Whispers of Fire Ch6 bit – Disciplined

Masrur watched the glowing red fog spread over the guards around Nalci’s mansion, glad he and Sinbad had chosen to view events from a… higher perspective. “I can smell it. Whatever it is. Like catnip.” His nose twitched. “Ja’far might have been better here.”

Sinbad was not quite pitching himself off the roof, staring down with eager eyes. Masrur sighed, and planted a hand on the back of Sin’s tunic in case he needed to grab hold of the Idiot of the Seven Seas who could not, currently, fly.

“Now that’s interesting,” the Dungeon Capturer muttered. “Most of them are wearing masks. So it’s not something targeted, what does it do….” He trailed off as some of the guards below started to giggle and fall over, while others attacked shadows, yelling and crying out. “Huh. Catnip might not be far off, at that.”

Masrur looked over the Fog Troupe, all ghostly-pale robes and grim faces, trying to get an accurate count. About four dozen, he thought. Enough to battle the guards, even if they’d been in their right minds. More than enough of a mob to rip Lord Nalci limb from limb, even with ordinary human strength-

Pale robes moved past giggling guards, sometimes ducking the jab of spears, silent as wisps of fog.

“Disciplined,” Sinbad breathed. “Not what you’d expect of thieves, is it?”

Masrur raised a brow. After over a decade dealing with Sinbad’s mayhem, he made a determined habit of not expecting anything from anyone. That way he was never surprised by the latest shape-shifting monster, evil spell-trap, or enraged husband.

“Well, disciplined means we might be able to reason with them.” Before Masrur could grab him, Sinbad cupped his hands around his mouth and called down. “Hello, below! If you’re Cassim, we’ve been waiting for you. We’re Sindrian merchants, and we want to talk.”


18 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch6 bit – Disciplined

  1. Perhaps a muzzle?

    Ja’far: “Don’t tempt me.”
    Generals: “Us either.”

    And I think Masrur has the right attitude for being around Sinbad, don’t expect anything except chaos.

    Through methinks Sinbad just another “I’m going to kill him. Just as soon as we survive this, I am going to kill him.”

    You know, maybe that’s what the eventual plan should use Sinbad for – being a big, outrageous purple-haired distraction. Come on, he’s just so good at it. Largely because it seems when subtle was being handed out, he purposefully gave his away to someone else. He’s not incapable of being subtle or understanding subtle, it just isn’t his default setting.

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    1. Actually, I think Sinbad is //terrifying// when he’s being subtle. If Sinbad’s default setting were subtle, Al-Thamen wouldn’t need to do any further work to wreck the world. Subtle!Sinbad would do it all for them — and 90% of it would be an accident!

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      1. Oh I agree his subtle is as terrifying as his outrageous and has a high potential for destruction – of course, so does his outrageous (see Sasan and the missing mountains) . . . through outrageous hasn’t working too well against the bad guys, maybe some subtletly is needed.

        But if nothing else, there is always allowing Sinbad to be the uproar in the east while Alibaba strikes silently in the west . . . .


  2. Ok.. yelling at a torchwielding mob/gang/bunch of angry! people… Sinbad you Moron! You don’t attract attention! Ja’far I feel your pain!


  3. >He trailed off as some of the guards below started to giggle and fall over, while others attacked shadows, yelling and crying out. >
    Cassim: Do I want to know just where you got your hands on this stuff?
    Alibaba: Probably not.
    >That way he was never surprised by the latest shape-shifting monster, evil spell-trap, or enraged husband.>
    And sometimes it was all three at the same time.


      1. “Hey, that was a new one!”
        *growls” “Sinbad.”
        “What? It was. I going to have to remember it for the next time we fight those Al-Thamen loonies . . .”
        *more cursing*
        “Those were good too if a little unorigin-”

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  4. >>…Please, somebody, write a fic where Harry Dresden meets a Metal Vessel User. It could be Awesome.

    See, my first thought after reading that was ‘how/where even would Harry meet one?’

    The second idea to occur to me – something like ‘What Comes Around’ but with the new world being high enough magic to support Dresden-verse wizards, maybe even Dresden wizard magic being different from the magoi that Magicians use – is definitely entertaining and probably a better way of doing what you meant. The first idea I had however was a Magi version of Dresden replacing one of our canon Magi.

    I… don’t know who would be the most frightening.

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