Whispers of Fire Ch5 bit -Looking for Trouble

“Alibaba?” Ja’far gave his now-dressed king a dark look. “We came to find out what was wrong in Balbadd, you’ve lost all your Vessels, and you want to help two children find a caravan driver?”

Rubbing his throat – Ja’far hadn’t been seriously trying to throttle him, but that hadn’t been fun – Sinbad gave him an amused grin. “And you don’t? A youngster like Aladdin who’s managed to cross half the world on his own, and the first young Fanalis I’ve seen in years. They’d do well in Sindria. Surely, the young man they’re looking for would be just as much help to us.”

“A Fanalis likes him,” Masrur observed, arms crossed like a wall of granite. “He could be trouble.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’s in trouble,” Sinbad said wryly. “Didn’t you listen to Aladdin’s description, Ja’far?”

“Blond,” Ja’far clipped out. “Gold eyes. About so high.” A bit shorter than Ja’far, who wasn’t a tall man to start with. “Decent with a knife-”

“Good enough with a knife to take down the lord of Qishan,” Sinbad observed. “And take him down alive.”

The ex-assassin frowned, gray eyes hooded and thoughtful. “So… very good with a knife.”

“Trained,” Masrur nodded. “Not a caravan driver.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’s that, too,” Sinbad said, half to himself. “After all, Harun was a very good merchant, himself.”

“Ha-” Ja’far cut himself off. “Alibaba?”

“We never did find out where that boy ended up after Rashid died,” Sinbad mused, wanting to kick himself. Just a little. But it was a month’s sail between Sindria and Balbadd, there’d always seemed to be something more important to handle in the way of Al-Thamen-caused emergencies around the world instead of taking a relaxing sea voyage to see their ally’s surprise youngest son, and by the time they’d found out about Rashid’s passing, Alibaba had been gone. “His brothers’ messages were, hmm, less than informative?”

Masrur snorted, not at all impressed with Rashid’s eldest sons.

“Who knows, they may have improved a bit with time,” Sinbad reflected. “We’ll find out. But right now, Balbadd’s in trouble. If Alibaba is anything like his father, he’s here. Somewhere.” He pointed at Ja’far. “And you two came in early to find out why Balbadd’s in trouble. What are we up against?”


14 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch5 bit -Looking for Trouble

  1. This… has all the ingredients for a chaos recipe.

    1) A King with a plan
    2) A King with potentially another plan
    3) A magi
    4) A rival magi (optional)
    5) An invading king (optional)
    6) A Kingdom in trouble (optional)

    *Looks above*

    *Goes to hide in a bunker. With popcorn.*


    1. > “Only you, Sinbad. Only you could walk us into a situation this mad.”>
      And he keeps doing it and draging all the generals in along with him. Yet they always somehow seem to survive.

      I say ‘somehow’ because the Generals always get so blind-stinking drunk after the dust settles from the latest insanity that they all forget just how they managed to survive.

      Yamraiha’s gotten really good with that handover cure spell.


  2. So Sinbad has figured out the third son part, but not the magi and djinn chosen parts yet. Hmm. Will be fun to see his reactions.


  3. Interesting to see him react to finding out Al-Thamen had been in Balbadd whispering in Ahbmad’s ear while he was busy with them in other places.
    Is Ja’Far going to start screaming when he realizes that he has two King looking for trouble in Balbadd? And one of them looks more harmless at first glance, enough to buy time to start talking.


      1. As anyone whose read even a little combat history can tell you: Never. Mess. With. The. Cook.

        Discipline is good. Discipline does not keep an army marching. Food and moral does that. And the absolute fastest way to break moral is to mess with the food. A cook can do more damage on the battlefield then any ten cannons put together. I would go so far as to say a cook could destroy an army as readily as an Ultimate Magic can wreck a mountain chain — just not nearly as flashy. Or humane.

        And if you have to ask, “How dangerous can he be?” then you have done worse than not read your Evil Overlord list. You have invited Murphy, his nieces, and allllll his wacky nephews over for afternoon tea.

        (Really. Considering how he met Sinbad, Ja’far should know better…)

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  4. Eliot Spencer, anyone. “Look, hold a knife like this, cuts through an onion. Hold a knife like this, cuts through, like, eight yakuza in four seconds. Screams, carnage.”


  5. Hehe . . . there are certainly enough pieces to put together the puzzle provided you can recognize all of the pieces as pieces.

    Also because he is so over-the-top crazy awesome, it can be easy to forget that Sinbad is far from stupid and can be pretty observant.

    “A Fanalis likes him, he could be trouble” – understatement thy name is Masrur.

    And yes, not killing someone in a serious fight is much, much harder than people give it credit for. Especially when one of the combatants is not returning the favor . . .

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