we have from canon indicate that Alibaba _tries_ to get along with Amon and figure out what he wants. There just isn’t much communication happening. Drat.


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