Whispers of Fire Ch4 bit – Fog and Fire

“We have a name now, you know,” Cassim said casually, holding up dark steel. “We’re not just my gang anymore. We’re the Fog Troupe. And this… is the Black Bonds Fogblade.” Dark brows flicked up, interested. “So what’s the name of yours?”

Alibaba didn’t touch his knife. “I ended up with it by accident.”

Cassim snorted. “You killed an island whale by accident?”

“I was already in the water,” Alibaba admitted. “I didn’t have anything else left to try. So… yes. I did.”

That sparked a laugh, even if it had a wry edge. “Only you,” Cassim shook his head. “You know, with that map and everything, I was starting to think I didn’t know you anymore.”

Alibaba smiled, relieved. “You still know me. It’s not that different from the barter on the streets. I’ve just read a lot, and bounced around a few places.” One of which had been a dungeon. But the less said about that, the better. People thought Dungeon Capturers were supposed to be kings. And he wasn’t.

“A Magic Tool that summons fire,” Cassim mused. “That must have been some accident.”

Alibaba shrugged, trying not to show another sudden wave of relief. Cassim never saw me with this knife. He doesn’t know it was just steel a month ago. “I fell into a big mess of monsters and got lucky. When the dust cleared, I ended up with a little silver, and- this.” He just barely touched the hilt. Cassim was way too calm.

He’s getting ready for something.

“So….” Cassim turned side-on to him, a smile playing with white teeth. “It’s been a while since we’ve had a good fight, brother. Want to try fog versus fire?”

So he is after that. Alibaba shook his head. “How many people do you have betting on this?”

“No one.” Cassim’s eyelids lowered, shoulders stiff with hurt. “It’s just us.”

Alibaba swallowed. “This isn’t like a junk-heap brawl, Cassim. This is fire. If one of us screws up, you’re going to get burned.”

“Now, see, that’s what makes me wonder if I know you.” Cassim gave him a cool, level look. “You know the streets, Alibaba. A man has to stay sharp.”

“You mean you want a duel before you’ll let me leave,” Alibaba said quietly. “Cassim. Nobody’s here. None of us has to prove anything.”

“Yes you do.” Yellow eyes gleamed. “You’re asking me to risk my Troupe on your best guess. You owe me.”


8 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch4 bit – Fog and Fire

  1. Cassim has a point there.

    Granted, fighting with fire in the city is still not a good idea but he does have a point that since this plan is likely to get negative attention and one of the people risking it is his people, then he needs to know that Alibaba hasn’t lost the ability to fight and is a liability now . . .


      1. If you remember canon, it wasn’t exactly the Fog Troupe who got them the first time.

        Point. 🙂

        My mind might have fixated on his Foliage Fashion show to the exclusion of all else.
        Ja’far *facepalm*
        Ja’far: “Not again.”
        Someone: “This has happened before.”
        Ja’far: “
        Yes. How did you lose them this time?”
        Sinbad: “Well there was . . .”
        Ja’far: “Nevermind. I don’t want to know. I’m getting some more clothes and this time you will be keeping them on.”
        Exit Ja’far going *mumble swear he’s an overgrown child grumble*

        Sinbad can be such a distraction. He’s very good at doing that “Look a decoy” type thing simply by being himself.


  2. Come to think of it, was it ever mentioned when and/or where Cassim got Kokubaku Mutou (Sword of the Black Binding Fog)?


    1. Canon, we know where. When is a bit more problematic, but given Alibaba had apparently not met that “weapons dealer” before the mess in Balbadd went way south, I’m going with, they got the weapons not that long before Alibaba showed up.


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