Bleach D&D AU – Ghost Touch

RL still being less than helpful, so I’m pulling some old stuff out of my files to give me a little breathing room while the bunnies try to tackle Cassim and Aladdin in the same scene. Having those two interact isn’t exactly easy.

So – have some Bleach fusion crazy. 😉

A/N: Anything Bleach or D&D-related doesn’t belong to me. Definitely AU. Working premise – what if Our Heroes have to get by in a world without a Weirdness Censor?

Not going to make it!

Ichigo leapt from tree to roof to empty night air when he had to, flash-stepping in the fastest, straightest line between where he was and that awful feeling that was Ishida Uryuu up against a….

What the heck is that, anyway? Feels like a Hollow. But denser. And mixed with something.

Githyanki? It had that odd resonance he’d felt around the evil humanoids who’d helped the traitors escape Seireitei. Only githyanki were alive, and Hollows were very much undead-

A cold chill ran down Ichigo’s spine. Aizen… Aizen had bragged about experimenting with Hollows and githyanki. Had flat-out stated he’d made the monsters that had killed countless shinigami; creatures with abilities no regular Hollows had, that could get through a shinigami’s psionic resistance. A resistance not even the strongest mind flayer could overwhelm.

If this was one of Aizen’s creatures….

It didn’t matter. It couldn’t matter.

Not going to make it, and the idiot’s going to be dead ’cause he wanted to go home alone, and why isn’t he just forming his bow and shooting the bastard-

A flash of shadow magic. Oddly contained, not the living flex of power he was used to feeling around Ishida. A boom, and a lessening of the creature’s frightful presence-


Furry, vaguely humanoid, a broken Hollow bone-mask clinging to the sides of a distinctly githyanki jaw; smoldering at the edges, like the rest of the park clearing around it, but otherwise intact. No sword at its side, which argued better than any aura that whatever the thing had been, it wasn’t a githyanki now; those cruel, plane-shifting people loved swords better than their own offspring. Though a sword might have been superfluous, given its fangs, talons… and shadow magic, to feed a purely Hollow hunger that would never end. It cackled as it flexed its claws longer, all the better to toy with a bleeding, unarmed Quincy.


14 thoughts on “Bleach D&D AU – Ghost Touch

  1. Of course Ishida insisted on walking home when perhaps it would be wise to have an escort . . . Quincy pride and male pride seems to be a lethal combination. Or would be in almost anyone else (Ishida, you are smart guy, would you please stop trying for a Darwin Award just for the sake of pride)

    No Weirdness Filter would make Ichigo’s life . . . interesting. To be put it mildly. Or maybe I should more interesting. Especially given his canon habit of focusing on ‘save life now, worry about secrecy bs later. Much later.’

    Through it probably helps that in his canon universe most of his antics are done in a form that most people cannot see . . .

    Liked by 3 people

      1. In the ancient curse (or blessing depending on your viewpoint) sense of the word.

        Through concealment and invisibility spells I’m sure will in no way be considered useful by certain combat pragmatists in the team. Nope, can’t think of a single use. 😉


  2. Ugh. Okay. The bunnies have been playing around in Halloween ‘verse too much. They took “unarmed” literally. And then handed me a mental picture of Tony and a few other tech nuts getting prosthetics with all sorts of nifty toys prepped for Ishida. [facepalm]

    “Maybe we can’t fix it but we can make it better!” — Bunnies’ usual motto. With an amendment by me: “Yes, and usually your idea of “better” involves a minimum of one Ruth Goldberg solution. With explosions. Arg.”

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      1. …I’m not sure my bunnies understand the definition of the word “controlled” given how that Halloween ‘verse fic keeps threatening to expand. It now includes a tuba. Because //why not a tuba?// No Mythbusters. Yet. So that’s one less explosion for now.


    1. The Mythbusters did an experiment with an exploding tuba. Or was it a trombone… Either way, there was quite a boom. (Duh.)


      1. That’s the one! I don’t know why my brain stuck in tuba for trombone. I’m not sure I want to know…


      1. If you would like an example of their explosions, look up the water heater episode. Or the cement truck.

        Adam was not kidding when he joked the only difference between him and a pyromaniac is he’s got sense enough to stand //behind// the blast shields.

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