Whispers of Fire Ch7 bit – Market

The woman sitting on a blanket with her glimmering wares looked up as they approached, beaded jewelry and hand-worked precious metals bright as her smile. There were even ornaments of iron, Morgiana saw; some coal-dark, some polished mirror-bright as the copper woven between their frames.

She ignored those, eyeing one of the hair ornaments. A comb, finer than anything she’d ever worn; carved red wood, trailing a fall of delicate purple-stained carved flowers with blue-green shimmering leaves.

Morgiana inhaled, sure now. Wood, paint, beetle wings… and Alibaba.

“Now there’s something I’ve never seen before.” Ja’far smiled, more open and kind than Morgiana had seen yet, as he waved at the ornament. “They look a bit like the scarabs of Heliohapt, but those tend to be more black, or gold. This color is most unusual.”

“It is indeed, kind sir,” the jeweler inclined her head, smiling in return. “You have a discerning eye. The Desert Tears are a treasure newly found, and we delight in their use.”

“Alas, my eye is not so trained as it should be,” Ja’far claimed, hand over his heart. “We of Sindria pride ourselves on discovering new treasures, and I have never spied this before? The merchant who is my master would be devastated.”

“Well, he doesn’t need to hear it from me,” the jeweler winked.

Morgiana saw Aladdin about to speak, and quietly gripped his shoulder, no.

“You are entirely too kind, a goddess among women,” Ja’far bowed. “Truly, I must make amends for my flaw. I think- yes. Many of these would do well, seen in Sindria. But I would be remiss in my responsibilities not to inquire of the Tears themselves. Local artisans would be railing at my master’s feet, if I did not.” Ja’far paused. “And quite possibly throwing empty wine bottles at his head. Some of our craftsmen are a bit temperamental.”

“Ah, the sorrows of being driven by one’s craft,” the jeweler sighed. “Tell me, do you know of Jawed of Qal‘eh Ganj…?”

Morgiana drew Aladdin a little away from the blanket as Ja’far and the jeweler traded names and tales of various bits of craftsmanship. “Be patient,” she murmured to her younger friend. “She’s finding out if he’s really from Sindria, and he’s telling her he’s not with the law.”

“Oh.” Aladdin kept it to a low, relieved whisper. “That makes sense. But why these? Though they’re really pretty, and that green would look even prettier in your hair….”

“Scent,” Morgiana said quietly. “Just a little. But Alibaba had them.”


16 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch7 bit – Market

  1. I am suddenly reminded of Freefall(Florence has an enhanced sense of smell, and that’s how she keeps her mementos.) Nice. (And I’m looking forward to reading the full chapter, Ja’far is awesome as well.)

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    1. >He did learn manners. Scary thought….>
      Considering Ja’far’s teacher in manners,reading and writing etc was Rurumu, it was learn or receive concussion-inducing karate-chops right alongside Sinbad.

      Nice lady that Rurumu, but she took teaching those two blockheads very seriously.

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      1. >*G* Somebody had to. Pity Alibaba and Aladdin never got to meet her!>
        She’d take Morgiana aside for some lessons regarding how to properly corral her King.

        Because let’s face it, people working with a King like Alibaba or Sinbad tend to need them.

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      2. Somebody had to. Pity Alibaba and Aladdin never got to meet her!

        Yes, crying shame . . . some of the later nonsense might not have happened with someone that sensible around . . .

        Well, there is always the “Around” verse.

        Random thought: What’s with all the dead mothers? This isn’t Disney – you’re allowed to have two living parents. Of course, the fathers aren’t fairing much better in terms of long-term health in this universe so I guess at least it’s equal opportunity orphaning of the main cast . . .

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  2. Yes, remember Aladdin this is not an official marketplace. At all. Meaning that simply being there is illegal. Selling things there is illegal. Buying things there is illegal. And the authorities have been trying to find and stamp out those markets along with the people instigating them.

    Besides Ja’far is probably right about what would happen if he didn’t find out more about those Desert Tears. And having more than one market for it will be good for everyone involved. Especially since Sindria can trade in them more openly.

    On the other hand, do understand his impatience to find Alibaba, he knows they are close . . .

    Wonder if he’ll try to run away from Morgiana and Aladdin again . . . on the one hand, he doesn’t have the reasons he did in canon. On the other hand, Alibaba does sometimes gets these strange notions in his head.

    Morgiana of course is likely having none of it, just like in canon. Cue lethal kitty eyes before, after, and during hauling him off by the scruff.

    And Ja’far had to get those cobwebs on himself somehow.

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    1. Ja’far considers it All Sinbad’s Fault.

      …When he finds out a bit more, he will consider it… Mostly Sinbad’s Fault.

      Alibaba may have some strange notions, but ATM he’s making more progress than canon. Of course, he also knows he’s up against something worse than he knew in canon….

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      1. Not disputing the progress. The strange notions he gets into his head are his “I’m completely useless and a screw-up. And why in the name of everything holy would anyone look to me to be the leader of anything.”

        Granted he’s probably have less of those because what has been going now but that’s the thing about bad tape. It never really goes away and will sometimes play at the oddest moments, triggered by almost anything.

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      2. Ouch, is that ever true. Hopefully good friends can quiet it down a bit, though!

        They help. They help a lot.

        It also helps when you learn to recognize that stuff as bad tape and when your bad tape is playing so you can go “no, that’s not true” or something similar. Rational self-talk to oppose all your negative self-talk.

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