Things I’d Want to Have in a Zombie Apocalypse: Practice

I know, I know; outside of zombie walks and haunted houses, how could you really practice for the undead rising to gnaw the flesh from your bones? Not easily, I’d imagine.

However, there are various things I mean to try out as partial practice. Because I have this nagging idea for a monster apocalypse – not just zombies! – and I want to get some insight into the kinds of things a character would really have to know, do, and improvise in order to survive it. A character has to feel real to me if I want to write them. I can study all the parkour, survival, and aquaculture books I can get my mitts on, but if I don’t try some of it out hands-on, even just a little, the idea is never going to come together.

One of the first things I think would help someone pull through when most people are screaming and dying horribly? Decluttering.

…Yes, go ahead and laugh. Sure, you have your survival kits, go-bags, weapons, food, etc. Can you find them?

As someone once said, “If you can’t find it, you don’t have it. If you don’t have it on you, you don’t have it.”

So the first step in being the kind of person who might pull through a zpoc is to get rid of clutter.

Sort out the important stuff; both for physical survival and for emotional, mental health. I guarantee you if I end up in a real bug-out situation I’m bringing at least one fiction book. The mind needs shelter, too!

I’m not going to try and live like a diehard prepper or solitary monastic. But I am planning to sort and pare down stuff, to see how much time and effort that takes, and how that might shape the character of someone with enough guts, luck, and smarts to survive and apocalypse.

…And hey, if nothing else, I might get my desk cleaned off. Win all the way around!


8 thoughts on “Things I’d Want to Have in a Zombie Apocalypse: Practice

  1. The bit about decluttering combined with the bit about bringing books reminds me of one thing I saw, tho I can’t find it right off hand. Someone had the bright idea that “No one can remember all the survival stuff, so you always need books in a Teotwaki scenario. But books are big and heavy, as well as a nuisance to to look stuff up in. So why not load a complete survival (plus fun) library on the most rugged and long lasting tablet we can find, and pack a solar panel charger for the tablet? That way we only need two items the size of a book, yet keep an entire library and make it easier to find stuff in that library.”

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  2. My usual thing about it is that paper survives surprisingly well, though I do need to declutter myself(but it’s so hard to get rid of books!)

    Then again, I know where all my survival gear is, and what to grab if we have time and what we can get with no warning(earthquake and possible volcano country, here.)


  3. Age old adage: “An ounce of prevention (or preparation) is worth a pound of cure.”

    You have probably seen those people draining the store of supplies like batteries and bottled water when a hurricane is coming or something along those . . . what you all might not know if you have never worked retail is that sometimes after the storm passes, if it was extremely light, some of them return all of those supplies. Supplies that are meant to last a while. Rather than stick them in their disaster kit. And then have to buy supplies during the next big storm . . . -_-‘

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    1. *Snrk* Actually, I’ve never seen that specifically in person – given current hurricane models, I’ve always stocked up days in advance.

      But yes. There are some people who seem to be under the impression that if they think about something horrible, it will happen. So… they don’t want to think about it. And keeping anything that might remind them of it would make them think about it. Oy.


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