Earring Tales: Penguin Bracelet

I know someone who really likes penguins.pengBlog

I still suck at taking photos, obviously… but I am happy with how this came out.

I got the design out of a book, I admit it. (No way am I practiced enough with peyote stitch to come up with this without a lot of head-banging work!) But one thing I did do was change up some of the colors.

The original design called for flat matte white, yellow, gray, and denim blue, with flat black beads for the closing toggles. And it’s an excellent design, but the colors made the result look… cartoony. I wanted something that would look at least aย little more realistic. Penguin-colored.

So I went hunting through the Fire Mountain catalog. There are at least a dozen shades of white you can get!ย I picked two, since the colors in the catalog, good as it is, don’t always give you an accurate impression of what it looks like when you put it next to other beads. One of those (the one I use here) is silk white. I also used a silk gray for chick fluff, a rainbow yellow, and – most critically, I think – shimmer sky blue for the background. Because if you’ve looked at Antarctic film with penguins in it, the sky is bright, clear blue. So this looked more realistic than the denim blue.

BTW, the silk colors? I don’t know how they do it, but those have little striations on the outside of the bead; you can feel them when you run a finger over it. That’s what casts back the light with that hint of rainbow shimmer. I really like that effect. Makes it look feathery!

Anyone else have stories on how changing a color changes a design? ๐Ÿ™‚



9 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Penguin Bracelet

  1. I do a lot of needle-point and frequently take the recommended thread colors as a suggestion.

    Because sometimes its boring. Like one project I did recently was quilt squares with a big rose and a border of hearts and checks in which the directions say make every square identical. Since that would get very tedious, I varied the shades between each square. Like one square used the darkest shades of red, green, purple, and blue I had, another square was lightest shades of those colors, one light variegated, the other dark variegated, etc.

    Or Mom’s butterfly quilt – the directions had a more natural color palate but I felt the blanket as a whole had way too many browns and grays so some of those butterflies got a much more colorful make over.

    Or I just don’t think the suggested colors look good together.

    Or I don’t have enough thread in that color so I switch to another.


  2. I haven’t done it with beads, but pick the wrong types of color with a yarn project and watch the changes. I made a patchwork afghan for my sister as a wedding present. The colors it called for were a blue gray, a purple, and a white. Pretty, but I did it in a bone white, a sand, and a nice red. I can’t think of any pattern I’ve ever made in the colors the pattern called for actually…

    I saw the penguins on this and I immediately thought of a friend of mine. She really likes penguins too. Her favorite animal in fact. The way you did this is gorgeous by the way.


  3. i knit and usually take the colors in whatever design gave me the idea for what i’m doing as a suggestion. i’m slowly working on a phoenix patterned sweater where I changed all the colors – the phoenix wasn’t fierey enough. But I think I have to go down a needle size and that’s going to kill my hands. And I now think the overall effect is a bit cartoony so I need to tweak some more. (yay swatching!) And the yarns with colors I like aren’t wooly enough to pull the knitting together for the right look(grumble, grumble).

    If the penguin-mad fellow I now wasn’t a guy I’d buy him that bracelet.

    Often you change one color in a multi color piece and you have to change them all to find a new blend.

    Some news article or other recently mentioned a paint company that had over one hundred shades of white. I’d like to see all the samples together.

    (btw, my teen just said Whispers updated on AOL.)


    1. Whoof, I feel you on the hands. There are reasons I don’t use 15/0 beads!

      A hundred shades of white would be awesome to see. ๐Ÿ™‚ Search White Delica on Fire Mountain, and you’ll see at least a few dozen!

      And yep. I have chapter 3 up. Hee.


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