Zpoc Practice Update

…Wow that’s a lot of paper.

Ahem. I imagine most writers would say that. But it is a lot of paper. I’ve been working on my zpoc practice of “clearing out unneeded stuff” for the past few days, and already cleared out one large bag of no-longer-relevant. Plus some glass float paperweights. No idea where those came from. Really. I don’t do breakables….

Local library bookstore thought they were cool, though!

So… I think this is helping me figure out a successful zpoc/monster apocalypse survivor.

First – said survivor needs to be at least semi-organized, so that in the event of a bug-out the Critical Stuff is where she can find it.

Second – Survivor needs to be stubborn. And persistent over the long-term. Getting organized is not happening in the space of an afternoon. Or even a few afternoons.

Third – Survivor needs to be living on her own or remarkably immune to odd looks from friends and family. Especially the dazed blinks of “why are you doing this again?”

(I’m actually at an advantage here. All I have to say is, “research for a book!” They generally shake their heads and stop asking.)

Fourth – Survivor should be good at breaking big tasks down into small subtasks. Because the whole scenario is overwhelming to the point you just want to hide with books and chocolate. So… break it down to “clean this square foot, sweep it, move on”.

I’m sure more will come to me as I persist at this.

Oh, and I also figured out part of what the bunnies are poking as the root of this Idea. At least 2 sources involved would be Changeling: the Lost, and Ghost Slayers Ayashi.

…Seriously, weapons from words, how can any writer resist….


26 thoughts on “Zpoc Practice Update

  1. Or a very understanding spouse. Seriously, the Black Tide Rising series is awesome at looking at possibilities for a zpoc. And the reader of the audible books is good, so you could listen as you clean.

    But, yeah. I’m dead if my survival depends on my ability to a)organize MY OWN stuff, or b)paperwork.

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  2. Paper, paper everywhere without a clue what’s on it – the curse of the disorganized, the writer, and the disorganized writer.

    Another challenge to organizing anything – critters. I don’t know about others but I don’t know how much times one of the cats has decided they didn’t want this stack of whatever in that particular spot and knocked it down. Sometimes they are even sneaky about it, napping near the offending stack and just happening to stretch out their paws while sleepy or ‘asleep’.

    The reason is usually because they have decided that it is their spot and how dare you put your stuff in their spot. Nevermind that their spot changes all the time . . .

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      1. Yes I am. I am their human. And they know it. They know it well. They always know.

        Maybe we can convince them that the newly tidy space means they can discover new napping spots previously covered by various and sundry?

        Will they buy that excuse or just continue to look at us with that supremely unimpressed look cats have perfected?

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      2. @shiori_makiba: I suspect the latter. They are cats, after all.

        For some reason, my cat seems to like sleeping on stuff. Clothes on the floor, jacket on the sofa, etc. She doesn’t appreciate it when I try to put things away.


    1. The only reason I don’t have stacks of paper is because of my cats. Not only do they knock it over but shred it to. I’ve come home to paper massacre’s a few times and it’s a lot harder to clean that up.


      1. And they always look so pleased, like they have just completed a work of conceptual art.

        Or because they are convinced that the paper was their sworn enemy and now it lays shredded under their paws. Victory is mine!

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      2. Anyone here ever listen to the song F.A.P.? By Mercedes Lackey. It really captures the essence of the cat-human relationship. I keep trying to make the argument for us to have a cat, but unfortunately there are allergies in the house.

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    2. >Kitten. Toilet paper roll.
      Grown cat vs a textbook from the library that I needed for a project. One of the most mortifying moments of my life. Really didn’t help that even though I paid for it the librarian still looked like she was wanted to shank me with her pen.


  3. I am reminded of certain Rick Rescorla anecdotes.

    Rick was born in Rhodesia.

    Eventually he immigrated to the United States, so that he could fight in the Vietnam war.

    When he was studying in America, he went barefoot on runs, so that he would be prepared should he become stranded without shoes.

    I may be mis-attributing the theory that a man should be capable enough that if dropped naked into the bush, he should be capable of finding food, shelter, clothing and eventually work.

    Rick eventually worked security and disaster planning for a company with offices in certain building. Fifteen years ago, that building experienced sudden structural problems. Rick was still getting people out when they collapsed.


      1. Of interest might be his anticipation of the bombing, and when it happened, and executives were panicking, getting things moving by threatening to moon them.


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