Whispers of Fire Ch7 bit – Minor Details

That was a very solid carved wood staff, Alibaba thought, eyes watering. Ow.

“Calm down.” Aladdin sounded as unruffled as if a whole snarling empire at their doorstep was just another bunch of slime monsters. “We’ll talk, and we’ll find a way. You got this far already. If we do it together, I know we can save Balbadd.”

“Hmm.” Jahan rose, ostentatiously stretching a kink out of his back. “You youngsters should do that, yes. Without glossing over that little detail you left out of what you told Ja’far.”

Morgiana’s eyes narrowed. “He offered to help you, and you left something out?”

“It was a sensible decision, young lady,” Jahan said practically. “Ja’far may wish us well, terrifying as that is, but he is Sinbad’s General first and foremost. Until we have a better idea what sort of aid Sindria is willing to give, the young prince needs a card up his sleeve-”

“Don’t call me that! I’m not-” Alibaba cut himself off, suddenly exhausted. “I just want to keep Balbadd whole, Jahan. That’s all. I’m not… what King Rashid wanted for an heir. I’m not.”

“I wish I knew what he’d said to convince you of that,” Jahan murmured. “Well. I should leave old friends to catch up.” He winked at Aladdin. “Your young friend has an interesting story to tell.”

For a graying merchant constantly playing up how creaky he was, Alibaba thought, the man moved almost as quiet as a mouse.

Morgiana listened to the inn below a few moments after the trapdoor shut, then gave him a look. “What did you leave out?”

“When we left the dungeon, we got scattered.” Alibaba swallowed hard, and made himself draw his sheathed knife from his belt. “Aladdin, I think… this really belongs with you.”

Curious, Aladdin grasped the sheath-

Amon formed from heat and aggravation, looking down on Aladdin with a sigh of relief. “Magi. It is good to see you well.”


14 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch7 bit – Minor Details

    1. Particularly because Amon’s “Yes you are my King, even if you don’t act like like a proper one very often.” is going to be in the presence of Jahan, Aladdin and Morgiana.

      Cue Alibaba trying to convince them that he shouldn’t be king, he’d be a horrible king, no one sane will want him as king etc etc.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. He ends up saying that a lot. *G*

        And is getting increasingly annoyed by the incredulous looks he keeps getting from people whenever he does.

        Well, if his behavior is going to keep making Cassim’s brain throw up error messages, then I guess it is only fair that other people’s keeps making his brain do the same.


  1. Yeah . . . good point about being careful about releasing that bit of information.

    Through Ja’far is going to be ticked when he finds out. Not because you didn’t tell him – he knows that was just being practical and sensible – but that he missed it. Missing Metal Vessel Users, regardless of how sane and sensible they are, could easily go very badly. Also by the time he’s gets that information, he’ll probably have seen enough to know that for all Alibaba has some sense, he is also just as crazy in his own fashion as Sinbad – and that terrifies him.

    Especially if being sensible and still crazy turns out to be contagious . . . Sinbad is already terrifying and stressful enough for his Generals, he does not need help being more crazy . . . when he said he wanted Sinbad to be more sensible, he did not mean like this universe!

    Why do I get the feeling that Rashid might have been able to talk Alibaba around if he had had enough time? Or at least got Alibaba to the point where the idea of him being his father’s heir didn’t sound so outrageously daft to him?

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