Whispers of Fire Ch6 bit – Babysitting

“If you can find Alibaba, you have the best chance of helping everyone.”

Gray eyes narrowed at Sinbad. And you want me babysitting. Again.

Sinbad let his gaze flicker toward the Djinn, and back. Do you want me to take a young, untrained magi near a band of thieves and robbers who may be Falling into Depravity? “You are one of my best at finding people who don’t want to be found, Ja’far.”

Someone who hadn’t known the assassin for years would never have seen that tiny, resigned slump.

Masrur reached over and patted Ja’far’s shoulder, with a gentleness that still surprised Sinbad, no matter how long he’d known Fanalis controlled their strength. It’s okay. No matter what interesting trouble Sinbad finds, I can still pick him up and carry him. Like pulling a kitten off a lion’s tail.

Argh. Annoying, especially because it was true. Masrur would haul him out by the scruff of his neck, if he felt a mess warranted it. Which was comforting, in a way, but… he never wanted to have to need it.

…The fact that Ja’far was smiling did not make him feel any better.

“If you’re willing to accept my help,” Ja’far inclined his head to the magi and girl, “I would be glad to assist you in finding your friend.”

“Er, wait,” Sinbad started. He might be sly and sometimes ruthless, but he had manners. “The smugglers might not like being found. I can’t ask a girl to walk into what might be a fight! Perhaps the young lady-”

Masrur gave him a look, as Morgiana’s toes clenched on paving stone.

And shattered it.

“I’m going to find Alibaba,” Morgiana declared.

The pout, Sinbad decided, made it even scarier. “Yes, ma’am.”


18 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch6 bit – Babysitting

  1. She might be a young lady but she is also a Fanalis . . . and I can see Masrur rolling his eyes and wondering if he needs to go over the whole some females, especially females of his species, even the kittens, will not stay behind because they are ‘female’.

    And neither will several other females. Yam I think would smack him for the suggestion that she stayed behind. Or Pisti.

    And I love that the Generals silently made sure the other knew to get Sinbad out of the trouble he would inevitably get himself into while one of them was doing something else.

    Through we might end up with another round of “Who are you?” again if they only referred to Sinbad as Sin. Through Aladdin might not see any reason not to actually call him Sinbad since that is his name . . . through the kid can be sneaky when he wants to be so maybe he wouldn’t give away anyone’s alias . . .

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      1. To put in modern terms, some part of him will go: “Must not squee. It would ruin what little dignity I have left. Must not squee. It would what little dignity I have left. Must not squee . . .”

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      2. Also, “Eee! Sinbad! …Wait. This is a trap for Sinbad, k’so….”

        I won’t say don’t worry kid because Sinbad has to survive every trap Al-Thamen sets for him and they only need to succeed once. But maybe take heart in the fact that Sinbad might be a reckless, womanizing idiot but he is a wily reckless, womanizing idiot.

        And between the two of you plus everyone else involved, you should be able to give the evil creeps and their puppet state a good run for their money. Have them going “What in the heck just happened? We had that place. It was in the bag.”

        Then we’ll see if they remember about the upstart and his allies messing up their own despair plan in the wash of blaming the usual suspect when their plans go this awry . . .

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  2. Best part? That ending is lifted right from cannon. And Solomon was Sinabd’s expression hilarious!

    Which makes me eager for what kind of expression he’ll have when all the pieces come together. Excuse me, I need to go check my popcorn supply. I have a feeling I’m woefully under stocked.

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      1. You know, I think the Generals who aren’t there for that moment are going to be very disappointed.

        “You mean someone actually managed to entirely surprise this idiot complete with dumb-founded expression and we missed it?!”


        *pouts* “Ja’far always gets to have all the fun. It’s not fair.”

        “Oh yes indeed. So much fun trying to keep the aforementioned idiot in one piece in such a huge mess.”

        “But we always have to do that anyway!”

        “. . .”

        “Oh come on, I’m not that bad am I?”

        *all eight in unison* “YES! YOU ARE EXACTLY THAT BAD.”

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      2. >*Cackles* Yes. Popcorn. And sodas, and chocolate…. This’ gonna be good.>
        Even better when Cassim find out the general story of Morgiana and Aladdin.

        Because Alibaba is going to be trying to avoid them (in vain thanks to Morg’s nose etc) and Cassim is going to be cracking up at the sight of his little brother (trying) to run away from this cute little red-head.

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      3. And then he finds out about the drunk person eating flower monster in the desert (whose name escapes me) and what Alibaba did and oi. Karma dictates Cassim totally deserves the brain breakage. Hopefully someone has enough sense to sit him down before he falls down laughing, crying, unable to think, or all of the above.

        …also, so want to see Cassim’s expression when the cute little red head proves she can shatter stone with her toes. More brain breakage, yay! *grabs dark chocolate covered popcorn*

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      4. >Hopefully someone has enough sense to sit him down before he falls down laughing, crying, unable to think, or all of the above.>
        Hmmmm, sort of but I was thinking of a different angle. Remember that these are guys in their late teens.

        -Cassim gives Morgiana a look from head to toe, eyebrows rising appreciatively-
        Cassim: *EG* “You were fleeing in terror from this fine dish? Little brother, is there something you need to tell me?”


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