Ghost Touch bit – Home

“Come home with me.”

From anybody else, that would have been an outright stare of disbelief. “Kurosaki. I know I’ve said this before, but – are you insane?

“Hollow bait,” Ichigo enunciated. “You know my magic sense is lousy, and I can still feel you flaring all over the place.” Not a bright flare, not yet, but he’d hate to see what happened if Ishida really panicked. “C’mon, it’ll be fine. Yuzu can make extra and fuss over you ’cause you’re so much cooler than me, and Karin can snark at both of us, and you can hang back and snicker while I get pummeled by my Dad. Only fair.”

Ishida snorted. “I don’t snicker.”

Yeah, sure. But there was just a hint of interest in blue eyes. For Ishida, that was relaxing. “Just hang with us for the night, okay? We get through that, we get through school tomorrow – and then we can all go pound Sandal-hat ’til he fixes you guys.”

The archer stiffened. “All?”

Ichigo gave him a look. “Same spell. Same portal. What do you think?” That’s it. That’s it, I’ve got him thinking about the others now, he’s gonna get through this….

Ishida sighed. “One condition.”

“Yeah?” Ichigo said warily.

The archer’s fingers plucked at shadow silk. “Get me out of this!”

Easy enough. He hoped. “Hand on the amulet,” Ichigo instructed, putting one hand on his own and the other on Ishida’s shoulder. “Try to follow my feel. Reach into the gem, just like reaching for a shadow. It’s part of your shadow. Part of your soul. Reach… be calm… let the fight flow away, you don’t need it. Step out of the shadow, into warm sun….”

Eyes closed in concentration, Ishida shimmered.

Visible and solid again, Ichigo grinned. Picks it up quick. Wonder how he’d do with kidou? “Not bad.”

“…We’re on a roof.”

Now you notice?” Ichigo shoved his hands into his pockets, and waited for Ishida to figure out his options. Based on his own past experience, it was either flash-step down or risk tangling with the temple wards. Doable, but not fun. “What the hell was that thing, anyway?”

A grim pause. “I don’t know.”

And cue the drama. Ichigo rolled his eyes. “Yeah, well, unless somebody grew a brain and put some stuff on githyanki and weird undead on the shelves, libraries aren’t going to be much help.” Not that they’d be much help anyway, if Aizen was using the Orb of Distortion to make all-new monsters. Brr. And asking any of their teachers was right out. Which led to the inevitable, head-banging conclusion. “We’re going to have to ask Sandal-hat.”

Even Ishida winced at that one.


24 thoughts on “Ghost Touch bit – Home

  1. Make a list of things to pin Sandal-Hat down about. Guy’s more slippery than an eel. If you don’t go prepared with questions, he //will// get out of answering them.

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  2. Methinks that Ishida and Ichigo are both now trying to resist the urge to swear. Loudly and repeatedly.

    Of course, they will probably do just that after prying out what answers they can get out of Sandal-Hat about what is going on and what exactly he did to Ishida and the others, especially if they can’t fix Ishida . . .

    OTOH, at least Ichigo will have a fellow ploter in causing Urahara’ demise? ‘Cause regardless, I think they are going to want to kill him. They are going to want to kill him a lot.

    He seems to have that effect on people.

    A night to relax in a safe place probably will do Ishida some good.

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    1. *Nod* Safe places after trauma are good. Although given Isshin’s there, Ishida might end up traumatized a whole different way….

      And yes. Urahara attracts people who want to kill him like honey attracts bees. Yet he’s still alive. Rather sobering, that….

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      1. Beware the Goat-Chin . . .

        And yes. Urahara attracts people who want to kill him like honey attracts bees. Yet he’s still alive. Rather sobering, that….


        Maybe it’s because of the alternating Bleach fic and Magic fic bits. Maybe my bunnies just like chaos. But some of the crazier ones keep trying to pitch this idea about an AU crossover of Bleach and Magi . . . and they aren’t clear if Urahara and Sinbad in the same room would be great fun or the singularity . . . bunnies are so weird sometimes . . .

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      2. Urahara and Sinbad walk into the same room…

        The Princess Bride comes to mind. In specific, the Battle of Wits cranked Up To Eleven.

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      3. I’m slow. I’m still poking at Halloween World. I didn’t find ‘Yellowstone’, which’d limit how hard I can abuse airplanes turning into giant starships before crashing hard into the ground if I want to stay canonical.

        There are up to 72 metal vessels. Thirteen goes into seventy two five times. Haven’t done a complete inventory using Bleach wiki, but I do not think we have seventy two known named bankai users. Maybe even counting the ones outside the manga canon. That said, apples and oranges because magi canon hasn’t established 72 metal vessel users.

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  3. Hmm. Part of the problem with that would be that bankai is a lot more common than Metal Vessels; would be hard to balance power levels!

    That’s what I told them . . . also I have no idea how they would even met each other in first place . . . . Which is probably why they switched gears from pure crossover to some kind of alternate universe setting . . .

    …Also, Urahara + Sinbad would likely blow small countries off the map.


    And probably in any setting you tried to put them into . . .

    Be kinda of awesome through.

    Especially when they try to explain to Ja’far why they blew a small country off the map . . . (well, Sinbad has to try to explain . . .)

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    1. *Bleach spoilers from the manga*

      Ywach was trying to merge the worlds of the living and the dead when Ichigo killed him. Urahara had access to the place where this was happening.

      From the wiki, Sinbad is possessed by David, who is apparently trying to destroy the current world?, and create a new one elsewhere.

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  4. Ja’far would look at Urahara and wonder why he doesn’t have an entire team of wranglers. Then he’d wake up in the middle of the night imagining Sinbad without His Generals and want to kill Urahara for presenting this a a possibility.

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      1. Do you think in the ‘Around verse, Ja’far has nightmares about just how sort of trouble Simon managed to get himself into before them met? Trouble that might come back to bite both of them?

        Because to Ja’far’s calculations, Simon was left unsupervised for far longer than he preferred. (Okay, granted, Ja’far generally considers leaving Simon unsupervised for an hour to be too long . . .)


      2. Fortunately, most of those have gone away now that Simon has a few more generals handy….

        So in some ways the events of Around have given him the combination reactions of *wipes brow* “Whew! I have enough people that he isn’t going mostly unsupervised. Kinda of hoping and kinda of dreading the rest of them showing up” and *buried face in hands* “So much trouble. So much paperwork. Just so much Sinbad . . . why couldn’t Simon have been born with a dose of more sense than he had in his past life . . . just one dose!”


      3. Actually, Simon pretty much was. You notice he hasn’t been arrested (much), institutionalized (thankfully), or taken over a small country. *G*


        That is the word that immediately popped into my head. And probably Ja’far’s.

        After all, he isn’t that old. Magic is coming up to full force in the world. The Dungeons are being raised. Somewhere out there might be hostile aliens and covert opts trying to contain them. And reborn Magi. And reborn Rens. And who knows what else . . .

        Heck, with a Stargate and/or other portals involved, we might have to worry about him taking over a small planet rather than a small country . . .

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