Whispers of Fire Ch8 bit – Target

Sinbad wrapped his hands around a hot drink; the night had been surprisingly cold, and none of them had been willing to sleep until Ja’far finished his report. “So you left the magi with Merhdad. Who is… Alibaba.” Which should have been worth a minute’s stare all on its own, after meeting the elder sons he’d had no hope that anything of Rashid’s genius was left in the world….

Only the plan Ja’far had gleefully outlined had already used up all Sinbad’s staring in shock for at least the next hour. Use the Empire’s own Fan to buy Balbadd’s debts back? It was audacious. It was ridiculous.

…It just might work. If Al-Thamen weren’t avidly stirring the pot. Meaning leaving a young magi alone in Balbadd wasn’t exactly safe.

“You didn’t see him catch Aladdin.” Ja’far took a deep sip of his own steaming cup, looking into memory. “Aladdin wouldn’t stay with us while he’s worried about his friend. For the moment, they’re safer looking after each other.” He paused. “And Alibaba is leaving something important out of his story. He’ll be more likely to talk to them.”

“He didn’t say anything about magic,” Masrur noted.

“Exactly.” Ja’far looked up from his cup. “No one said anything about magic. Alibaba was holding that mob of smugglers together with just reason and words. And it worked.”

He’d expect that, out of Rashid’s son. The man could talk sense even into a Dungeon Capturer. “But you think they do have it,” Sinbad stated.

“From how you describe Cassim, they’d have to,” Ja’far said frankly. “The man wouldn’t accept a partnership with someone of lesser power. Foster brother or not.”

“Which implies that it’s Alibaba who has the power,” Sinbad concluded. “And, given you expect him to talk to them when none of the smugglers are talking… you think Aladdin and Morgiana already know about it. Interesting. I wonder what he found, wandering three years away from Balbadd?”

Masrur gave him a look, of the you are ignoring the man-eating hyena variety. “Enough to know Kou is targeting you.”


16 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch8 bit – Target

  1. Speaking of ignoring the man-eating hyenas…They won’t even realize they’re ignoring a giant one until it bites them in the behind, will they? 😛 Poor Ja’far, his face-palming shall be the stuff of legends once he puts the pieces together. ^.^

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  2. That’s a privilege of authorship. I can only begin to imagine…but I’m looking forward to it immensely. *EG* And can I tell you how much I like your Ja’far?


      1. If “Sinbad went dancing in a hurricane” isn’t canon, I will be disappointed. The guy’s nuts enough to do it! And you can imagine how many ulcers that left Ja’far with the first time Sinbad did it.

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      2. Re: Chaos . . .

        Do you think in addition to Sinbad, the rest of the Generals are considered to be Memetic Badasses in this world?

        Like maybe in this world, they make Ja’far of Sindria or Sharrkan jokes instead of Chuck Norris jokes?

        (They don’t make those kind jokes about Sinbad. Because he is a Dungeon Capturer, everyone knows they are badass. )

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  3. <<He’d expect that, out of Rashid’s son.>> Kinda seems like Sinbad’s written off the older two entirely when it comes to the role of being Rashid’s children, which, I guess, I can’t entirely blame him for. And yet, ouch.

    Also laughing at his holding Dungeon Capturers at the apex of being without sense. Buddy, are you sure that’s not just you.

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      1. Well, to be a Dungeon Capturer, you have to go into a place that you know is filled with monsters, traps, and more all itching to kill you and that said place has usually already killed a lot of people for years.

        Now does going into a place like that sound like the action of a sane person?

        Being forced to go into a death trap is one thing but a lot of our Dungeon Capturers went in there of their own free will.

        I’d say having a touch of the craziness is probably a requirement.


  4. He’s probably ignoring that Masrur for two reasons: {1} This bit with Alibaba is very interesting and {2} while this specific trap is news, that he might not be on the Kou Empire’s list of favorite probably isn’t a news bulletin (considering he is very much in the way of the whole taking over the world thing). And they likely not the only government who dislikes him who has laid traps hoping to kill him. Nor is this likely to be Al-Thamen’s first trap.

    Doesn’t excuse him from any attempt to ignore it. He, after all, has to survive every trap. His enemies only need to succeed once. And Sinbad, if one of your Generals or another of your people got hurt or worse because you didn’t give the trap you were in enough credit, you are going to feel awful. Because I bet Al-Thamen has already proven that even if they can’t kill you, they will take hurting you and they know hurting your people hurts you . That’s how they got you in this trap in the first place.

    Well, Ja’far isn’t wrong about him having magic. And it being powerful. I think his mind is just shying way from one of the obvious answers to what magic. Got to be a Magic Tool or he’s a Magician. Something besides a Metal Vessel. Anything but that in someone this audacious. The world already has one idiot lunatic of that caliber . . . .

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